Spiritual Endocrine System, Fill My Cup

07/15/2013 22:14

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The endocrine system comprises every gland that is in your body, but think of those glands as cups that hold the fuel to maintain your physiological functions. With that, a master gland is the pitcher that pours the fuel into the glandular cups. From this analogy, let us consider a technical definition of the endocrine system.

The human flesh consists of the endocrine system made of glands that secrete hormones. Hormones are chemicals that regulate essential body processes. They transport in the blood to various organs, where they regulate body functions. Hormones and chemicals maintain homeostasis, influences growth and development, regulates levels of sugar in the blood, and regulates levels of calcium in the bones. They also regulate the body’s ability to reproduce, and the rate by which cells burn food for energy. From this technical definition, let us begin talking about the spiritual endocrine system.

Divine Presence of the Soul
The divinity of our soul is the “master gland” of the spiritual endocrine system that produces the spiritual “hormones and chemicals” to fill our “glandular” soul. The spirit of goodness, love, light, life, and fruitfulness is the nature of the “master gland” which makes secretions to fill the cups of our soul. When we welcome the soft and moist tenderness that secretes within our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, we are open to receive a full cup of decency within every “gland” of our soul.

Spiritual Fruit
The spiritual fruit are the “hormones” that fill your “glandular” soul. Those hormones come by the secretion of the “master gland,” which is the living deity within you. The secretions of the spiritual fruit combine into various forms to fill our inner “cups,” providing what we need in every situation. For example, joy+love+gentleness= playfulness or enjoyment in the company of others. Faith+peace+patience= believing and waiting for better times ahead. Also, self-control+patience+perseverance= endurance to weather various “storms.” Therefore, we see how various “hormones” fill our “cups” as the spiritual endocrine system meets our needs for any given experience. What combination of attitudes can you create from the following “hormones?” Kindness, gentleness, goodwill, peace, love, meekness, joy, patience, faith, self-control, goodness, and perseverance.

Our health functions according to the secretions of the spiritual endocrine system. First, envision filling a pitcher full with spoiled foods, contaminated water, substances that made you lethargic, took your oxygen away, and made you irregular with elimination. Then, you pour that concoction into every glandular “cup” within your body; you would feel very unhealthy and miserable! Similarly, we do not want to fill our inner being with unfruitful substances.

Relating to our health, we want the pitcher of the divine “master gland” to be full of goodness, respect for life, and fruitfulness. Then, the “hormones” of the spiritual fruit secrete into the cups of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors when it comes to our attitude of what we put into the body. We want to have compassion for the human body, to feel serene within, feel optimistic, and to fill with endurance.

A safe and secure environment comes by the secretions of the spiritual endocrine system. However, mix into a pitcher feelings of harm that might come to you, harsh conflict at home, and erratic behaviors causing instability, and then pour that into every glandular cup within you. From your inner being would manifest an unstable person who is on “edge,” prone to violence, and easily provoked. We would not want our soul to be in that disarray!

When we welcome the secretions that come from the divine “master gland,” our glandular cups hold the “hormones” of peace, meekness, and gentleness within what we think, how we feel, and what we do. Our soul would feel tranquil while possessing a gentle and meek spirit to one another. From the calm within us, there is a sense of safety and protection, a cozy environment at home, and stability in fruitful responses from day to day.

Sociable attitudes are possible by the secretions coming from the spiritual endocrine system. In contrast, what would happen if you fill a pitcher with unloved feelings, exclusion, intolerance, frowns, harshness, and sensual abuse? Well, if you pour that brew into the cups of your soul your attitude towards the people around you would be defeating. Who wants to drink from the juice of dysfunction?

The divinity of the soul, the “master gland” of the spiritual endocrine system, creates the “hormones” necessary for social love. That deity makes the substance of social goodness, puts life in family cohesion, and creates the blossoms of a flowering community. Our hospitality to the secretions of love, goodwill, and kindness fills the cups of our soul with social hospitality, belonging, acceptance, hugs, smiles, and gentle touches.

