The Owl and the Pussycat

03/07/2016 13:43

Watch this video of an owl and a pussycat playing together.

The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea

In a beautiful pea green boat

They took some honey, and plenty of money

Wrapped up in a five pound note

The Owl looked up to the stars above

And sang to a small guitar

O lovely Pussy, O Pussy my love

What a beautiful Pussy you are

You are, you are!

What a beautiful Pussy you are

Pussy said to the Owl, You elegant fowl

How charmingly sweet you sing

O let us be married, too long we have tarried

But what shall we do for a ring?

They sailed away, for a year and a day

To the land where the Bong-tree grows

And there in a wood a Piggy-wig stood

With a ring at the end of his nose

His nose, his nose

With a ring at the end of his nose 

Dear pig, are you willing to sell for one shilling

Your ring? Said the Piggy, I will.

So they took it away, and were married next day

By the Turkey who lives on the hill

They dined on mince, and slices of quince

Which they ate with a runcible spoon

And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand

They danced by the light of the moon

The moon, the moon

They danced by the light of the moon

This nursery rhyme called, "The Owl and the Pussycat," is a perfect opportunity to discuss how the 5th element works within relationships. The 5th element is the supernatural presence in this universe that transcends nature. We can call that Fifth Element anything we want such as the universal deity, the Divinity that lives in us, or even God. It is only by a divine spirit that usual and ordinary enemies can actually find it within themselves to live in harmony with one another. It definitely does transcend nature for a predatory cat to befriend a frantically tempting feathered creature. The friendship that transcends natural impulses is supernatural and we see it happen frequently with our own pets, and the animals that surround us. Often, people use the term, "fighting like cats and dogs," but that is a natural way to perceive the different natures of a cat and a dog. Even then, those who have cats and dogs for pets discover that they can actually be playful with one another and even cuddle. In this light, this essay will discuss the importance of having the spiritual fruit permeating our persona because those fruit transcend natural inclinations to harmonize human interactions. What are the signs of the fifth element that transcends nature to bring two very different characters together in a fruitful relationship? The owl and the pussycat were like two peas in a pod that traveled together in search of marriage. There are many hints of the signs of the universal deity that bonds one another together in a way that transcends human nature. For example, the spiritual honey which is spiritual money, the singing of praises, the appreciation for the music of praise, and the desire for marriage through those divine qualities. They also were able to dance by the light of the moon, which signifies the ability to see past the darkness of the natural world to see by the light that transcends fleshy tendencies. In addition, and another very important piece of the supernatural realm, is that they fed upon mince meat and fruit. That is symbolic of putting away the negativity of the natural desires while allowing more fruitful attitudes to prevail. In other words, in everything they did they shared it together in a relationship that brought them together through the marriage of the Spirit while diminishing natural instincts. From here, let's delve into this spiritual essay inspired by the nursery rhyme called, "The Owl and the Pussycat."

How we relate to others is an issue of how we feel on the inside. Those inner feelings has to do with how we respond to the fifth element of our inner life. The Fifth Element enables us to transcend natural tendencies to overcome earthly or fleshly differences in one another. To explain the fifth element, there is spring, summer, fall, and winter but on the inside our attitude can remain positive in whatever season we are in. Therefore, there is four and then the fifth element. Likewise, there is earth, ice, water, and fire, but we are not held bondage to any specific one of those four elements because we have the fifth element to work on our behalf. In this light, we have our natural inclinations towards the differences in others but because the fifth element cause the spiritual fruit to occur in us we can bond together. This is the spiritual inspiration given to us through the nursery rhyme "The Owl and the Pussycat." For example, perhaps the owl is winter and the pussycat is summer but through the inner workings of the fifth element there can be a bond. Likewise, perhaps the owl is ice and the pussycat is fire but because of the inner workings of the fifth element there can also be a bond. What are the elements of the fifth element working in us to create bonds in relationships that would naturally by nature be quite contrary to one another? Those elements are spiritual qualities such as love, peace, faith , and perseverance. All of those qualities are found in the honey and music of the soul that brings a bond of praise for one another. Where there is a sweet song of praise for others there is a bond of unity. For example, ill intentions and cruelty naturally divide one another but through the spirit of kindness and good will there is harmony that transcends nature. Likewise, wherever there is division from harsh and aggressive attitudes in natural instincts, the spirit of a meek and gentle attitude transcends all the negativity to bring tranquility in relationships. Within the natural flesh, there is despair, sadness, and evilness about the behaviors of those around us, but by the fruit of joy and goodness we can transcend natural inclinations to foster positive energy in relationships. The most tragic of all natural instincts are the out of control behaviors that results in fatal consequences, but by the spirit of self control and patience we transcend the ugliness of the flesh to dwell in bonds that persevere. The owl and the pussycat of this rhyme had all the ingredients of the fifth element to bring them into marriage. The owl and the pussycat of this rhyme had the honey and music of the soul to sing the ptaises of one another. They became as two peas in a pod amidst their natural differences. The spiritual fruit are of the fifth element.

