Talisman: Devotional Thought

03/22/2018 11:53

The talisman certainly does have magical powers and brings good luck. Especially if it is a wedding ring! Often, I have seen wedding rings with an inscription on one ring that read, “the two shall,” and the inscription on the other ring that read, “become one.” Very romantic, symbolic, magical, and powerful expression of love. Until the real source of the magical power of love fades within and the two separate leaving the talisman powerless.

It is a joyful, fun, and magical experience to have admiration and wonder for inanimate objects. Really, without the magical powers within us to give meaning to the talisman we are nothing more than an inanimate object within ourselves. That is the distinction, to know it is the fruit of the spirit that enlivens a talisman and not the talisman that gives life to inner fruitfulness. Love and joy enlivens cold hard steel or stone, but once the spirit becomes hardened then our admiration for the world around us hardens as well.

May we always know that the true source of our lucky charm is the inspiration of the fruitful feelings that blossom in our spirit. I hope you all have a magically charming day through the fruitful interpretation that gives life to the “brick and mortar” world around you.