Two Little Dicky Birds

04/04/2016 13:42

Two little dicky birds sitting on a wall

One named Peter, one named Paul

Fly away Peter, fly away Paul

Come back Peter, come back Paul

What does dicky mean? A dicky bird is a tiny bird. Identifying Peter and Paul would be to say they are tiny birds. Initially, the names Jack and Gill were used in place of Peter and Paul. Peter and Paul were later used as some people say represent the names of the two Apostles in the Bible. Peter and Paul are anything but little in the representation of the Christian movement, they are giants. In this light, this spiritual essay will focus on a perspective relating to the apostles and also the use of secular names. For example, who could imagine a world where there are no messengers of God's purpose for individuals through the spirit of grace, mercy, and abounding love? Wishing for a good message to fly away would eventually solicit a recall to ask for that message to come back again. Relating to Jack and Gill, there is a lot of intolerance that leads to violence and social chaos towards same-sex relationships. This is a result of forsaking God's unconditional love and replacing it with hatred and ill intentions. A cruel attitude with aggressive behavior is asking for uncomfortable situations to fly away, but would eventually solicit a recall for the attitude of the spiritual fruit to come back again. Spiritual enlightenment come to us when we realize how important fruitful qualities are in our relationship to others. Regret develops when we chase away a fruitful message that enable us to relate to one another with constructive intent. Regret also develops when behavior becomes so negative that the environment is filled with intolerant bigotry that incites inhumane reactions. Eventually, we will welcome back messengers of a fruitful intent even as we welcome back grace and mercy in our reaction towards the differences in others.

Walls exist within us unless we know of other ways to cross to the other side. Insurmountable barriers mean when we look to the right there is nothing except wall, when we look to the left there is all wall, when we look up the wall is too high, and the wall is very deep into the ground. Methods of crossing from one side of the wall to the other is to use a door. Rejection of that door seems to be common. Peter and Paul was a door by bringing a message that would lead us into the place where spiritual fruit blossom as rewards from God. Demanding that people who bring a good message fly away is counterproductive to any fruitful purpose, and slams the door on constructive attitudes. Likewise, attitudes about same sex unions, such as Jack and Gill, must also be full of God's spiritual fruit so that we can always live a life open to a humane purpose. Closing the door of a divine message of love, peace, faith, and perseverance is to incite hatred, hostility, despair, and fatal endings for different lifestyles. Understandably, as we demand others of various lifestyles to fly away we cause the spiritual fruit to fly away. Whether we attempt to get rid of Peter and Paul or Jack and Gilll, we have to consider the door that leads into the presence of constructive attitudes. Closing the door to a Godly message, or closing the door through intolerance of differences, both lead to harsh and aggressive hostilities. In a terror-stricken world, we would welcome the return of a spiritually fruitful message that gives to us tolerance and tranquility across many lifestyles. God is pleased when we welcome the fruit of kindness and goodwill. Compassion through a kind spirit of goodwill is espoused by all those who deliver a message of openning the door to the goodness existing within. Loving kindness extends to every living creature because loving kindness flows from emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Optimism flows when we place a positive message on the wall to allow fruitful attitudes to seep into our most secret places. Even as we live with faith, joy, and goodness relating to a positive message, hope must exist for every individual regardless of sexual orientation. When we shoo away a message that is socially constructive we also shoo away anyone who's behavior we find impermissible. The consequences manifest in gloom, despair, evil, and hopelessness when we close the door to a tolerant message rooted in positive energy. Trying to rid society of God's eternal seed results in out-of-control behaviors as well as impatience towards relationships that make no sense to us. In other words, fatal consequences come about because the wall becomes more important to us then being open to the spiritual fruit. After shooing away the constructive attitude of inner life we would very quickly want to summons the return of that attitude. Wishing for the flying away of kindness, goodwill, meekness, gentleness, joy, goodness, patience, and self control would bring the manifestation of cruelty, bad intentions, aggression, harsh ways, pessimism, evil, impatience, and out-of-control reactions. A fruitful message sitting on the wall will open the door of tolerant compassion for the differences found in one another.

