The Less You Open Your Heart To Others, The More Your heart Aches

09/24/2012 20:05
“The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers.” Deepak Chopra
When we talk about "opening our hearts" we mean to open ourselves to the qualities of kindness to others. We do that through deeds of goodwill, and conveying affection for one another. Opening ourselves to those compassionate qualities require that we open ourselves to the divinity that lives in us. That inward divinity is the source of compassion, and the way to a healthy heart physically.

The tenderness in us is the source of health within the heart. We know how healthy we feel when we experience inner peace, joyful feelings that bring smiles, and the warm feeling of love that keeps us persevering day to day. That inner feeling of goodness keeps our heart healthy. What if we were hard within ourselves filled with turmoil, depression, hatefulness, and no desire to continue in the way of peace. We know that physical anger, and inner turmoil with no venting lead to health issues. High blood pressure is one result, which leads to heart attacks, strokes, and failing hearts. The less we open ourselves to others, the more the heart suffers.
The less we open ourselves to others, the more the heart suffers relating to our physical health. We want to respond in emotionally healthy ways with thoughts of compassion for those in need. Suppose you see someone needing hydration or nutrition, and you open yourself to kindness and goodwill. You provide the needs of that person. Your openness to compassion opens your inner being to comfort, joy, and peace, which keep your heart healthy. However, suppose you see someone in need of rest, and you respond by slamming doors, talking loudly, and not allowing the person to rejuvenate in an atmosphere of peace and comfort. By the slamming and loudness, you are closing your inner being to the divinity in you and jeopardizing the health of your own heart.
The less we open ourselves to others the more our heart suffers through our desire for security. What happens to "stingy" people is an example of how we lose our security from closing ourselves to the divinity in us. We probably have experiences relating to "tight" people and the responses they receive from others. Those people have no sense of security with others, no peace, no joy, no comfort. Within themselves, they are creating agony and turmoil leading to physical ailments and heart problems. However, people of compassion, who open themselves to others tend to feel at peace within themselves, feel secure and safe with others. The divinity in us rewards with comfort for our openness to goodwill, kindness, and love.
The less we open ourselves to others the more our heart suffers relating to our acceptance of others. Opening ourselves to the divinity in us is to open ourselves to bring love, acceptance, and belonging to others. When we share hugs, smiles, and love to others, we also feel joyful, comfort, and peace within ourselves. Our blood pressure is where it should be and our heart remains healthy. However, shutting people out of our life with hatred, cruelty, and bad intentions creates a hostile environment within us. The inner physiology experiences stress from poor relationships, which lead to high blood pressure, and heart ailments of various kinds.
The less we open ourselves to others the more the heart suffers relating to the value we feel for our worth. We feel the value for ourselves because we feel love, goodness, and kind deeds from others. We receive those inward qualities because we are open to the divinity in us. That leads to our compassionate response to the worth of others. As we value others, we feel comfort, joy, and peace for our own inner worth. If we close ourselves by ignoring the value of the worth of others, we will not experience peace in our thoughts, nor in our emotions. Treating others poorly creates stressful hostilities, which are not healthy for us internally.
The less we open ourselves to others the more the heart suffers relating to how we express ourselves. Opening ourselves to the divinity in us also opens ourselves to words of kindness, love, and good intentions to others. Likewise, our silent expression conveys compassion and goodwill to others. However, hostile verbal expression reveals turmoil and agony, which are not healthy, nor in touch with the inward divinity. Furthermore, hostilities of silent behavior reveal a smoldering inner turmoil of agony. The hostility in our self-expression leads to health issues, such as a person who shouts and hollers until he turns blue in the face and has a stroke.
Some people want to deny us the ability to open ourselves to kindness, love, and goodwill to others. They want to close the doorway to the divinity that is in us. Because of that closure to others, they create anger, and depression within the physical being of the person. That causes a person to boil from within creating health issues and causing the heart to suffer even more. Those people refuse to agree with others who live from the openness of the inner divinity. They are argumentative desiring to see "volcanic" emotions within you, and will never mutually agree with you. However, the only way to discover a healthy heart is to open ourselves to others through the divinity that is in us.

A healthy heart requires opening ourselves to the divinity that lives in us.  That enables us to open ourselves to others with kindness, love, and goodwill. When we do that our emotions and thoughts will fill with comfort, joy, peace, and perseverance. We will discover fruitful rewards within us that makes our physiology function with a healthy heart when we open ourselves to others.