The Fifth Element opens our inner life to possibilities that transcends the nature of natural relationships. We should think of our bodies as being a vessel or a container or a bag of sorts that holds the substance of the fifth element that bonds people together by overriding natural instincts. That substance consist of the honey of music to enable us to sing the praises of one another for their most noble characteristics. When we close our selves to the substance of the spiritual fruit we consequently close our selves to singing the praises of one another. In that event, we are full of earthly desires, emotions, thoughts, and ways of behaving. In a sense, our motivatflesfor self gratification takes precedence over fruitful relationships. For example, people drink alcohol at the expense of getting along with others as well as making a debate over the proper foods to eat or not to eat. That was definitely not a problem with the owl and the pussycat as they both shared a diet of mince meat and fruit. Also, even the air we breathe can become an issue in a relationship when you think of smokers and nonsmokers. And should I even mention the issues that come across in one tiny room called the bathroom. Moreover, should I dare talk about who's keeping who up at night and not allowing the rest needed to revitalize ourselves for daily activities. As we can see, by not allowing the singing of praises for one another we engage in activities that creates mental anguish, emotional frustration, and abusive behaviour relating to relationships. Part of the ingredients of the fifth element that enable us to transcend natural instinctual impulses include the honey and fruit of patience, self control, and perseverance. Self-control actually puts in check the out of control nature that comes through natural impulses. Likewise, patience enables us to diminish the impatience that comes through the natural order of the flesh. Furthermore, perseverance is what enable us to continue in the substance of the fifth element when the desires of fleshly nature pursue us. In other words, the ability to continue and endure within our relationships depends on our ability to allow the divine nature of the spiritual fruits to override the desires of the flesh.

The Fifth Element is the source that enables us to regulate instincts of our inner life to establish tranquility in relationships of different inclinations.. When a pussycat meets an owl, the natural result is that feathers fly and claws lunge. The honey and the music of the soul is a part of the substance of the fifth element that keeps us safe and secure by singing the praises of one another. When we are able to see by the ight of the Moon then we realize that some people want to eliminate that song of praise we have for one another. They attempt to eradicate our ability to transcend the differences that would normally bring harm and instability that expose us without shelter from dangers. If all we had were raw primal instincts then we would be plagued with violence within a harsh world, and infested with cruelty towards our fellow human beings. However, there is a substance within us that transcends natural instincts which are the fruit of peace, meekness, and gentleness. We see this everyday in nature as very many different animals are able to show a gentle and serene spirit towards otherwise natural enemies. The spirit of peace is of the fifth element because it transcends and diminishes the natural tendency for violence towards those we perceive as a threat to our space. Likewise, the spirit of gentleness is of the fifth element because it transcends and even diminishes the natural inclination to be harsh and intrusive towards those we perceive as enemies. Moreover, the spirit of meekness is also of the fifth element because it transcends the primal impulse of aggression towards those we feel have violated us. We can have safe and secure relationships because we welcome the regulatory function of the fifth element which transcends natural instincts by the spiritual fruit that brings cohesion.

The Fifth Element softens our inner life to give us the ability to mold our natural inclinations into a form that transcends instinctual urges within relationships. I reiterate this idea in all of my writings, that the tenderness of our soul is from the divine presence that lives within us. Some people call this being soft or other people associate this with a moistness of our inner life which happens to be the source of the honey of music. When we are able to sing the praises of others and to reciprocate when we receive praises of others then we are full of social inclinations. These social inclinations crosses many boundaries that transcends the natural order of life. We often use words such as tolerance, intimacy, love, and acceptance to give one another a desirable place of belonging. Even so, when we see by the light of the Moon we understand that some people want to drive all that softness from us to make us a hard and calloused individual towards social interactions. In that hardness, we discover natural impulses such as intolerance towards the differences of others, sexual abuses, non acceptance of those who do not fit our mold, and overall and exclusion of all those who dont belong with our mold. The owl and the pussycat found a whole social network that united them in marriage relating to the turkey, the pig, the owl itself, and the pussycat. Even though some people may say this nursery rhyme is just ludicrous, the spirit that guides the thoughts, emotions, and motivation to write this is still promoting the idea that various natural enemies can come together in a social network to bring cohesion and harmony. It's easy to comprehend that love is of the fifth element because it supersedes the natural instincts of hatred towards differences. Likewise, the spirit of kindness is supernatural because it overrides the very nasty impulse for cruelty towards those who don't fit in with our culture. Moreover, the spirit of goodwill is definitely from a source that overrides human natural inclinations by allowing us to have good motivation or goodwill towards those who are very much different than ourselves. By the element of the Fifth Element we are able to have a loving place of belonging across many different boundaries.

