The Butter Knife of A Spiritual Kind

08/16/2014 12:18

"In common usage, a butter knife may refer to any non-serrated table knife designed with a dull edge and rounded point. Master butter knives are not used to spread the butter onto bread: this would contaminate the butter remaining in the butter dish when the next pat of butter was served. Informal dinner table use an individual butter knife to apply butter to their bread. Individual butter knives have a round point, so as not to tear the bread, and are sometimes termed butter spreaders." This definition of a butter knife is from Wikipedia, but this article is referring to butter as being the knife. This concept is common because we know soft and pliable liquids are able to cut through very hard metals and are used to do heavy duty cleaning of hard water build-up. For example, liquid acids of various forms will cut through many, many hard objects; and the soft thick liquids of toilet bowl cleansers will dissolve the nastiest of stains. Likewise, spiritual butter is to the disgusting unfruitful attitudes of our inner being what liquid acids are to the hardest and most unbearable grime. The soft pliable attitudes that exist in our soul dissolves our inner hardness, cleanses unfruitful attitudes, and enable the spiritual fruit to blossom from the divinity that lives in our soul.

The spiritual butter knife is found within the divinity of the soul. The softness of our inner being brings us into all the goodness that exist within the human animal. The hardness and sour attitude that might pollute us is a barrier to the divine presence that is a part of our inward life. That ugliness is the grime causing desolation of fruitfulness. Therefore, the consequences of that hardness are attitudes of conflict, disrespect for the importance of life, irreverence towards our divine worth, and pessimism in words and deeds. The spiritual butter knife dissolves our inward hardness to restore the relationship with the deity of the soul. Our soft moist inner life resurrects spiritual fruitfulness, serenity, love for life, reverence for the divinity of the soul, and generates positive energy.

The spiritual butter knife is found within the softness of the spiritual fruit. If the hardness of hatred, cruelty, and ill-intentions is in us, then the soft butter of the spirit's fruit can dissolve that to restore love, kindness, and goodwill. Likewise, if inner crud is filling us with harshness, turmoil, and aggression then the moistness of our soul will sever those tumultous feelings to restore peace, meekness, and gentleness. Similarly, pessimism, evilness, and despair exists when our inner life is clogged with "hard-water" build-up. Even so, by the buttery softness of the spiritual fruit, sour attitudes dissipate to allow a smooth flow of faith, joy, and goodness. We allow the softness of the "butter" to rest within us, even as we would "wait 15 minutes" for Drano to unclog a plugged drain. In the soft moistness of the spiritual fruit lives perseverance, self-control, and patience when the world around wants to rush you, tries to make you quit using the butter knife, or acts chaotic around you in an effort to harden your attitude.

The spiritual butter knife dissolves unhealthy practices to restore our health. Hardness closes our soul to the inner resources that bring blossoms of health to our body. We become closed-minded to healthy information which informs us to nourish the body with vitimins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, good oils, and water. In fact, the unfruitful crud within our attitude not only hardens us spiritually, but also fills our body with life-threatening clogs. We consume anything and everything opposite of what is beneficial to our health, and the consequences are evident within the body, and rooted within the spiritual grime of the soul. In contrast, the buttery softness of our inner being removes the barriers blocking our good health by opening us to the blossoms of spiritual and physical health. As we begin to feel soft towards our own welfare we begin to experience a newness of inner life relating to the welfare of the body. With patience, self-control, and perseverance the crud of unhealthy hardness will slowly dissolve as gunk washes away by the buttery softness of the soul.

The spiritual butter knife dissolves hazardous attitudes to restore a safe environment. A violent, harsh, and domineering view of life exists within the hardness encrusted witin the soul. Because of the garbage filling our inner being we have no thought to quell primitive urges. That results in a tumultuous mind filled with ideas of weaponry, conflict, and confrontation. The possibility of a tranquil life is lost within the gunk of the soul. As a result of the spiritual clog, physical violence surfaces along with domestic abuses and chaotic interactions from day to day. The clog causing the tumultuous experiences can dissolve by using the spiritual butter knife. In the buttery essence of our inner life is the softness that dissipates violence, harshness, and aggression. The buttery softness of the spiritual fruit restores peace, meekness, and gentleness to our mind, emotions, and behaviors.

The spiritual butter knife dissolves undesirable social networks to restore a desirable place of belonging. Barriers to a desirable society are encrusted in the hardness of our inner being. Because of the crud clogging the fruitfulness of our inner life, we shut-out others through intolerance, hatred, exclusionary beliefs, and various inhumanities or abuses. That results in a social network of people who avoid otehrs based on prejudices, discrimination, and other impractical judgments. Only through the spiritual butter knife can we sever alliances formed by cruel, hateful, or ill-intended attitudes. The buttery softness of our soul unclogs our unfruitfulness to restore a flow of tolerance, acceptance, love, and intimacy for members of humanity. By the soft moistness of the spiritual fruit we are able to re-experience the feelings of love, kindness, and goodwill towards the members of humanity.

