Ring Around the Roses

02/28/2016 17:50

Ring a ring of roses

A pocket full of posies

Atishoo Atishoo

We all fall Down

A startling fact about this nursery rhyme is that the historical reference and implications of "Ring a Ring of Roses" was not publicized until 1951, after World War 2. During World War 2, Hitler was rounding up Jewish people and slaughtering them. From here, let's mention the historical background of this nursery rhyme that was hidden for so long. Experts in nursery rhymes say that "Ring a Ring of Roses" refers to the Black Death or otherwise known as the Great Plague. The sneezing, "A-tishoo," the fatality, "we all fall down", along with the rosy rash were charactersistic of the symptoms of the plague. During this Black Death, people would carry pocket fulls of posies to ward off the smell of the disease. Sneezing and coughing was a final symptom, and "all fall down" was exactly what happened. In other versions, "Ashes to ashes," is used instead of "Atishoo Atishoo." Ashes is a reference to the creamation of the bodies, or the burning of the victims' houses, and the blackening of their skin. Even within this horrid historical reference there is important spiritual insight to increase our fruitfulness. We know how desolate Hitler was relating to the spiritual fruit. His intentions were clear, to round up the Jewish people to slaughter them so that he could claim an elite culture and world domination. Metaphorically, the Jewish people were the roses and Hitler's Nazis were those surrounding the roses as the Nazis held "posies" in their pockets. The "posies" of the Nazis were to keep the stench of their black death off of them. However, they all fall down in that spiritual plague, the Jewish culture right along with Hitler's "master race." Even then, the Jewish roses are given a rebirth to continue on from generation to generation, but the Nazis will never walk this earth in the way they did at WWII. In this light, as we flower as roses with spiritual fruitfulness of love, peace, faith, and perseverance we can expect people to have ill-intent towards goodness. So be it, because the universal deity of yesterday is the same today and will be tomorrow. History proves over and over again that eternity is on the side of the "sheep" and "roses", and is unfavorable to those carrying the posies and leading the sheep to slaughter. 

The attitude we have about the spiritual fruit living in us determines how we relate to other people in the external world. A Rose in this spiritual essay, based on "Ring a Ring of Roses," represents those people who flourish with inner love, peace, faith, and they persevere. Their reverent attitude about the fruitful qualities is a way of life in their day to day qualities. In contrast, a pocket full of Posies represent those people who are quite desolate of the fruit of the spirit. Their irreverent attitude towards the goodness of the spirit utilizes fruitful qualities like putting on deodorant to cover up their inhumane stink. The stench they attempt to cover up is from their hateful, cruel, and malicious intent towards those possessing a spirit of love, kindness, and goodwill. Even so, it always happens that the deodorant eventually wears off in their degenerate ways, even though a soft and tender spirit endures to light the way for future generations. The sweet fragrance of tranquility is deeply rooted in those honoring the divine presence of the soul, but those utilizing cologne to cover up their harsh and aggressive violence towards humanity is surface deep. The degenerate acts of atrocities are short lived as they never do endure, but in the spirit of peace, meekness, and gentleness there is eternal progression for the times to come. In the serene spirit of the "Rose" is faith in the 5th Element that transcends human circumstances, an unexplainable joy in the most horrific situations, and an ever present goodness that permeates the spirit. That is obvious when considering that within the horrific history of nursery rhymes there is a joy and uplifting rhyme. Those who erroneously believe fruitful qualities are to cover the smell of their inhumane attitude towards the spiritual "Roses" are filled with evilness, pessimism, and hopelessness. Their despair is well-founded since their inhumanities never secures for them an enduring presence, but the hope of those who cherish the fruit of the spirit continue on. Through patience in difficulties, self-control during disparagement, and perseverance when fatalities are rampant we will always be a part of the eternal seed. Those who carry "Posies" to cover up the stench of their black death will never endure because they are fiendishly impatient with the eternal qualities of the spiritual fruit. They are out of control in their atrocities towards the "Roses," and they are filled with terminal attitudes to prohibit life through the eternal spirit. In essence, the eternal spirit flows from our inner life through the spiritual fruit to give continuance of life to humanity. We are more than just Posies in someone's pocket, but are essential for generations to come.