The Fifth Element lives within us for the sole purpose of diminishing the Tyrannosaurus Rex of human instincts so that we can move forward as civil human beings. I believe that the living deity demystifies the fifth element so that it can be easily understood by the natural mind. The supernatural essence is just that, its natural and it's super. For example, every time I witness a flag dancing to the beat of the music by the force of the wind I see the fifth element at work. In that light, the Fifth Element makes it easy for us to believe that the natural order of things can be easily overridden. The natural world of the flesh within the owl and the pussycat is quite super when the fifth element is in the mix. It's a supernatural event anytime opposites such as a cat and an owl actually live in harmony. In all simplicity and yet with all divinity let's look at the work of the living deity in comparison to a world that is void of that supernatural presence. Number 1, the singing of praises for one another is a sign of the spiritual fruit that is substance of the fifth element. Number 2, there was peace within opposite instinctual impulses, which is a sign that the living deity is suppressing the natural order of things. Number 3, the evidence of softness which we can feel through the moisture of ourinner life was apparent and is mentioned relating to the honey. Number 4, there was reverence for goodness and love which can only come through the 5th element living in us. Number 5, there was the desire to stimulate a union through positive energy which in this nursery rhyme was evident through their faith and their joy. What are relationships without the supernatural presence of the living deity? Number one, there would be a emptiness of spiritual fruit which would cause claws to launch and feathers to fly. Number 2, there would be distress and conflict on the inside every time we were in the presence of people who look different or were from different cultures. Number 3, there would definitely be hardness towards the life of others as we would have deadly intent towards those who were not created by the same mold as us. Number 4, there would be an extreme disrespect for any signs of a supernatural presence that transcended natural inclinations. Number 5, negative energy would prevail because there would be a hopeless feeling and feelings of evilness when relating to people of different backgrounds. In this light, it's easily understood that the survival of humanity and the longevity of interpersonal relationships depends on our belief and reverence for the qualities that transcend the natural order of life.

The Fifth Element changes our natural identity from those created from Earth into something noble through the spirit that flows in our self expression. What we identify with determines how we respond to others in what we say and in what we do. If we identify ourselves with the natural order of the flesh then we relate to others through instinctual impulses. In contrast, if we identify with the substance of the fifth element then we relate to one another through the spirit of that supernatural realm. In the natural world, what we say and what we do is all about things of the flesh such as what we eat, how old we are, and common feelings such as anger, frustration, and discrimination.. However, when we identify with the supernatural realm then what we say and what we do transcends the natural inclinations of evilness, pessimism, and despair concerning human short-falls. If the owl was not able to transcend its identity as an owl, and the pussycat was not able to transcend its identity as a cat then in the natural realm there would have been plenty of reason to be pessimistic towards the other. Fortunately, through the fifth element the owl and the pussycat created a bond through the Spirit of optimistic energy which came through a feeling of faith, joy, and goodness. The honey of music was on their tongue and in what they did to be able to sing the praises of one another. Likewise, as we allow the substance of the fifth element to permeate our spirit we allow the spiritual fruit to override the despair, evilness, and negativity that is rooted in natural instincts. In that event, we are allowing positive energy to flow through us to sing the praises of one another to bring a delightful self expression by identifying with the deity of this universe.

We can assess that through the 5th Element, natural instincts are diminished so that we can live fruitfully together with one another amidst our fleshy differences. The diagnosis is that by rejecting the divine goodness within us, we give rise to primal instincts which destroys and fragments harmony across many of nature's boundaries. Even so, we plan to live for the fifth element that transcends natural instincts so that we can have peace within ourself and peace with others. We implement that plan by allowing the Spiritual fruit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance to override the primal instincts of our inner life. Through those soft qualities, which are symbolized by honey and music, we can sing the praises of one another. We know we are successful in the implementation of the plan when constructive attitudes live within us towards people of various lifestyles. Whether it's the four seasons or the four elements, the Fifth Element sees us through all seasons and the Fifth Element is what brings together all the elements in a constructive use for humanity.