What Is the Divinity of the Soul?

11/07/2013 10:21

The divinity of the soul is supernatural to the primal nature of the human animal. For example, to some people a smile is a sign of a friendly person, but to others that same smile is hostile to their way of being. In the first instance, two humane people come together through the kindness of a smile, but in the second instance the primitive nature is contrary to the joyful greeting. The divinity of the soul is the source of fruitfulness, tranquility, life, light, and energy, but primitive instincts desolates fruitfulness, disturbs tranquility, is counter productive to life, prefers the darkness, and bogs down positive energy.


The divinity of the soul is a rewarder, rewarding our reverence with spiritual fruit, but irreverent opposition to that inner divinity causes an unfruitful, sour, and "rough" disposition. In that light, it is apparent the divine presence diminishes primitive rudiments with a soft and gentle spirit. The fruit of love, goodwill, and kindness bring people together compassionately, primitive attitudes incite discord. This is also true of peace, meekness, and gentleness which adds serenity to civilization, savage urges causes chaos and violence. Continuing, the qualities of perseverance, self-control, and patience quells the beast in us, but the beastly nature is impulsive and abrupt. Fortunately, for the humane population faith, joy, and goodness gives us optimism, but the primitive animal suffers despair, pessimism, and evilness.



The divinity of the soul is the source of fleshly health, and of itself is always healthy. Envision something very valuable to our well-being is laying beneath the massive mountains, but accessible only by something beyond human capability, that is the nature of the divinity of the soul relating to the welfare of our physiology. Access to the healing power beneath the mountains is only accessible through the spiritual fruit. Remaining open to the blossoms of divine fruit brings renewal of life to our health. Inspiration comes to the mundane human animal through divine enlightenment given to us that a healthy body requires vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, water, and oils. In addition, there are divine and miraculous healings which I can attest to. Extraordinarily, the civil individual comprehends the need for proper sleep, regularity of elimination, appropriate foods and drinks, and utilizing breathing to acquire oxygen.



The divinity of the soul is the source that establishes a safe and secure environment, and of itself is always safe and secure. The nature of that divine presence is like a regulatory component in the center of the largest ice bergs, with essential secrets. Although the substance of tranquility within the ice is inaccessible by human means, access is given in conjunction with the spiritual fruit. Our brain, neurons, and total nervous system begins to sense the environment by the secret processes of the divine inner presence. We acquire awareness that protection from harm, a safe place of shelter, and stability comes by the spirit of peace, meekness, and gentleness, not the savagery of fighting and violence.



The divinity of the soul is the source that gives social qualities to civilization, and of itself will always have a place of belonging in the universe. The nature of that divine presence is like the oceans embracing an essential ingredient deeply within the deepest regions of it's depth. That ingredient makes possible love, social belonging, acceptance, and sensual relations, but are unobtainable by the human animal. Those qualities are made accessible only by the secretions of the spiritual fruit into our inner being.



The divinity of the soul is the source of our sense of worth, and of itself will always be of supreme value. That supreme presence within us is harmonious with the divine light that surrounds us moment by moment, but the human animal is incapable of touching, packaging, or captilizing on it's illumination. The light of the deity is accessible only in harmony with the spiritual fruit. From that combination of light and fruitfulness, the human animal is capable of esteeming the worth of others because we see the value of the divinity within the soul. Fruitful responses in the presence of light brings mountainous healings, illumination of secrets that ice bergs hold, oceans of social graces, and insight through the energy of people's self-expression as radiant as the sun's brightness. Mutual respect develops for the worth of one another through that divine light.



The divinity of the soul is the source of of energy in our self-expression, and will always be the constructive energy of the universe. The nature of that divine energy is like the fiery ball of the sun, and in the center of the sun is the source of life's energy, but no human flesh can travel there to monopolize that source. That divine energy is made accessible through the spiritual fruit, which energizes the soul with love, peace, joy, and perseverance in our

self-expression. By that fruitfulness, the spirit of life is put into motion in what we say and do. Our behaviors become fluid in deeds of goodwill, and our speech is fluid through the stimulation of goodnes. Our inner being becomes radiant like the sun, with divine energy shining through our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.


Some people deny that a divine presence exist within the soul of the human animal, and are terminally ill with an attitude of being an ultimate authority. They express themselves with anger if ignored as a guiding light, and argue against those who are at peace with the divine presence. Their inward depression is apparent by the pessimism towards those who revere the divinity of the soul. They withdraw from any conveyance of fruitfulness, tranquiltiy, life, light, or energy to those acknowledging those inner resources. The extent of their negotiation is to solicit your homage to their authority, in exchange for your disassociation with the light of the supreme deity. Acceptance of the inner divinity is the only way to experience fruitfulness, tranquility, life, light, and energy.


People who deny the presence of a living deity within the human animal grow and live in reservoirs with those claiming the role of the supreme being. The attitude that exit the reservoirs are words and behaviors suggesting they are the light, and sole providers of our health, safety, socilization, worth, and expression. The attitude of being elite transfers directly through people who want to rule over the human animal. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through those who reject the divinity of the soul in exchange for worldly resources from those demanding empowerment. Those attitudes enter us because we feel worthless, with low esteem, when reservoirs of people humiliate the notion that a supreme being guides our thoughts, emotions, and behavior.


Some people are susceptible to hosting an attitude of superiority over ones who live by the guidance of the inner divinity. They depend on provisions from worldly powers while neglecting the qualities of love, peace, faith, perseverance. We can interrupt the cycle of elitist attitudes by living from the soft and moist tenderness that exist within. From those inner resources we share spiritual fruitfulness, live in peace with ourselves and others, respect life, live in harmony with the light, and are full of positive energy.


We can assess that a divine presence lives within the soul of the human animal, diminishing the primitive nature. The diagnosis is that some people oppose the supreme being that dwells in the soul, intending to assume authority over the instinctual urges of humanity. Even then, we plan to welcome the light of the divine presence to fill our thoughts, emotions, and deeds with spiritual fruit. We implement that plan by being open to the soft and moist seed that enables blossoms of that fruit. We know we are successful in our implementation because we are humble enough to acknowledge the divinity that exists within every person.