Attempting to close the inward spiritual life of others has the effect of closing self to healthy fruitful attitudes. In this case, it causes unhealthy sentiments to destroy all the enduring beauty within a person's spirit. A Rose is beautiful to us because from inside we welcome and relate to beauty everywhere it might be. Those who close themselves to the nature of the spiritual fruit are also indifferent, barren, and desolate to a beautiful spirit in others. They instigate destruction in the garden of the soul in others and thereby terminate fruitful attitudes in themselves. In the meantime, they want to be removed from the stench of the spiritual rot they create by identifying themselves with whatever makes them smell humane. Even so, surrounding them are unhealthy situations everywhere. For example, tainted water, foods that make the consumers sick, unsanitary conditions and the exposure to the spread of disease. As disease is spread through unsanitary insects etc. there is a rampant lack of sleep for rejuvenation that weakens the immune system. Every breath of the life of the "Rose" is exhausted as the perpetrators refuse any responsibility, but the society they seek to smell good in stinks everywhere they go. In this light, we can comprehend how we all fall down when we close our selves to the spiritual fruit. As we open our inner life to fruitful thoughts, emotions, and behaviors we can all grow together surrounded by a healthy community. The fruit of patience, self-control, and perseverance is essential to maintain the soothing fragrance of the Rose. When we see a gift, we sometimes want to save the wrapping because it looks so beautiful. We are patient, utilize self-control, and persevere in opening one corner at a time. In contrast, being impatient causes the wrapper to be tore apart, while becoming out of control with hard to remove edges could cause us to damage the gift as well. Then in frustration we give up on the whole gift. Likewise, when abusive people become impatient with stubborn "Roses," they tear into humanity in damaging ways. Their rampant abuses become out of control in the estimation of the powers that are, and the reactions ov those trying to hide from the stench of their own making becomes fatal. Even so, as spiritually beautiful Roses we persevere with patience and self-control in the most spirtually sick times because we know by the universal deity that history and the eternal seed is on our side. 

The ability to regulate the functions of our inner life is essential to blossoming like a Rose. The capabilty of establishing fertile soil of our soul depends on how much liberty is given in our thoughts to inspire a stable environment to foster a safe and secure environment. A spiritual Rose is mindful to stabilize inner thoughts with a serene spirit of tranquility to relate to one another with peace. In contrast, a mind that becomes plagued with inflexibility towards the beautiful spirit of the peacemakers brings calamity to everyone. Volence, harshness, conflict and instability surrounds them but they attempt to remove themselves from the stench of the chaos that they create. The stench of bodily harm is everywhere and the stink of violence in the home is rampant and the instability in day to day living is paramount. Even then, those who try to remove themselves from responsibility offer up no solutions for peace, stability, or safety. Within them they have already destroyed the beautiful spirit of a meek and gentle attitude of peace and are plagued with a mind of retaliation towards the beauty of the Roses. They attempt to bottle up the mind to prohibit peaceful creativity to impede the ability to regulate a safe and secure environment as they instigate chaotic interactions. Even so, a mind focused on peace comes from the spiritual Rose to enable the regulation of a tranquil environment to stabilize the surroundings with heavenly interactions. When our inner life is full of peace there is the effort to prohibit violence. Where there is a spirit full of meekness there is the effort to control aggression, and where there is gentleness there is the desire to prohibit harshness. When there is an effort to cover up the stench of destruction there is more complications that brings about total failure. However, when our minds are filled with the spiritual Rose there is the endurance of tranquility to bring about a safe and secure environment for everybody.

The Rose represents compassionate and tender qualities that are firmly rooted in the moisture of our inner life, whereas the uprooted Posies in the pockets represent the dryness of our soul. When our spirit has love, kindness, and goodwill, then following that will come attitudes permeating with tolerance, sensual intimacy, and a healthy sense of social belonging. Moist, soft, and tender attitudes are the nature of the spiritual Rose. When there are unhealthy attitudes towards loving and kind people who feel compassion for others then social deterioration and spiritual disease is bound to happen. The people who instigate intolerance, sexual abuses, and friction towards those attempting to belong to a healthy community are hard, calloused, and parched spiritually. They attempt to remove themselves from the stink of antisocial chaos and negative social sentiments that are brought on by their own hatred, cruelty, and ill-intentions. Those who carry a pocket full of Posies when the community around them is spiritually ill will do and say anything to smell like champions of humanity. Even then, they will not offer solutions to harmonize one another and to bring a healthy cohesion to the lifestyles of the population. They destroy themselves as they seek to destroy others by opposing the social fruit of the universal deity. Their intent is to establish themselves as the source of all social power, social intelligence, and to have an overwhelming social presence. However, as they oppose compassion they oppose the source of that compassion which is the same source of infinite intelligence, infinite power, and infinite presence in the world. The spiritual Rose, which is everyone who welcomes the spiritual fruit, carries the eternal seed with them to perpetuate the continuance of one another from generation to generation. If we desire to come up smelling like a Rose then we will have to have roots in the soft moist and tender qualities of the spiritualfruit.