When we honor the function of the supreme “master gland,” then the inflow of secretions from the spiritual endocrine system begins. What would happen if we had total disregard for the main ingredient of water in the fluids we drink from day to day, and left it out of the mix? Not quite the same! If we ridicule decency, life, and inner fruitfulness, we conjure a pitcher full of evilness, flagrant derision for life, and disparage the divine fruitage. We are pouring a rotten mix of scorn within the cups of our soul for harmony, peace, happiness, and endurance. The degeneration of humanity is the consequence of drinking from the cups of that potion.

As we esteem the supreme worth of the “master gland,” the divine presence of our soul, the “hormones” of the spiritual fruit secrete into every cup of our inner being. Our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors begin to feel respect for goodness, we start to value the sanctity of life, and admire the spiritual fruit in the human spirit. From the admiration of the spiritual endocrine system that permeates humanity, we adore compassion, humbleness, joyfulness, and consistency in doing well.

Our self-expression reveals the secretions flowing into us from the spiritual endocrine system. What would we have if we mix all sorts of indecencies, blatant disregard for life, and “pesticides” that ruin spiritual blossoms, into a pitcher? Then we pour the mixture into the cups from where we drink up our beliefs, form our words, influence our behaviors, and become our attitudes. Our inner being would be full of appalling beliefs, belligerent words and behaviors, and abrasive attitudes.

The spiritual endocrine system secretes the appropriate “hormones” into our self-expression to fill our communication with various combinations of goodwill, kindness, gentleness, meekness, goodness, joy, patience, and self-control. As we revere the nature of the “master gland,” which is the spirit of goodness, respect for the sanctity of life, and blossoms of spiritual fruitfulness, there is civility in what we say and do. We drink from the cup of wholesome beliefs, edifying words, constructive behaviors, and inspiring attitudes.

The Cycle
The cycle begins with belief that the divinity of the soul is analogous to a spiritual endocrine system. The “master gland” is the supreme deity within us, and the spiritual fruit are the “hormones” coming from the secretions of that “gland.” The “cups” of our soul fills with the secreted fruitage of peace, comfort, joy, and happiness, not anger, conflict, pessimism, and sadism. We are able to sift away the crud that might enter our inward cups in exchange for a fill of decency, life, and fruitfulness.

The growth of believers transpires in reservoirs where the secretions of the spiritual fruit are a welcome occurrence, and there is reverence for the inner deity, the “master gland” of the soul. The attitudes, words, and behaviors that exit the reservoirs are similar to “Fill my cup Lord; I lift it up, Lord! Come and quench this thirsting of my soul; Bread of heaven, Feed me till I want no more--Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole!” That attitude transfers directly through people who experience the secretions of divine fruit in their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who are aware of an inner emptiness, and will testify that they do not focus on decency, sanctity of life, nor spiritual fruitfulness.

We want the spiritual endocrine system to be alive in us because we esteem the supreme worth of the inward divinity, the “master gland” of our inner being. That deity secretes spiritual fruitfulness into the cups of our soul, creating wholeness of our inner life, which we feel mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally. There is worth in belonging to a community of people where the secretions of love, tolerance, acceptance, and sensual intimacy fill the soul of one another. Those likely to host the spiritual endocrine system are people who are “fed up” with cups full of chaos, conflict, pessimism, and endings. They want to experience fullness in their soul made of harmony, tranquility, optimism, and endurance.

The cycle that begins with belief in the spiritual endocrine system continues through to the host by the soft and moist tenderness of the spirit’s “hormones.” We desire softness to fill every cup within our soul, so we can be tender in what we think, how we feel, and how we behave. When we are full of that moistness from within, then reverence for the “master gland” of the soul will cycle perpetually, secreting spiritual fruit to humanity.

We can assess that the spiritual endocrine system comprises the living deity of the soul, the “master gland,” and the “secretions” of the spiritual fruit. The “master gland” regulates the secretion of “hormones,” which are the spiritual fruit that fill the various cups of our soul. The diagnosis is that whatever “juices” the pitcher of the soul fills with is what pours into the cups of our inner being, from which we drink. In that light, we plan to fill the pitcher of our soul with decency, love for life, and fruitfulness. Then we can drink from the cup of kindness, goodness, joy, meekness, and gentleness. We implement that plan by being receptive to the soft and moist tenderness of the soul, the “hormones” that regulates the functioning of what we think, feel, and do. The spiritual endocrine system is alive within us when we feel the secretions of divine fruitage developing within us, and through our responses to the world around us.