Rush: Devotional Thought

04/09/2018 13:09

I woke this morning to the news that Florida’s new high speed train has killed it’s fourth victim since it began in January. That is tragic, speed kills, what is the rush? Then again, there is no rush in letting a person “sow their wild oats.” Which I have sowed plenty, especially in my high performance 1969 GTO Pontiac, very fast. Oddly, I was never in a rush to get anywhere particular, especially not to settle myself into a career path. Just enjoying life on a leisurely pace with a very fast car sounds ironic, but such it is. Maybe that is what gave birth to the saying that “idle hands are the devil’s tools.”

I think the life-giving sources of this world are not in a rush, but actually quite patient. The fruits, vegetables, and grains of every type requires patience from the seed to the edibles. We are patient for the wind mills to generate the energy to produce clean sources of power. The oceans, rivers, and rains patiently persevere in the delivery of life-giving water. Everything of the greatest value to sustain our life evolve around patience and perseverance. The sun, in which all life grows in it’s direction, is patient in it’s rising and setting.

And here it comes, after some patience I now say this; The spiritual fruit of patience, perseverance, and self-control are life sustaining qualities within the spirit. God has harmonized us with nature, and through reverence for Christ in us the fruit of the spirit blossom to bring that harmony.