The spiritual butterknife dissolves feelings of low self-esteem to restore the light of our divine worth. The quickest way to feel poorly about yourself is to focus on failures everyday on short-comings that are hidden in the hardness of your soul. The short-comings, regrets, inabilities, shame, and let-downs are grime that darkens your ability to see the light of your divine worth. All you can see are the un-praiseworthy barrenness of unfulfilled accomplishments. That causes turmoiul of reliving defeats over and over, or brings questions about the worth of living, or incites slippage into depravity, or induces perpetual pessimism for who you are as a person. Severing ties to low estimation of your worth comes by the buttery softness that is already part of your soul. When you discover the inward moistness, the grime that blinds you to your divine worth melts away. You begin to see how the softness of the spiritual fruit will fill your inner being with plush fruitfulness, enabling you to experience the divinity of the soul. In that plushness, a flow of peace floods you with serenity for who you are within the buttery softness. A new love for life begins to seep in as the estimation of of your worth is found within the spirit of compassion. You begin to see the light of your divine worth because worthless crud dissolves as new esteem blossoms within the spiritual fruit. An optimism flowers in the expression of who you are within the buttery moistness of the divinity of the soul.

The spiritual butter knife dissolves negative expression of who we are enabling us to foster positive energy within our identity. The best way we come to know one another is by what we say and do. We can see very clearly when others are full of negative energy because most of their words and behaviors comprise pessimism, despair, or a degree of evilness. This becomes the identity we are known by, or the identity we come to know others by. The ominous nature of their self-expression comes about because of the feelings they become wrapped in within the crusty grime of their soul. They have no desire to "lighten-up," as their intent seems to lay burdens on others. The desire to "pollute" our environment by intentionally hazing others with dismal attitudes will dissolve by the using the spiritual butter knife. In the buttery softness of our soul is the ability sever negative energy and to revitalize optimism in what we say and do. When that happens, people begin to know us, or we begin to know them, as an identity flowing with positive energy. The soft moistness of the spiritual fruit restores joy, goodness, and faith to the soul.

Some people will try to deny the spiritual butter knife from dissolving the hardness of unfruitful crud that might exist within the soul. They want to perpetuate any anger, argumentativeness, or un-cooperativeness, intending to clog the flow of peace. Similarly, they intend to bury your joy beneath the crud of pessimism and sadness. Their conversations with you is a process of exchanging the buttery softness of your inner life for the crusty hardness of unfruitful attirudes. Even so, acceptance of the spiritual butter knife is the only way to sever unfruitfulness. That enables us to come to the divinity of the soul where the love, peace, faith, and perseverance develop.

There are reservoirs of people who share a common purpose to contaminate or harden the butter knife of a spiritual kind. The attitudes that exit those reservoirs come in verbal responses to hurl hardness into the softness of your inner being. Likewise, their behaviors intend to cause frustration to you in a way that fills your life with crud to incite the formation of a hardened inward being. Those attitudes transfer directly through those who want to be thought of as a guiding light, but in the process they perpetuate the hardening of the butter by exposing you to distasteful or unwanted circumstances. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who avoid soft and tender approaches for the purpose of hiding the unfruitful behaviors buried in the grimy hardness of the soul.

The desire to reject the spiritual butter knife in favor of calloused attitudes and responses enter us through our desire for respect and to solicit acceptance from others. Some people may make us feel worthless as a soft, tender, and moist person by responding to us with ridicule and placing us in degrading situations. We begin to become hard with angry and hostile attitudes to ward off the surrounding crud, but in the process we lose the peaceful and harmonious spirit that brings respect from civil sectors. In doing that, we discover acceptance from those with a hardened outlook of life and live in the grime that hides the butter knife of the soul. Those susceptible to hosting the attitudes that hides the butter knife within the crustiness of the soul are trying to do right by the civil community. They are willing to live an unfruitful life with "good" intentions of warding off "evil" by using hostile aggression. However, in that process they lose the divine passion within the spiritual butter knife that drives the fruitful person with authoritative power within the humblest of situations.

We can interrupt the cycle that hardens the spiritual butter knife. We do that by realizing the softness of our inner being opens us to enter into the divine presence of a spiritual force. Within that divine softness are fruitful humane responses, and also insight into the workings of the intelligent spiritual presence. As we follow the butter knife of our soul we are led into responses that allow love, peace, faith, and perseverance to flower within us, and upon earth. However, within the grime, crud, and hardness of our inner being exists a lifestyle that has negative and severe consequences. We allow the butter knife of a spiritual kind to work within us because we revere the divinity of the soul, as well as desire spiritually fruitful interactions with one another.