Signs Of Our Times

09/24/2012 22:17

Signs Of Our Times


What are the signs of our times concerning the attitudes about the divine presence living within each person of our society? Everyone seems to be aware of their inner feelings, and respond to that as a source of ultimate authority. Some people respond to that inward goodness in hostile ways, resulting in negative consequences. Others respond to that inner softness with honor and respect, causing positive relations with one another. Therefore, the signs reveal that the populations of people are aware of a divine source that lives within the body.


What are the signs of our times concerning the spiritual fruit blossoming within the people of our society? Most people want to be associated with the fruit of the spirit, in one way or another. Some want to be recognized as the sole person capable of possessing love, peace, faith, and perseverance, so that others look to them for solace. Some people crave to be related to with kindness, goodwill, joy, goodness, meekness, gentleness, patience, and self-control, but not receiving it. In addition, people want to be recognized for their goodness through the fruit of the spirit. We all realize that the spiritual fruit is associated with authority, and we desire peace and love from others to be counted among the fellowship in the community.


What are the signs of our times concerning the state of our health? We live in an era where government authority mandates clean water, healthy food ingredients, sanitization in our restaurants, safe sexual conduct, reduction of smoking in public places, and encourages rest for the health of our body. The spiritual fruit of goodwill and kindness blossom within those who govern to give concern for our health. Simultaneously, there are people who induce pollution to the body through drugs, smoking, alcohol consumption, risky sexual promiscuity, excessive physical demands, and unsanitary lifestyles. Some people convey hatred, ill-will, and cruelty to those who contribute to the welfare of community health. Therefore, it is apparent that the signs of our times point to a desire to restore physical health to the people, even though dissenters oppose that fruit of goodwill.


What are the signs of our times concerning our safety and security within the population? That is most visibly seen at the places where we work, which requires drug and alcohol screenings before and during employment. The reduction of injuries through accidents is the goal. At school, there is the spirit to eliminate bullying, hazing, and harassment of other students. Furthermore, we are vigilant for our own safety, mindful of the terror alerts we are exposed to frequently. The fruit of peace, gentleness, and meekness blossom through those who rule to encourage a safe and secure environment. Even then, those who dissent induces weariness of the body and encourages drug use to increase the risk of accidents causing injury or death. In the schools there exists random violence, bullying, and conflict. In addition, in the community is harshness, aggression, and turmoil within social interaction. It is apparent that the signs reveal a momentum for a gentler and more peaceful world, but some oppose that by stirring difficulties for the peacemakers.


What are the signs of our times concerning socialization and belonging within our community? Every single person feels interconnected to one another in the community, or they feel strangely singled out. From Hillary Clinton’s book, "It Takes A Village," to a global partnership against terror; the call is for social bonding through the fruit of peace, goodwill, tolerance, and acceptance of one another. Even then, there are dissenters who isolate loving individuals through cruelty, hatred, and intolerance to keep them from adoption into the wholesome fellowship of this new day. It is apparent that the signs show us a movement for world socialization, but terror looms from those who dissent and live among us.


What are the signs of our times relating to the worth of individuals within the population of the world? Governing officials from around the world desire each country’s population to be safe from the threat of terror, genocide, bigotry, and intolerance. Any leader who degrades the value of the people they govern are removed from power, replaced with a ruler who conveys esteem to the people. No longer is violence tolerated towards a culture of people by hateful and cruel rulers who feel ill-will for the populous. Today, the spirit of goodwill, peace, and kindness exist to bring esteem to the worth of the people from those who govern them. Even then, there are those who dissent. They refuse to share esteem with others as they destroy the ego of individuals and cultures to create friction, violence, bigotry, and intolerance. It is easily seen that the signs reveal an era where esteem for the people is a requirement to rule within the world. However, those who dissent wants to create low-esteem and rebellion.


What are the signs of our times relating to the self-expression of the people within our communities? Worldwide there is an effort to bring beliefs, behaviors, and values into alignment, one such avenue is concerning the “fragile” financial climate of world economies. As a global community, the economic concerns are changing the way we express our beliefs, values, and behaviors. We are all sitting in the same boat with no particular god or culture to blame for what we are experiencing as a world community. Even so, everyone has to redirect our focus from materialistic values and refocus on what matters most, our peace, tranquility, social goodwill, and survival. In other words, we all have to discover spiritual values to survive the difficulties of our times. Even then, there are the dissenters who will take away from the moderation of others, to create strife, bitterness, rivalry, and violence over materialistic values. It is apparent that the signs of today point to an awakening of spiritual values within our self-expression, amid the conflict and turmoil relating to earthly belongings.


Some people will deny that the signs of our times point to a momentum for harmony, wholesomeness, and health. They become angry at the appearing of the spiritual fruit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance, which contributes to the movement of this new era. They want you to feel depression and sadness in a day when there should be joy and peace. They refuse to find agreement with those seeking to contribute to the fruitful signs of our times. They are unable to accept the spiritual qualities that create harmony from sea to sea.


We can make the assessment that the sign of our times is a focus on the blossoms of the spiritual fruit worldwide. The diagnosis is that some people oppose those trends with attitudes of hatred, conflict, hopelessness, and doomsday predictions. They want you to believe that it will never be. Even so, we plan to contribute to the fruitful signs by living a life through the spirit of peace and tolerance. We implement that plan by being receptive to the soft moistness within us where the spiritual fruit sprouts. We can evaluate how we are doing because the fruit of the spirit will blossom in our attitude concerning health, security, social belonging, esteem of self and others, and harmonious self-expression.