What Is Terrorism?

09/24/2012 22:15

Terrorists intend to create cruelty, hatefulness, and ill-will to others. Their purpose is to promote violence, harshness, and aggressive hostility to one another. The acts of the terrorism attempt to destroy our faith in goodness while causing sadness and depression to loom throughout the population. Terrorists utilize intimidation to persuade us to cease relying on the divine presence within us. From there they can induce out of control behavior, and impatience filled with anger. They build human emotional bombs, and encourage mechanical explosives.

When it comes to the divinity that lives in each of us, terrorist opposes that. They have it in their will to attack the source that creates the divine qualities of the spiritual fruit, which flowers from within. When terrorists see the good fruit blossoming within our thoughts, emotions, and behavior, they become disruptive. Their intent is to eliminate that soft, moist, tender quality from living within us. Without the fruit of the spirit, there exist lawlessness, chaos, violence, and terror. To the detriment of terrorism, the fruit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance in goodness, brings social harmony and cohesion.


We know terrorists have no regard for our health. They induce plots using poisonous powders, germ warfare, random bombings, and using planes and other modes of transportation to cause mass deaths. Therefore, a terrorist is someone who attacks the welfare of our health to solicit obedience to their purpose. Within the acts of terrorism, the qualities of goodwill, kindness, and love for the body is not included within their purpose. What should our response be to ill intentions to our health? We can eat and drink with moderation, and refrain from introducing anything into the body that alters our state of mind. That includes not inhaling substances that deteriorate our health or cause us to lose our perspective on social behavior. We should refrain from sexual practices that increase the risk of disease, and be mindful of sanitization, or cleanliness in all we do. In addition, we should be aware that without adequate rest we become exhausted causing roadway accidents, short tempers, and workplace mishaps. In other words, love yourselves with goodwill and kindness to your own health, don’t make the terrorists “job” easy for them.


Terrorists want us to feel insecure, intimidated, and uncomfortable with our day to day living. Their purpose is to create personalities who mistrust others, filled with vengeance, and hostilities to one another. The acts of terrorism attack the inner qualities of peace, meekness, and gentleness within our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. They do not want the spirit of tranquility to live through us, nor within social gatherings. How should we respond to the harassment, or “stoning” of the soft, moist, tenderness of our inner being? We should respond in a way that promotes peace, safety, and gentleness to one another. Let’s not make the terrorists “job” easy by harming or despising those around us.


Terrorists do not want us to belong within a community where there are tolerance, acceptance, and love. They want to separate us from the bonds of joy, peace, and love. Their intent is to cause social friction, fragmentation, and chaos among classmates, neighbors, co-workers, family members, and at societal gatherings. What can we do socially to counteract the schemes of terrorism? We can respond to others through the spirit of tolerance, love, and kindness, to contribute to social harmony and cohesion.


Terrorists want to degrade our sense of self-worth to tear us down until we feel worthless. They do not want us to feel valuable as a loving person, peacemaker, or as someone with faith in our inner divinity. Terrorism induces us to blame our failures on the subject of their hatred, cruelty, and ill-will. In other words, they want to use us to carry out acts of violence to their enemies. How do we respond to the terrorists' reply, “there’s one”? We respond through an ego filled with esteem for being a peacemaker, spreading joy, and conveying the spirit of love for everyone. We esteem others as being “one” who contributes to the value of the community as a whole. We are all one through the spiritual fruit of that inner divinity.


Terrorists do not want us to express ourselves through the divine qualities that exist in us. They want to suppress words and behaviors that bring peace and goodness to others. The intent of terrorism is to shut down the free expression of peace, love, faith, and joy. They want to create thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that convey ill-will to one another. How can we respond to the oppression of spiritual self-expression? We respond through patience, self-control and perseverance in word and deed. We can have patience before we speak or act so that when we do respond, the spiritual fruit will flower through us. We can have self-control so that we grit our teeth and lock our feet to ease the urge to speak or behave in a hostile manner. Furthermore, we can persevere in the divine goodness that lives within so that the spirit of love, peace, and faith will always bloom in our words and deeds.

Terrorists want to deny divine qualities from blossoming from within ourselves. They want anger and depression to fill our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Those who induce terrorism refuse to bargain or find agreement with those who honor the divine presence of our inner being. Terrorists will never accept the qualities of the spiritual fruit that blossom through others.

We can assess that the spiritual fruit provides peace, love, faith, and joy within our world. In contrast, the diagnosis is that those who promote terrorism oppose the blossoms of the spirit’s fruit that flowers in us. Even so, we plan to respond to the harassment and attacks to our goodness through a sociable response. We implement that plan by the soft, moist, and tender qualities of our inner being. We can evaluate our success because the fruit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance will live through us.