The Beast Master: The Primal Way or the Divine Way?

05/31/2013 21:28

The Beast Master: The Primal Way or the Divine Way?

People are becoming more and more sensitive to a heavy presence of police type security, invasive of individual privacy within our nation. Some refer to that as a “Police State.” In this article is the suggestion that there cannot be a police state unless there is something to police. The primal beast masters enflames the fleshly impulses of the human animal so that there is reason enough to justify dominance through earthly might. That enables justification of aggressive policing in the conquest of humanity. In contrast, the divine beast master instills the spirit of humanity with spiritual fruit to diminish the savage nature of humanity, and to fulfill civil order.
The divine presence, which permeates the soul of the human animal, is the source of all goodness, life, and inner fruitfulness on this planet. The primal beast masters oppose that divinity. They want to induce degrees of evilness, disrespect for life, and unfruitful aggression so that they can rule over humanity with dominance, force, and police tactics. However, the divine beast master guides the human creature with the spirit of goodness, respect for life of all forms, and fruitful qualities flowering within. Humanity becomes civil as the deity polices human nature through spiritual fruit. The Supreme Being governs us and primal dictates fade.

The spiritual fruit makes the difference between a Police State and a tranquil, harmonic society. The primal beast master feels justification to rule over their created savages who express hatred, cruelty, ill intent, violence, harshness, arrogance, pessimism, evil, despair, finality, out of control behavior, and hazardous irritability. That sounds legitimate, but the primal beast master cause those sentiments by opposing inner fruitfulness. Instead of enflaming unfruitfulness within humanity, a look at the divine beast master reveals a humane response to the human animal. That deity takes all the negativism of inward primal urges and diminishes with civil qualities. The human spirit receives the gift of peace, love, faith, perseverance, meekness, gentleness, goodwill, kindness, joy, goodness, self-control, and patience. A tranquil unity around the world results because we welcome the Supreme Being who polices human nature from within, with softness and tenderness.
The primal beast master attempts conquest over the human animal by manipulating basic daily needs. Consider what every person does through the day, such as eating, drinking, breathing, eliminating, sleeping, and the treatment of our health in general.
The primitive nature of authoritative aggression will withhold our needs, make us miserable, or make us feel insecure relating to our health. They refuse to allow you to experience comfort or relaxation in the elements that relate to the welfare of flesh and blood. That purpose is to coerce submission to the conquest of the primal beast master.  In contrast, the divine beast master puts to rest the primordial responses of self-gratification. The fleshly animal subsides as the divinity permeates the human spirit with spiritual fruit. That deity wants us to feel peace, joy, faith, and self-control as we fulfill physiological needs.

The primal beast master induces insecurities by inciting the savage nature of the human animal to justify the use of dominant force. They want you to feel an ever-present threat of bodily harm, insecure within your own “home,” or place of shelter, and to cause instability through random but consistent chaos. Wherever impulses of beastly behavior exist, worldly forces will be nearby to conquer them aggressively. Nevertheless, the divine beast master relates to the security of humanity through the spiritual fruit. As human nature fades from within, giving place to the spiritual fruit, we feel peace and tranquility with one another. Because humanity experiences the spirit of meekness and gentleness within the world, we feel protection of our body, secure in our homes, and stability within our communities.

The primal beast master incites the savage impulses of the human animal to seize conquest of the social structure. When there is widespread hatred, intolerance, exclusion, and sexual predators within a nation, it “justifies” paramilitary tactics to control the people. That makes it easy for the primal beast master to explain why relationships and groups need oversight and implementation of authoritative aggression. For example, public gatherings become uncomfortable, intrusion into family life is necessary, and societal structure as a whole begins to restructure to minimize unauthorized mingling. Nonetheless, the divine beast master quells the primitive nature of flesh and blood to instill love, acceptance, belonging, and sensual intimacy into the spirit of humanity. This is a social environment where there are smiles, hugs, and a warm welcome within community gatherings, the family at home, and becomes the universal social structure.

The primal beast master gives no esteem to the supreme deity as they attempt ownership of the human animal. By discouraging honor to the divinity that occupies the soul, they enflame the nature of the human beast. In doing that, there is no regard for human life, creating savages capable of leaving carnage, mutilation, and morbid effects throughout the world. The primal beast master responds with force to demand obedience through fear and intimidation.  Even so, the divine beast master is the superior presence that permeates humanity and the elements of the universe. As we honor, esteem, and respect that deity, the spirit of humanity develops a reverence for life, fills with goodness, and blossoms with spiritual fruit. As divine inner qualities tame the beast, mutual respect develops to cherish the lives of one another.

The primal beast master incites the savage nature of the human animal within self-expression. As humanity feels antagonized within their efforts to live a decent and meaningful life, the expression in their words and deeds become unfruitful. They begin to speak words and do deeds that appear as anti-social, inciting riots, inducing negativism, and becoming uncontrollable. That is the opportunity of the primal beast master to suppress speech, and oppress behaviors within the conquest of humans. Even then, the divine beast master diminishes the nature of fleshly impulses by instilling spiritual fruit within the way we express ourselves. The words and behaviors that flow through us convey the yearning for compassionate harmony, peaceful tranquility, optimism for humanity, and enduring stability.

The Cycle
The cycle begins with belief that the divine presence polices the human animal through the spiritual fruit. Those believers use no anger or violence when hostile elements antagonize their humanness, the spirit of peace controls them. Likewise, there is no pessimism or sadness when they experience animosity from others, the fruit of joy maintains the soul. They are able to bargain away primal impulses that make them an easy target for abuses of power, while inviting divine qualities into the human spirit. The believers accept the notion that the conquests of the primal beast master results from overpowering unruly or unfruitful behaviors of flesh and blood. With that, they also accept the divine beast master that rules humanity through the rewards of the spiritual fruit within the human spirit.

The believers grow in reservoirs where a welcome exist for the divine beast master, while giving no allegiance to primal impulses. The attitudes that exit from them include words and behaviors that communicate civil, harmonious, peaceful, and hospitable sentiments to one another. They transfer those attitudes directly by responding to harsh unfairness and harassment with civility through faith, peace, love, goodness, and endurance. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through those who talk about the differences between the willful brutality of the primal beast master, and the softness of the divine beast master. The primal way has consequences of chaos and disorder, while the divine way instills tranquil unity.

We want the divine beast master to rule us because we feel the supreme worth through the spiritual fruit within the human spirit. There is the awareness that esteem for the deity that permeates humanity with goodness, life, and fruitfulness brings rewards of goodwill, kindness, and love to the human animal. We want to belong to a fellowship that welcomes a divine rule, while diminishing the nature of the fleshy beast. There is the yearning for humane treatment while praying for the demise of intimidation, terror, and physical force.

Those likely to host the spiritual fruit of the divine beast master are the ones who welcome the spirit of compassion for the human animal. They reject the notion that humanity exists of incorrigible savages who responds only to intimidation, brutality, and fright. The hosts cherish comforting hugs, reassuring smiles, and expressions of tenderness.

The cycle that begins with belief in the divine beast master continues through to the hosts by the soft, moist, and tender qualities that exist within the soul. In those qualities live the spiritual fruit of the divine presence, which diminishes the primal nature of flesh and blood.  As fleshly impulses fade, the primal beast master loses the advantage for conquest and authority. The divine beast master rules from within through the fruit of love and peace within the spirit of humanity.