This Little Piggy

03/25/2016 23:19

This little piggy went to market

This little piggy stayed at home

This little piggy had roast beef

This little piggy had none

And this little piggy went

Wee wee wee, all the way home

"This Little Piggy," draws a picture of the social climate of Great Britain around 1728. Tyranny is the word used in the 1776 Declaration of Independence when the new United States of America separated from the government of Great Britain. The progression from the piggy that went to market to the piggy that went "wee, wee, wee, all the way home" describes the nature of the victims. What piggy wants to go to market? That is the place where piggies are butchered! Naturally, the reaction of the second piggy is to stay home after such horrible deeds are done to the first piggy. The third piggy decides to have some roast beef within the sour social climate, what a tough experience that would be for a piggy. Maybe that piggy was trying to fit-in rather than going to market! The fourth piggy had none, that is to say the piggy had nothing of interest or that would be threatening to tyrants. However, the fifth piggy saw enough of that threatening environment and was getting out of there as soon as possible, squealing "wee, wee, wee all the way home." Fortunately, governments that use terror to rule do not endure over time but they fade quicker than the time required to manifest. It's accurate to say that God is with the piggies through the rewards of faith and perseverance within reverence for the sanctity of life. . Great Britain no longer exist as a government ruled by tyranny, but God continues to live within humanity through the spiritual fruit. "This Little Piggy," will share spiritual insight relating to our dedication to the goodness of the soul while forsaking the ruthless influence of tyrants. Some beautiful people suffer at the hands of tyrants like a pig in a slaughterhouse or like sheep lead to slaughter. Some stay home to enjoy the solitude of their peaceful comfort. Some attempt to appease the corruption of the tyrants by eating, or conforming, according to cruel dictates. Some have none and thereby are not threatening to corrupt power. Some run all the way home to get their bodies out of the cruel and threatening environment as soon as possible. Regardless of how we respond to abusive power, the most important thing is that we respond according to the will of God to allow the rewards of spiritual fruit to live in us.

Our inner life is full of thoughts, sentiments, and emotions about the importance of life which directly impacts our faith and perseverance in humanitarian behaviors. Faith, perseverance, and life are all fruit from the same tree and relates to our opinion about the relevance of the living God. Tyrants disregard the sanctity of life, ridicules faith rooted in optimism, and incites fatal behavior instead of fruitful perseverance. Live a life of servitude to God and you will discover the negative reactions of tyrants. The piggies in this nursery rhyme had it in them to revere the sanctity of life, especially their own, regardless of the prevailing tyranny. They were driven by an inner and unspeakable faith with perseverance. Each piggy has something to reveal to us about what goes on from inside us. The first piggy went to Market which says a lot to us about being heroic while withstanding the threats of the tyrants. Tyranny espouses hatred, violence, despair, and fatality for those who are not part of their purpose. The first piggy fell victim to their contempt of life but was heroic for refusing to channel tyranny towards others. That heroism came about because of the inward feelings of love, peace, faith, and perseverance during extreme difficulties. The second piggy stayed home and says something to us about not being involved in hostile situations. From the inner life of this second piggy was the love for meekness and gentleness and wanted no part of the cruelty of tyrants. Tyranny thrives on harsh and aggressive methods to intimidate and coerce submission to the rhyrhm of their inhumane purpose. The second piggy had faith and perseverance through a meek and gentle spirit within a love for the sanctity of life. The third piggy ate roast beef which suggest communicating and attempting to relate to the tyrants. How many of us know of a pig that eats roast beef? It would be a very tough experience unless the roast beef was very soft. We know nothing soft comes from the hands of tyrants. Within the inner life of the third pig there was definitely optimism which comes from the spirit of joy and a sense of prevailing goodness. While it is known that tyranny dwells in places of evil and pessimism, the third piggy wanted to make an effort in the spirit of persevering for the love of life. The fourth piggy had none which was probably from fear of coming too close to the tyrants that deliver piggies to the market. From the inner life of this piggy was the attitude of self-control and patience for the purpose of not receiving anything from tyrants who might expect something inhumane in return. These piggies know that tyranny is made of reactions that are extremely out of control and extremely impatient when there is a breach of their expectations. From the fourth piggy we learn that faith and perseverance for the sanctity of life comes through the inner resources of self-control and patience. The fifth piggy decided it was best to run in the direction of the safe house. Kindness and goodwill filled the inner life of this fifth piggy because as this piggy looked around at the hostile environment the best thing to do was just to scat. When a person looks around and sees nothing except cruel intentions from those who abuse power then a soul full of kind intentions want no part of it. The fifth piggy teaches us that to run from ungodly actions is often the pathway to perseverance within the sanctity of life. As our inner life is full of the spiritual fruit then we reject and withstand the abusive tyranny of tyrants. Our faith and perseverance propels us into the future and into the land where God dwells within a meek and gentle spirit of peace. As we keep a reverence for the sanctity of life within us we defeat the inhumane actions of tyranny.

