The Day Competition Began

09/24/2012 22:26

The Day Competition Began

Allow me the creative freedom to utilize a familiar story to convey spiritual relevance. That story is the one where God casts the angel Lucifer from heaven, now known as Satan. Allow me the liberality to suggest this is the day that competition began on this earth. Now let me suggest that the “sides” were chosen including God and the Angels of heaven vs. Satan and the demons of hell. From here, I am ready to expound on the spiritual relevance of that story.

Spiritual competition exists to gain dominion over the life of our inner being. A Divine presence lives within the human body, which is the source of all goodness. However, there are entities that want to pillage that inward divinity to gain dominion of our behaviors, emotions, and thoughts. They want to conquer that divine authority with intent to rule in this world.

Spiritual competition exists to gain dominion over the blossoms of the divine fruit within us. They want to claim ownership of the soft, moist soil within us, which allows the buds to bloom. The divine inner presence regulates our inward being so that the spirit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance flows through us. However, some entities want to regulate us in a way that hardens our attitudes by attacking the divine fruit. They incite cruelty, ill-intent, harshness, arrogance, impatience, out of control behavior, sadness, and evilness.


Spiritual competition exists to claim dominion of our health. The inward divinity produces qualities in us so that we feel goodwill and honor for our body. However, because the body is the home of a divine presence, some entities strive to destroy the body’s health. They want us to believe there is nothing special about flesh and blood. Their intent is to induce us to destroy the body through our behavior or what we put into ourselves.


Spiritual competition exists to gain dominion of our need for a safe and secure environment. That divine inner presence produces the fruit of peace, comfort, joy, and tranquility within our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. However, some entities want to shatter our safe and secure feelings by attacking the fruit of peace and faith. They want to rule over us through our insecurities, fears, and instabilities.


Spiritual competition exists to claim dominion over our place of belonging. The divine inner presence provides us a place of acceptance within an atmosphere that is loving, kind, full of goodwill and joy. However, some entities want to place us among people that are hateful, conflicted, pessimistic, and have given up on goodness. They do not want us to form unions through the divine fruit.


Spiritual competition exists to claim dominion over our feelings of esteem, or self-worth. The inward divine presence wants us to feel comfortable with ourselves through the fruit of the spirit. That divinity produces feelings of inner love, peace with whom we are, faith in our goodness, and perseverance through our divine worth. However, some entities refuse to contribute to our feelings of worth through wholesome esteem and recognition. They want us to feel hatred for ourselves, conflicted about what we have done, hopeless concerning our present state, and induce endings to life.


Spiritual competition exists to claim dominion over our self-expression. By honoring that divine goodness of our inner being, the fruit of love, peace, faith, and joy blossoms in our words and deeds. However, some entities attempt to suppress speech and behaviors that convey the spirit of goodness. They want us to hear and see cruelty, hatefulness, and pessimism.

Some people will deny that they compete against the divine qualities of the spiritual fruit. However, their angry and depressing demeanor at the appearing of our inner goodness suggests otherwise. They refuse to agree with those displaying spiritual fruits because they compete against those qualities. They will never accept a world that lives in peace with that divine inner presence.

We can assess that a divine presence lives within us that produces the spiritual fruit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance. We can make the diagnosis that some entities compete against the nature of that inward divinity. Even so, we plan to live in peace with that divine goodness. We implement that plan by surrendering our responses to the soft moist qualities of our inner being. We evaluate our degree of competitiveness to that divine presence by seeking the blossoms of spiritual fruit from within us. When the fruit of the spirit blossoms in our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors we know there is harmony with that inward divinity.