Evolution, Are You Left Behind?

09/24/2012 22:09

The Spiritual Fruit Shapes the World Through the Eras of Time

The spiritual fruit progress through the eras of time to shape the world we live in. The most noticeable fruit of the spirit influencing the character of the world includes meekness and gentleness. Through those fruits, we see the atmosphere of goodwill, and kindness begins to form. That inspires faith and joy for the future. The role of patience, self-control, and perseverance keep the progression of God’s will consistent through the ages.  

There are a couple of examples that I enjoy using for creating a clear image of the prevailing nature of the spiritual fruit through the history of time. First, I point to the era in which dinosaurs of every sort were alive and vibrant on Earth. That included ferocious beasts consisting of gigantic birds called pterodactyls, terrorizing creatures called tyrannosaurus rex, and various other humongous and beastly creatures. We might wonder where the spirit of peace, meekness, and gentleness were at that time. However, today our world consists of bright and colorful parrots, majestic horses and ponies, lovable kittens and puppies. In this example, we discover the prevailing of the spiritual fruit through a world that is relatively meeker and gentler now than during the period of the dinosaurs.

Second, I utilize Darwin’s own chart to bring awareness to the prevailing nature of the fruit of the spirit through the eras of time. We begin by seeing a creature that is hairy, ape-like, “unintelligent," and prone to animalistic behaviors. However, at the other end of that spectrum is a female image, human like us, smooth skin, “intelligent," and capable of civil order within behavior. We see an obvious appearance of the spiritual fruit as time progresses through the human race. It would be easy for us to wonder where the fruits of the spirit were when “cave-men” roamed Earth. Even so, to see the human population today it is obvious that the progressive will of God dominates through the ages.

A healthy relationship with the divine presence in us is necessary for a satisfying future. We need to live within God’s progressive will, through the spiritual fruit, to be in harmony with divine changes that bring health in our environment. When we neglect our health by ignoring the fruit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance we are not in alignment with what God intends for us. We become unhealthy with hatred, war and fighting, pessimistic, and we quit following God’s progressive will. In essence, we are left behind in an environment described as “prehistoric” or “cave-mannish.”

A secure relationship with that inner divinity is necessary to secure our future within God’s progressive will through the fruit of the spirit. That security of relationship brings stability within us to keep us on course within God’s momentous will. Instability through inner conflict, harshness, and superior attitudes are contrary to a meeker future, and holds us hostage to an atmosphere of a “pre-historic” nature  The fruit of peace, meekness, and gentleness provides a tranquility that carries into the future through God’s progressive pattern. As those fruit blossoms in us, we align ourselves with heavenly harmony for ages to come.

Our belonging within God’s progressive plan depends on our acceptance of the spiritual fruit within our lives today. To reject the divine qualities that are essential to harmonize us with one another, is to reject God’s will for the future. That rejection would result in anti-social thoughts, behaviors, and emotions creating intolerance, social chaos, hatefulness, and cruel intentions. Those characteristics are “prehistoric” in comparison to the future that is unfolding before our eyes. Prehistoric behaviors have no place in the future that God is progressively designing as time moves forward. However, when our inner being blossoms with love, goodwill, and kindness, we will discover ourselves aligned with the momentum of God‘s will.

The worth we feel for ourselves as God’s will progresses depends on the value we feel through the spiritual fruit. The inner love we feel for ourselves, the goodness we experience within our esteem, and the joy we cherish, is because we are in alignment with God’s momentum for the future.  To reject that divine progression is to refuse all the goodness that would blossom within our egos, esteem, and sense of worth. We would be left behind in a world with no respect for self, and no regard for others. The way we would violate one another would be prehistoric in nature, and have no part of what God is doing for the future of the world. When we feel love, peace, faith, and persevere within our own esteem, and for others, we progress into the future with God’s will.

The way we express ourselves in words and deeds need to mold to God’s progressive will through the fruit of the spirit. Our words and deeds need to flourish with gentleness, meekness, kindness, goodwill, joy, goodness, self-control, and patience. Through that fruitfulness in what we say and do we conform to what God is performing through the eras of time. However, if we reject the spiritual fruit in our self-expression, we refuse to align with the will of God that shapes our future. In essence, our words would amount to growling and our behaviors filled with hostility, very prehistoric with no place in the future that God is designing.

Some people will deny that the spirit's fruit has anything to do with shaping the nature of the world as time progresses. However, their anger and pessimism towards spiritual influences leave them behind in a place of conflict, destruction, and chaos. They refuse to be in agreement with God’s progressive will through the fruit of the spirit. Even so, aligning ourselves with acceptance of God’s prevailing intervention through time is the only avenue to a peaceful, gentler, meeker, and loving future.

We can assess that through the eras of time we witness the spiritual fruit prevailing in shaping the nature of the world. The diagnosis is that some people war against the progressive will of God, leaving them behind in a path of chaos and destruction. Even so, we plan to live within God’s will that shapes future events fruitfully. We implement that plan by living within the soft moistness of our inner being to mold, or conform to God’s progressive will. We evaluate our conformity through the fruit of the spirit that blossom from within us. When love, peace, faith, and perseverance fill our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors we know we have a future with God.