Openness to the spiritual fruit closes out tyranny. Because we are open to fruitful intentions then we refuse to be a part of inhumane actions to others. The first piggy was so rooted in the eternal spirit that doing harm to the life of others was out of the question. That piggy went to market! Experiencing loved ones who die at the hands of senseless violence cause mental anguish, emotional disturbance, and affects behavior. Tyrants intend to desolate the fruitfulness of inner life to shut the door to God. The behavior of the second piggy was affected, evident by wanting to stay home and not face the dangers that were outside the door. Even then, the second piggy remained open internally to the comfort and pleasure at home while yet rejecting to engage in the deeds of tyrants. The third piggy would venture beyond the front door but was attempting to appease the tyrant with intentions of surviving the horrid social climate. The destruction of physical health and welfare---by what we eat, drink, breathe, how much rest we have, and how sanitary we live---are subtle consequences of what tyrants do. Eating roast beef is not what pigs do so this was a stressful experience within the internal process of thoughts and emotions. The welfare of the third piggy's health was in jeopardy. Remaining open to some sort of fruitful social involvement was the intention of that third pig, even if it meant physical deterioration. Having none was the option of the fourth pig. That not only suggests refusing to consume the dictates of the tyrants, but also meant not appearing to manifest with the fruit of God's rewards. That fourth pig was closing itself out to tyranny while simultaneously not expressing the internal wealth of spiritual fruit that was deeply within. Internal health is important and the fourth pig was certainly feeling satisfied, in the secret inward chambers, by not being a part of tyranny. The fifth pig closed out tyranny by running from horrible situations while also remaining open to spiritual fruitfulness. Fruitful responses are to run from participation in inhumane acts, even if the tyrants celebrate the act of you running. Spiritual health as well as physical health is within God's will for us. Becoming a pig to be taken to market, or being a sheep led to slaughter are definitely situations that God deplores. The fruit of patience, self control, and perseverance transcends the natural order of things to enable us to have continuance of life. Patience works within our mind and emotions to teach us that it is not necessary to take action immediately. Impatience breeds violence, death, and more death. Self control works from our inner life to teach us not to punch a tyrant in the face for inciting fatal consequences towards good people. Out-of-control behaviors only justifies murder and violence. Perseverance works within our thought processes and emotions to help us understand that as we continue remaining open to fruitful qualities then we perpetuate the goodness of life. Without perseverance in our spirit our physical destiny is destruction through fatal consequences.

God regulates our inner life to establish a safe and secure environment for all people. Tyrants, on the other hand, cause hazardous and dangerous conditions to manifest. People regulated by the spirit of tranquility will stand firm in the face of tyranny to the point of suffering harm. Resolve comes about simply by refusing to act inhumanely towards others regardless of the pressure to do otherwise. The seed of eternal life is within very common and simple people who are simply compelled to be a peaceable person. Piggy number one, in this nursery rhyme, went to market suggesting a horrible fate of bodily harm and violence. Tyrants view peaceable people as liabilities because a safe and secure environment brings comfort and unity among the people they attempt to terrorize into submission. The first piggy had the spirit of serenity deeply ingrained, becoming influential in being a comfort to others. The tyrant solved the problem as tyrants do. The second piggy stayed at home, signifying meekness of spirit permeating from within. Tactics of terror is to bring chaos into the homes. However, meekness was able to extend life and faith by conveying an attitude that contributes to a safe and secure environment at home. Piggy number two continued to reject tyranny even in the face of death, and doing so with a meek and gentle spirit. The third piggy went into town with peaceful intentions and made a peace offering by accepting the food that the tyrants were suggesting. Even then, as tyranny is, the piggy was fed food that is totally opposite of what would bring comfort, tranquility, and serenity to the natural state of inner life. Piggy number three rejected the acts of tyranny by being mild-mannered and accepting what the tyrants were giving to them. The fourth Piggy had none. Piggy number four had no evidence of the shining light that comes through a meek and gentle spirit of peace. That piggy was like a rooted rose bush with no buds of the beautiful flower to show. Even then, that ever so meek and quiet spirit of peace was there, which is to say there was no visible hostility towards the abuses. By rejecting urges of violence, aggression, and harshness the fourth piggy overcame tyranny with the stillness of calm. Tyranny embraces violence, physical harm, aggression, cruelty, harsh dictates, and total chaos for those they rule over. The fifth piggy knew that all too well as one day the surrounding atmosphere was so unsettling that the piggy went wee, wee, wee ,all the way home. Piggy number five was regulating the inner life with God's resources of meekness, peace, and gentleness. Running to a safe and secure environment is a method of rejecting tyranny to continue on through the spirit that values the sanctity of life. By the nursery rhyme, "This Little Piggy," we can comprehend how faith and perseverance will carry the eternal seed through a meek and gentle spirit of peace. God's will, through the spiritual fruit, is to make us safe physically, to give us peace and comfort at home, and to stabilize our day-to-day living through tranquility.