Chasing away a good message is a sign of an unhealthy internal life. We should be able to receive gladly the comforting pleasure brought from the seed of spiritual fruit. If not, the mind, emotions, and behavior suffers negative consequences which eventually leads to therapeutic alternatives. Alternatives to unhealthy choices are equivalent to asking for a return of a promising message relating to our ability to recover. When Peter and Paul or Jack and Gill sits on the wall, it's our internal responses that determine whether we are fruitful or unfruitf, healthy or unhealthy. We reject an inspiring message when our internal life is unhealthy with hard and calloused attitudes. Rejection of a wholesome message puts us in a valley where blossoms of the spiritual fruit will not manifest. In the dry valley of our soul exist impatience with God's message, making us out of control towards people who do not fit within our approved lifestyle. Fatal attitudes develop when we reject the blossoms of constructive sentiments, thereby resulting in detrimental actions towards those that are shunned. Desolation of a fruitful attitude will eventually lead to a recall for a want of soothing comfort in thought processes, feelings, and in what we do. Desiring the fruitful message from people who represent God's nurturing is a sign of a healthy internal life ready to accept the seed that blossom into good fruit. The good fruit originates from the eternal seed to help us to persevere with constructive attitudes towards lifestyles that we determine disgraceful. Endurance is a component of patience because patience helps us to maintain a fertile inner life when we are confronted with challenging issues. Instead of wishing for sour experiences to fly away , we continue on graciously from the comforting pleasure we feel through God's fruit of the spirit. Self-control is an essential part of the eternal seed. Self-control enable us to maintain peace instead of desolating spiritual qualities from negative reactions towards disagreeable lifestyles. Predictably, if we shoo away internal spiritual blossoms then eventually we will pray for their return . God's reward of the fruit of the spirit, within our opinion of others, brings mental comfort, emotional peace, and healthy behavior.

Demanding that a safe and secure environment fly away will soon solicit prayers for the return of that safety. Chasing away people who bring a message contributing to tranquility in the environment is asking for chaotic circumstances. Likewise, possessing a purpose to rid the world of lifestyles that are strange to us also incites hostility to make our living insecure. Whether we are talking about Peter, Paul, Jack, or Gill the issue is our relationship to the fruit of the spirit. The spiritual fruit are God's reward to us when we are reverent to the divine plan. Speaking of the divine plan insinuates that we are receptive to the spirit of peace, meekness, and gentleness as we relate one to another. Rejecting the rewards of the fruit of the spirit will manifest in chaotic ways within our social network. Prejudice against specific lifestyles will incite violence through bodily harm towards those refusing to conform to accepted norms. Thus was the situation with Peter and Paul and thus is the situation with differing viewpoints in today's age. Today, not only are homes filled with turmoil over God's presence in the world, but are also filled with turmoil over lifestyles that are contrary to "canned" beliefs. Domestic disturbance come about as quickly through religious beliefs as what they do through opposition to same-sex relationships. Only when we accept a message that brings tranquility to one another can we espouse tolerance that enhances a serene environment for everyone. Destabilizing the security we feel in neighborhoods is as easy as demanding that a positive message fly away, which will create intolerance for anyone who dissents. As the environment becomes more insecure and unsafe everywhere we go, including the homes, then we begin to pray for the return of a positive message that promises stability through tolerance. God's plan is to bring a slice of eternity to humanity through a meek and gentle spirit of peace.. Constructive messages bring peace to our inner life and inspires tolerance for the differences in others to enhance cohesion. Meekness coordinates us with the power of God to be able to accept a positive message when all around us is intolerance and violence. Gentleness brings us into the will of God to utilize a positive message in such a way as to nurture tolerance. Obviously, demanding the flying away of peace, meekness, and gentleness is to cause the manifestation of hostility, harshness, and aggression. A safe and secure environment comes about because we are receptive to the functions that inspire tranquility with one another regardless of lifestyle differences.

Softness of our inner life enables us to be receptive to a socially oriented message of tolerance. This is like the oceans being receptive to the rains. In contrast, because of the dry hardness in our attitude we are not able to receive a social message of inclusion. This is like the rains pounding down on concrete. In the hardness of calloused viewpoints is the whisper of "fly away Peter fly away Paul," or "fly away Jack fly away Gill." Rejection of a constructive social message results in hatred, intolerance, cruelty, abuse to intimacy, and inhumane exclusion. In that harsh social environment, the rains will continually pound upon the hardness of the concrete, which disallows a loving and pleasant place of belonging. In the upheaval of an antisocial environment we would pray for the return of Peter, Paul, Jack, and Gill. The moisture of our inner being allows us to be receptive to a social message of tolerance towards differing lifestyles. Because of the spirit of love, kindness, and goodwill towards all creation a positive attitude seeps through the hardness of the walls to bring a pleasant social environment. God enables us to relate to same-sex marriages through the spiritual fruit because where that good fruit is there is God. The same attitude about same-sex relationships are the same sentiments imposing on many various lifestyles. Social harmony develops because we receive a compassionate message of tolerance, inclusion, and a sincere effort to provide a pleasant place of belonging for one another. Society needs to hear the whisper saying, "come back Peter come back Paul," or "come back Jack come back Gill."

