The Attic Of Our Inner Life

12/02/2014 11:07

An attic might be viewed as a place where lost treasures are rediscovered, realized and re-imagined. Some attics are converted into bedrooms or home offices, complete with windows and staircases. However, most attics remain hard to reach and neglected, and are typically used for storage. The other day I overheard a woman making this remark, "The door is shut so someone must be up there." This caused my spirit, emotions and mind to stir with new spiritual insight. Her remark came about because someone was wondering if there might be a person in the upstairs bathroom. Usually, if the room is free to enter the door will be open, but if the door is shut then it's safe to assume that the room is not accessible. Thus is born a spiritual inspiration. When our inner life is shut and closes out every good quality then it is safe to assume it is not free to enter. The closed person will reject entry into that dark place. Alternatively, when a person's inner life is open to every good quality then it's safe to say it is free to enter. The open person welcomes entry into the light of their inner life. In this light, we see how closed doors will create an attic within the mind. This is the attic of our inner life.

One thing for sure, locking the divine presence of our soul into a hard to reach and neglected place within the mind is a misfortune. It's like having treasures padlocked into a dark attic. We might always be aware that the supreme being is present in the world but we refuse to release that deity during our interactions with one another. In fact, it's as if there is a conscience effort to prohibit the discovery of spiritual fruitfulness, inner tranquility, and a respect for life. The light of our divine worth is shut-up in the blackness of an abandoned storage area. In the effort to keep the attic shut the inner life is barren of fruitful exchanges with one another. And that results in various conflicts, a disregard for the sanctity of life, an irreverence for the notion of the universal deity, and a penetrating negativism. The secretive nature within the attic of the mind destroys a person inwardly which prevails in what they do and say. However, we can open that attic to release the treasures. The opening of that attic allows the divinity of our inner life to live through us. We allow that attic to open by turning on the light of our divine worth. In that light, we cherish the blossoms of spiritual fruitfulness to fill every room of our soul. In that event, there is the adoration of peace with one another because there is tranquility of spirit flowing through us. We begin to be full of adoration for the value of life. In essence, there is a bunch of positive energy within the attic to be released into our soul when we unleash the divine presence existing within.

What would be the purpose of keeping all the beautiful things of life locked away into a dark, neglected, or hard to reach place? There would be nothing wonderful, inspiring, or charming within our daily experiences. Likewise, what would life be if we kept soft, moist, and tender qualities locked up in our mind by not allowing that goodness to flow through our spirit? Without the visibility of love, kindness, and goodwill all we would sense is hatred, cruelty, and ill-intentions. The attitudes creating violence, harshness, and aggression would manifest because the spirit of peace, meekness, and gentleness are hidden behind a shut door. We would be engrossed in pretensions of pessimism, evilness, and despair to prevent the opening of the attic where joy, goodness, and faith are stored. In essence, the dark secrets in the attic may cause fatal behaviors, incite out of control actions, and induce impulsive recklessness in an effort to keep the door locked. The spirit of patience, self-control, and perseverance is prohibited from entering all other rooms within the soul. Only through the soft moistness of the spiritual fruit does the attic open to allow our inner life to fill with every good fruit. In that light, we can comprehend how the opening and cleansing of the attic comes about through love, kindness, goodwill, peace, meekness, gentleness, joy, goodness, faith, patience, self-control, and perseverance. Through those qualities we discover the treasures of our inner life.

