The Eye of God and Technological Surveillance

07/06/2013 17:18

"When at last I have realized God sitting in the temple of every human body, the moment I stand in reverence before every human and see God in him - that is the moment I am free from bondage, everything vanishes and I am free. ~ Vivekananda

The “Eye of God” is an actual formation in space, and this celestial appearance is a recent phenomenon within this age of worldly eyes silently watching us. The earthly eyes in the dark involve the massive technological surveillance equipment utilized to watch and listen to the occupants of the planet. There might be a “Y” in the road separating the living Eye of God from techno-surveil, or they might converge into a single road. How so? Let‘s read on.

We know the nature of the deity that permeates the universe by the divine qualities that exist in the human soul. The divine Eye of God lives in us so that we can see the spirit of goodness, value held for life, and the state of inward fruitfulness. When that inner eye merges with technological surveillance, positive results will manifest for all of humanity. Conversely, if the Eye of God is diminished from our inner being, then all forms of corruption and hostile intentions will become evident in the use of techno-surveil. Whistle blowers are those people who have the Eye of God living within them; they see atrocities against the human animal and want to help. From the spirit of goodness, respect for life, and inner fruitfulness they want to open the awareness of the masses.

A comparison of the Eye of God with technological surveillance is visible through the spiritual fruit. Envision a peering eye that is void of inner decency, but attempting to manage a population. The inward feelings of hatred, cruelty, and ill intentions would perpetrate harsh responses when seeing people gathering in the spirit of harmony and equality. Those who harbor conflict, ruthlessness, and haughtiness as they watch humanity would commit atrocities against the peacemakers who desire tranquility. In addition, technological surveillance that sees us through attitudes of hopelessness, pessimism, and evilness would interfere to discourage the optimism and hopes of the general masses. Moreover, it is very tragic when the viewers are on edge and at the “end of the rope“, are impulsive, and rampant with uncontrollability towards those who persist for humane treatment.

When the Eye of God lives within the soul we see with love, goodwill, and kindness to inspire harmony and fellowship for people in disarray. We utilize what we see and hear to establish peace, meekness, and gentleness for the people dwelling in chaotic circumstances. Additionally, with the divine third eye we implement ways to instill optimism by inducing faith, goodness, and joy to those in sad and depressing situations. Additionally, the gathering of information rebounds to humanity to foster perseverance in goodness, patience, and self-control among those who suffer hardships.

The Eye of God and technological surveillance relates to the issues of our health. Technological surveillance, without the eye of god, would see and hear atrocities occurring to human health, but lack empathy to assist.  Such atrocities that are destructive to human health includes hazardous foods made available for consumption, and poisonous substances in drinking water coming from sanctioned practices. This also includes deplorable unsanitary living conditions, exhaustion leading to fatal consequences, and the status of general healthcare within the population of humanity. Even then, there are whistleblowers that have the divine third eye living within them, and they make the masses aware of the dangers to human health that come from day to day living necessities. Then, there is the eye of God that adds the necessary element to technological surveillance, enabling humans to see a massive picture of health issues. From the spirit of goodness for the human body, respect for healthy life, and desire for inner fruitful health, there is a response to bring healing through our basic needs.

The Eye of God and technological surveillance relates to our safety and security. Obscurity of the Eye of God within technological surveillance allows the perpetration of violence to happen to humanity. They see and hear issues concerning the vulnerabilities of the people to violence, harm, and bodily mutilation but there is no preventative tactics. Likewise, there are violent home invasions, the kidnapping and murder of children, and other intrusions that make the people feel threatened within their own homes. There are no preventions! Furthermore, there are recurring chaotic violence to cause instability in the environment, with no precautionary measures. Even then, the third eye lives within the whistleblowers to shine a light on the savage atrocities. They see disregard for human life, evilness in a quest for absolute sovereignty, and disrespect for the divine fruit of peace by the overseers. In addition, only by welcoming the Eye of God within the process of technological surveillance will there be the implementation of a safe and secure environment for all of humanity. The divine third eye within the soul enables responses of respect for the safety of the human body, enabling a secure and comfortable home, with stable tranquility from day to day.