Envision an item sitting on a wall. That item is so special that if you receive it you transform into a gift to humanity. However, if you throw it away you become a detriment to yourself and to others. Gifts are sitting on the wall of our inner life to transform our character as well as transforming the environment around us. Demanding those gifts to fly away has consequences which eventually leads us to pray for the return of those gifts. People like the apostles Peter and Paul are gifts to enlighten us to the presence of God that lives within the soul. Acceptance of the message that makes us aware of the Divinity of our inner life brings rewards that we can easily measure by human perception.. Rewards for receiving the message of God includes being spiritually fruitful. Fruitful attitudes are evident through the attitude of love, peace, faith, and perseverance in constructive rhythm. As we allow a fruitful spirit to seep through the hardness of our fleshly prejudices we learn the ways of peaceful tranquility. Soft, moist, and tender attitudes will manifests through that wall to instill a love for the sanctity of the life of every individual. God is love and peace all the time for all of creation. Because we place supreme worth on the message of God, we can effortlessly value the worth of every individual. The stimulation of positive energy through optimism permeates our spirit towards others because we are rooted in a divine purpose. Chasing away a constructive message that focuses our attention on something special within us has negative consequences. Look around at the desolation of the spiritual fruit because of ungodly attitudes towards same-sex relationships. More than same-sex relationships, look around and see the desolation of good fruit because of intolerance towards differences of others. Human conflict plagues society to the point of violence simply from the rejection of a peaceful message of tolerance. God's salvation plan is not evident in the destruction of one another. Goodness of our inner life comes complete with soothing feelings mixing with a desire for harmonic cohesion with our neighbors, co-workers, and those we meet from day to day. God is that goodness. We relate to same-sex relationships through the spiritual fruit because God is with us through the fruit of the spirit. The rejection of a constructive message results in negative energy that hurls destruction to those we find repulsive. It's impossible to practice a life on the concept of "fly away Peter fly away Paul," or "fly away Jack fly away Gill." The consequences are so severe from aggressive exclusion that we would soon be praying for the return of Peter and Paul as well as for the return of Jack and Gill. Honoring the Divinity of the soul produces the rewards of the spiritual fruit which blossom in the spirit of tolerance.

Self expression in what we say and do determines what we wish would fly away and what we pray to come back. In fact, what we chase away and what we welcome determines our identity according to what we associate with. For example, chasing away Peter and Paul or chasing away Jack and Gill reveals our belief and how we ultimately express ourselves in words and actions. Chasing away joy, faith, goodness and overall optimism that derives from the message of the Apostles is to identify with negativity. Consequently, chasing away the Jack and Gills of the world could only be done through an ominous presence of gloom, doom, evil, pessimism, and despair. Stimulating negative energy because of our disassociation with a fruitful message is destructive to a humane purpose. Stimulation of positive energy comes about because we want our self expression to identify with optimism and hope. Accepting a constructive message enables us to convey an edifying Spirit to others by tolerating lifestyle differences. God lives in us by the rewards of the fruit of faith, joy, and goodness so as we identify with God's purpose our words and behaviors convey that to creation. Even though same-sex relationships and other lifestyles are not our way of life, we convey hope and constructive sentiments towards everyone. Demanding that Peter, Paul, Jack, and Gill fly away is to solicit the despair of negativity to overwhelm society. In that dark gloom is heard the prayer, "comeback Peter come back Paul," and "come back Jack come back Gill."

We can assess that the hardness of our inner walls open by being receptive to a positive message of tolerance through the rewards of spiritual fruit. The diagnosis is that rejection of constructive intent results in severe consequences of intolerance. Even then, we plan to welcome a fruitful message as we convey tolerance to different lifestyles. We implement that plan by living through the moist tenderness of our inner life to allow walls to be broken down by that seepage. The success of that plan is evident as we live a life honoring God which produces love, peace, faith, and perseverance in our conveyance of tolerance for others.