Social bonding comes about from the tender and moist qualities of our inner state. Often, there are specific individuals that embrace cohesion in society and are instrumental in bringing and holding people together through a family spirit. Every culture has their specific individual that they honor for doing that. For example, Jesus Christ is credited for bringing the world together with tolerance, but some thought that his death would scatter and destroy that purpose. The essence of this nursery rhyme, "This Little Piggy," is likened to that. The first piggy could have been the cornerstone that was holding the family of pigs together by the spirit of loving kindness. Piggy number one went to market but it didn't cause the other piggies to lose the compassionate spirit that was within them. Instead, piggy number one became a constructive example instead of being "made an example of" by tyrants. Piggies 2, 3, 4, and 5 were scattered physically, but they continued to constrain tyranny by allowing social fruit of tenderness and softness to live in them. Piggy number two stayed home, revealing the inner life of compassion and goodwill towards others. The second piggy was refusing to engage in the hatred, cruelty, and ill intentions of tyranny because because the endearment to life was greater. The third piggy ate roast beef which is definitely not what a cohesive group of pigs would naturally do. Being tragically cut off from their beloved friend, that third pig was operating from the deep seed of love and goodwill while associating with tyrants. Piggy number three would ebdure the abusive dictates of the tyrants while avoiding direct involvement with inhumane deeds. Piggy number four would have none of it--- no intolerance, no sexual offenses, no cruel exclusion, and no hate--- but neither did that piggy show an abundance of tolerance, sensual intimacy, inclusion, or love. Even so, the fourth Piggy wanted to perpetuate the sanctity of life and therefore being nullified was better than being villainfied. Piggy number 5 is the essence of being scattered after the passing of a prominent person who represents cohesion through mercy and compassion. Although the bonds of friendship, love, and family orientation was scattered and fragmented in society, the fifth piggy still had the seeds of a humane and compassionate spirit. Running away from cruelty, hatred, bad intentions, intolerance, and abuses of every kind was better than being an instrument that dealt fatal blows to the soft and moist tenderness of others. Physically, the four pigs were scattered after the first pig went to market, but spiritually every one of those pigs had God's love, kindness, goodwill, tolerance, acceptance, intimacy, and a welcome mat for all people in all parts of the world. We are the fabric that holds society together for the very simple reason that we refuse to be hardened by the callous abuses of tyrants. We are the carriers of the eternal seed by our faith in goodness and our perseverance through the sanctity of life. Whether we suffer death, stay at home, endure abuse, have nothing, or run, we are still proponents of the eternal seed because we welcome God's love, mercy, and compassion. Society has a future in the family spirit because people persevere with humane qualities even during times of tyranny.