Is consideration for healthy ways locked away in the attic of our inner life? Where does all the concern for the welfare of the body's health go if it's not free to flow through our behaviors, thoughts, and emotions? It has to be somewhere within our inner life. That somewhere is a place locked away from visibility into a hard to reach and neglected corner. In essence, this is an attic of our soul where the treasures of our health are shut into. What we are thinking, feeling, and doing is not accessing the treasures that bring wealth to our physical well-being. In fact, we begin to develop unhealthy habits in our eating, drinking, what we breathe in, how we sleep, and in our sanitary practices. There are no fruitful responses to the suffering that other people experience. Even then, the soft qualities of the spiritual fruit are able to open the locked doors of dark attics. As we begin to feel an inkling of concern for healthy living then we rediscover the supreme value of lifestyles that are compatible to our flesh and blood. We start to think about ways to keep our body in the best condition possible. And with that, we also begin to think in compassionate terms towards the quality of life of others. What we do for others and ourselves is all about input of substances that contribute constructively to fleshly desires. From the attic begins to flow what the body cherishes most, which comprise nutrition, fluids, oxygen, rejuvenation, and sanitation. The opening of a dark and neglected attic requires the qualities of patience, self-control, and perseverance. Patience is necessary as little by little we pull forth the small treasures of attitudes desiring a healthier lifestyle. Self-control is essential as the light begins to shine on the atrocities committed towards human health, but the attic will open to bring forth it's wealth of health. Perseverance is a must to continue in gaining possession of the riches that are stored in the attic of our inner life.

Is regard for a safe and secure environment locked away in the attic of our soul? Who could really imagine locking away the qualities that give you a sense of tranquility from your inner life? The darkness of the attic of the soul would be hiding the traits of peace, meekness, and gentleness into a hard to reach and neglected place. That would cause unstable thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to incite conflict during interactions. The person's inward being would feel insecure and unsafe within various social circumstances and others would feel somewhat threatened. They would feel threatened because harshness, aggression, and potential for violence would dominate over the serenity shut away into the attic. Calm would be frequently interrupted to protect the attic from opening into the light. Consequently, there would be physical confrontations, domestic abuses in the home, and unpredictable chaotic behaviors. Even so, the attic can be opened by allowing our light to shine by relating to others through the spirit of peace, meekness, and gentleness. As we interact with one another to convey a safe demeanor we can make others feel secure. In that safe and secure interaction tiny treasures begin to manifest through peaceful interactions. In the crack of that opening the light enables us to see how people really do cherish a safe, calm, and serene place of shelter. We have a glimpse into an attic where sincere appreciation is held for meekness, gentleness, and peaceful intentions.

Is a desire for a civil place of belonging locked away in the attic of our inward being? Where is our social network or desirable place of belonging if it's not found around us or flowing through us? Somewhere within thoughts, emotions, or behaviors we are locked out of civil and positive connections with one another. Dark attics with closed doors prevails over interactions that would bring people together in a comforting union. The attitudes of hatred, intolerance, exclusion, and sexual abuses begin to manifest as the spirit of love, tolerance, intimacy, and inclusion become neglected in a hard to reach place. Even so, The attic door opens from the soft tenderness of our inner life. The light within moist attitudes begin to open the sealed door where darkness hides the treasures of social fellowship. We begin to sift through the stored attitudes locked within our inner being where we find the treasures of love, goodwill, and kindness. As those qualities begin to fill every room of our soul we begin to perceive one another differently to enhance our hopes of a desirable place where we belong. The oceans of wealth hidden in the attic of our soul begin to trickle in like raindrops to feed the rivers that flow with constructive community interactions.

Is the light of our divine worth locked away in the attic of our inner life? The treasures of our inner life comes about by recognizing the supreme worth that flows from the goodness of our soul. Accordingly, mutual respect for one another happens when we open the door to acknowledge the best qualities that lives within a person. However, if we shut out the divinity of our inner life then we lock away a sense of our own worth and denigrate the dignity of others. A dark and neglected attic is the result which fills us with various degrees of disrespect and contempt for one another. From that attic flows ridicule of spiritual fruitfulness, insolent behavior towards tranquility, dishonor for the sanctity of life, irreverence for the deity of the universe, and derision for positive energy in words and deeds. Alternatively, a reverence for the divinity of the soul induces attitudes that open the dark attic by shining a light on the goodness hidden away behind a locked gateway. Within that reverence we begin to esteem the fruitfulness of inner life, convey value for the spirit of peace, show supreme worth for the sanctity of life, to revere the divine qualities of the soul, and to foster respect for positive energy within the human animal. Acknowledging the divine worth of the human animal cleanses the attic to reveal the treasures of our inner life.