The Eye of God and technological surveillance relates to our social climate. When there is no divine guidance through the eye of God, technological surveillance does not serve to create harmony and fellowship. The overseers listen and watch the hatred, intolerance, bullying, fragmentation, rejection, and abuse of sensual intimacy but are indifferent to solutions. Even then, the divine third eye within the whistleblowers has them seeking goodness in social interaction, the life of sensual intimacy through hugs and smiles, and for fruitfulness in community relations. However, when they see cruel intentions towards the socialization of humanity they feel a compulsion to draw people’s awareness to it. They hope to initiate a remedy. Additionally, the inner Eye of God adds the pizzazz to the effects of technological surveillance. By that third eye, the overseers have momentum to restore love, belonging, acceptance, and sensual intimacy into the spirit of humanity.

The Eye of God and technological surveillance relates to the issues of our esteem for the deity of the universe. Technological surveillance, when opposing the divine third eye, will be unresponsive to the tragedies that befall those who revere the eye of God in the soul. They have no intent on allowing divine qualities to live in those they oversee. Therefore, the allowance of evilness, disregard for life, and all varieties of unfruitfulness fall on those who are aware of the deceit of those who wield worldly power. Even so, whistleblowers are those people who esteem the supreme worth of the divine inner eye, and makes people aware of the attack on decency coming from government corruption. In addition, the Eye of God is a necessary element in the implementation of techno-surveil. The third eye induces esteem for goodness, honor for all life, and respect for the worth of inner decency. From that, our overseers respond to ensure that humanity experiences reverence for the source of peace, goodwill, faith, and endurance.  

Self Expression
The Eye of God and technological surveillance relates to the nature of our self-expression. Technological surveillance that ignores the divine eye of God overlooks the suppression of other people’s beliefs, words, and deeds. They see the fossilization of the belief for the sanctity of life, the goodness of edifying words, and fruitfulness in behaviors within the expression of humanity. They see, hear, and do nothing! Even then, the whistleblowers have the third eye of the deity living within them and they express themselves for the benefit of others. They insist on speaking words, and performing deeds that express the sacredness they feel for the value of human life. Furthermore, the eye of God is an essential component when using technological surveillance equipment to monitor beliefs, words, and deeds. That would ensure that overseers want the occupants of this planet to have the spirit of goodness in beliefs, to express a value for life in behaviors, and to communicate fruitfulness in their exchange of words. 

The Cycle
The cycle begins with belief that the Eye of God is within us through the spirit of goodness, respect for life, and inner decency. Anger does not exist towards the all-knowing presence of the deity, but peace prevails in the soul through the awareness of the third eye. Likewise, there is not pessimism at the Omni-present nature of the Supreme Being, but joy exists by the inalienable bond to the divine eye of our inner being. We are able to bargain away the darkness of worldly knowledge and insight in exchange for the compassionate and forthright light of the divine presence. There is acceptance that the Eye of God knows all, is all powerful, and Omni-present.  

The believers grow in reservoirs where there is a welcome for the Eye of God, the third eye within one another. The attitudes that exit from them include a desire to see and hear goodness, respect for life, and decency in words spoken as well as within performance of deeds. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who view and interpret their environment through the spiritual fruit, and respond accordingly. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through those who talk about the evilness, human carnage, and indecencies amidst technological surveillance. That also includes conversations about whistleblowers who attest to inhumane treatment to the human animal, who desire to bring justice to the vulnerable.

We welcome the Eye of God to live in us because we recognize the supreme worth of third eye that lives in the soul. That worth is being able to see, hear, and respond to the influences of the world through goodness, love for life, and spiritual fruitfulness. There is the awareness that surveillance without the eye of the deity leads to carnage, primal intentions, and uncivil behaviors. We desire to belong within a global community where the focus of the peering eye is on the implementation of decency, respectful of one another’s life, and to develop goodwill, peace, joy, and perseverance.

The people likely to host the Eye of God are those who want to see love, goodwill, and kindness, but are sickened of hatred, cruelty, and ill intentions. The cycle that begins with belief in the inner third eye continues through to the host by the spiritual fruit. As softness, tenderness, and moistness lives within us, the divine inner eye will twinkle lively with compassion, tranquility, optimism, and endurance for humanity. We want to see civil qualities manifest on a global scale, and to diminish the savage nature of the human beast.

We can make the assessment that the Eye of God exists in everyone through the spirit of goodness, respect for life, and inner decency. The diagnosis is that in the absence of the divine inner eye, technological surveillance consists of evilness, disregard for life, and indecencies. Even so, we plan to welcome into our soul the divine qualities that create the third eye within our inner being. We implement that plan by being receptive to the soft tenderness within us, which opens our awareness to beauty as well as atrocities. We know the Eye of God lives successfully in us when we see the world through civil eyes of peace, love, faith, and perseverance, and seek to rectify unfruitfulness.