A goodness exists of our inner life that determines destiny. Belief in that goodness will perpetuate life of humanity, while simultaneously is the downfall of tyranny. Tyrants know that their reign hinges on defeating that goodness and intend to defeat the people who carry the spirit of that goodness. Governments of tyranny are at war with God and are abusive towards those who give reverence to God. There is a saying that if the strongest person of the house is bound it's possible to overcome the whole house. Piggy number one was the strongest and most influential piggy relating to the union with the Divinity of inner life. That piggy showed all the signs of goodness by an inner life flowing with an abundance of spiritual fruit through the spirit. Piggy number one was an example of peace, a respect for the sanctity of life, an abiding faith for God's resources, and a contagious optimism. Tyrants cannot tolerate that kind of spiritual growth within the population they seek dominion. Fate of the first piggy was met at the market. Piggy number two stayed home which is to say that piggy wanted to stay as near to that inner goodness as possible. Staying near God's resources is a method of quelling tyranny. Piggy number three ate roast beef which is to suggest that whatever it took to be near goodness would be done. Tough experiences at the hands of tyrants can be overcome by relishing every morsel of goodness that remains within us during abusive situations. A very, very, tiny seed of good attitude, peace, love for life, respect for God, and positive energy will grow into a giant tree for future purpose. Piggy number four reminds us that being slow to speak and slow to act keeps us near to God's resources. That piggy may have had nothing by earthly estimations, such as materialistically or financially, but had a steadfast relationship to God. Piggy number four had nothing to say about social injustices, unfairness, or the murderous nature of the tyrants---but in silence stayed near to God. That giant tree born of silence by the eternal seed is here today in the form of this nursery rhyme. Piggy number five ran as quickly as possible in the direction where God's resources were found. That piggy looked around and saw the horror of what tyrants purpose to do to the inner working of God and to the children of God. Society was full of desolation of the spiritual fruit, signifying a lack of love, non- existant peace, contempt of life, opposition to God, and assaults to joy. Piggy number five ran from all of that to come to a place near God where there would be the discovery of fruitfulness, tranquility, life, and joy.

Tyranny sustains itself by oppressing fruitful self-expression. Tyrants oppose people who identify themselves with God's resources that flow through a wholesome spirit. People who begin to self-actualize by the spirit of faith, goodness, and joy tend to depend less on the negativity of those who spread despair, evil, and sadness. Piggy number one was the essence of an identity that was self-actualizing through a spirit permeating with optimism and positive energy. That contagious Spirit of hope could not be suppressed by tyrants and that piggy went to market. The identity that associates with the faith and perseverance of the eternal seed has no identity with the evil and fatal presence of tyranny. Piggy number two stayed at home which is another sign of the oppression that tyranny forces on fruitful self-expression. I once heard it said that it's better to stay at home then to go somewhere where trouble is waiting. That second Piggy felt more regard for positive behaviors then to go into society with behaviors rooted in frustration mixing with evil and ominous intent towards the tyrants. Piggy number three had roast beef, which is contradictory to the identity of a pig and another sign of oppression by the rule of tyranny. What we receive into our inner life should be compatible with God's resources that flows through us. Tyrants want to contradict everything that we are for the purpose of defeating our ability to self-actualize with positive energy that flows through optimism. That third piggy decided it was best to swallow what was presented in preference to lashing out with negative and fatal energy towards the oppressors. Piggy number four had none, which is definitely a sign of the oppression coming through the entity of tyranny. That piggy had no fruitful words to say and had no positive behaviors to present to the tyrants. Simultaneously, that fourth Piggy would not allow negative words and negative behaviors to flow through self expression. While that pig's self-expression was muted, the inner life of faith, joy, and goodness is what kept that pig from identifying with tyranny. Piggy number five ran all the way home when confronted with the situation of the environment, which is another form of oppression of one's identity. That piggy would want to communicate with behaviors that brought hope, optimism, joy, goodness, and would be there with hugs, smiles and all sorts of love. Association with those resources of God would have been met with the dark and evil behaviour of tyrants. Running from the evilness of tyranny is a sign of an identity that associates with everything positive that exists in the world. As we identify with the positive attitudes of joy, goodness, and faith we associate with the eternal seed. In that seed is faith and perseverance that perpetuates humanity by the will of God in what we say and do.

We can assess that by faith and perseverance we endure over time through the most horrid of experiences. The diagnosis is that those who regulate others with terror will fade away and have no lasting substance. We plan to be like the turtle who is in a race with a rabbit. The turtle is slow but on a steady course and focused on the prize ahead, whereas the rabbit is fast but weaves back and forth without a focus on the prize ahead. We implement our plan by allowing God to guide our focus. That focus comes through the life of the soft and moist tenderness of the spiritual fruit. Welcoming the divine fruit in us keeps us on course. We know we are successful in our plan when the spirit of love, peace, faith and perseverance lives even when terror lurks.