Is constructive expression of our identity locked away in the attic of our soul? What would life be like if we had to keep our identity locked away into a small corner of our inward being? No one would really know who we are because the words we speak and the deeds we do would not reflect the person that is hidden in the darkness of the soul. We would not express our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, ideas, intentions, or inspirations according to a genuine and sincere reflection of the person shut up into a hard to reach place. In essence, an ingenious attitude mingled with despair, pessimism, and an inkling of evilness would manifest to keep the true expression of a person's identity nailed shut in a neglected loft. The spirit of optimism would be overwhelmed with negativity as if to keep others from opening the door into that forbidden attic. In that event, we can comprehend how the light of goodness, joy, and faith would be rejected by those hiding their true selves somewhere within their inward being. Having faith in a person's civil qualities is to suggest the opening of the attic door to bring the person forth into fruitful belief of who they are. Likewise, sharing joyfulness for the life of others is an appeal to induce the person in the dark room to smile and come forth. Furthermore, conveying goodness for the person tucked away into a hard to reach place is to imply a belief in the good intentions that exist in the person who is shut out. From this, we see how the optimism of positive energy is able to open the doors and shine a light into a dark attic to bring forth the treasure of a hard to reach person.

There are causes contributing to the development of an attic within our inner life. Those causes come through various people who deny the manifestation of fruitful qualities within the human spirit. They utilize the differences between others to incite debates, arguments, conflict, and anger. In doing that, they lock away peace, accord, and tranquility from blossoming within interactions. Serenity is locked in the attic as anguish is unleashed. As you feel that anguish, they will converse with you as their way of negotiating to portray themselves as a problem solver. In reality, their bargaining is an effort to convey that submission to them brings "peace," but "rebellion" to their purpose, however fruitful, results in negative consequences. This unfruitful exchange leaves you more depressed, sad, and pessimistic as they continue to lock away the beauty of joy, cheer, and a pleasant spirit into a dark attic. The only way to open the attic is to revere the divine goodness of the soul which will produce spiritual fruitfulness to fill every room of your inner life. In that event, a wonderfully refreshing and pleasurable persona will fbe evident in the human spirit.

There are reservoirs of people ill-intended to bind up the fruitfulness of inner life to create an unfruitful attic. The attitudes exiting those populations involve words that keep the attitude of love, peace, faith, and endurance from manifesting during interactions. Their behaviors are intent to intimidate the showing of fruitful qualities to incite various degrees of hatred, conflict, hopelessness, and feelings of finality. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who are destructive to others for the purpose of claiming a righteous dominion over their existence. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who feel too vulnerable or intimidated to live by fruitful qualities.

The attitudes that cause attics to form come about from a regard for our worth and place of belonging. If we fear ridicule, degradation, humiliation, or disgrace then we will lock away the inner qualities that brings about that hazing. Therefore, to receive praise, rewards of a materialistic nature, or other accolades of a physical type then we hide away spiritual qualities to unleash primal desires. Likewise, when the people who surround us ostracize fruitful blossoms in our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors then we shut out that fruitfulness from social interactions. Those susceptible to creating their own attics fear the acceptance, tolerance, and global nature that the fruit of goodwill, peace, goodness, and self-control establishes. For the purpose of being "socially appropriate" they lock away compassion and love for people who are considered inappropriate.

We can interrupt the cycle of inducing attics of our inner life. We do that by keeping ourselves open to compassionate interactions with one another, and across various societal boundaries. By keeping ourselves open to the supreme presence within the soul the cleansing of the attic comes forth with fruitful attitudes.

We can asses that the attic of our inner life is a result of closing ourselves to the divinity of the soul, and that divine presence produces spiritual fruit in every room of our soul. The diagnosis is that some people want to hammer nails into the entry of the attic to prohibit the beauty of fruitful qualities from permeating the human spirit. Even then, we plan to appeal to the benevolent aspects of every person which causes the treasures in the attic to come forth. We implement that plan by responding to others from the soft, moist, and tender qualities that exist of our own inner life. We are successful when every room of our soul begins to flourish with love, peace, faith, and perseverance as we rediscover the treasures once stored in the attic of our mind. And we also recognize that success when others begin to allow fruitful qualities to permeate their way of being.