The spiritual rose has genuine roots that spread into the gates of the divinity of inner life, whereas those who carry a pocket full of posies do not have a real connection to the divine goodness. The people who blossom like a rose with the fruits of the universal deity are filled with tranquility even in the most dastardly of situations. In the fruit of that tranquility is the substance that enhances the tenderness of life itself to give perpetuation to civil human beings. The spiritual rose has a deep reverence for the source of life, which is the universal deity, and has a deep respect for the people who honor that spiritual presence. Whatever the circumstances are surrounding the beautiful people of the universal deity there is always an optimistic and positive spirit. This is apparent in a very large percentage of nursery rhymes that summarize the atrocities of their time through a rhyme turned into a fun game for children to play. In contrast, those who carry a pocket full of posies want to eliminate the comfort of joy in bad times by opposing the Fifth Element that lives within the soul. They attempt to remove themselves from the stink of the spiritual desolation that surrounds them on every side. In the process of trying to monopolize the universal Deity for themselves, they oppose that same Universal deity that lives within every person. Even then, they swear and do all they can to convince you that the universal deity is exactly that,universal for each and every individual. However, the conflict that people have with that inner goodness is never resolved or given any assistance to find a way into that peace. They promise that a peaceful community is there purpose but there is no program to quell the conflict that people have with the deity of this world.. While they use a lot of words and make gestures to symbolize how important social harmony and cohesion is, they prohibit a place of belonging with the divine goodness of inner life. In essence, what they are doing is instigating spiritual sickness by disturbing the health of those who have a healthy relationship with the divinity of inner life. As the universal deity is disrespected, the worth felt for other human beings plummets. Because those who carry a pocket full of posies make an effort to cut people off from the source of optimism and positive energy, negativity and pessimism is part of the sickness that plagues society. The beautiful people that blossom like a spiritual rose carry the eternal seed with them to perpetuate the knowledge and union with the fifth element of the universal deity. As nursery rhymes clearly illustrate, spiritual fruitfulness, peace, tenderness, a love for God, and a positive energy remains in us through the most traumatic situations.

A rose is still a rose by any other name. I make that statement because people who hold a pocket full of posies will say and do anything to discredit beautiful people. They need to keep their identity smelling plesant when around them are people with a more wholesome character. In their self-expression they use derogatory definitions to put the spiritual rose in the context of negativity, pessimism, evil, hopelessness, and fatal consequences. Their intent is to identify the beautiful spirit with everything that is wrong in the world. As they do that, they spread an ominous evil throughout society by striking against all the optimism and positive attitudes towards the future. In essence, they ruin their own image by degrading the wholesome character of those they refuse to acknowledge as members of humanity. They destroy the welfare of humanity in the process of destroying there own ambitions. Even so, a rose by any other name is still a rose. The identity of the spiritual rose will perpetuate the welfare of humanity through their optimistic self expression of faith, joy, and goodness. In that positive energy is the source of life and eternal seed which is in human beings through the universal deity. The spirit of eternity is the identity of each individual who welcomes the essence of the rose while forsaking the atrocities of fraudulent purpose.

We can assess that the eternal spirit is found within the beauty of the "Rose" which blossoms by the deep rooted seed of the spiritual fruit. The diagnosis is that non-eternal and fatal outcomes are results of trying to cover up the stench of spiritual atrocities with unrooted Posies in the pocket. That pocket full of Posies represents the fraud of misrepresentation of purpose. Even then, we plan to live according to a life that contributes to the eternal seed that perpetuates life from generation to generation. Pretending to have the welfare of humanity in mind while committing inhumane atrocities does not endure over time. We implement the plan of an eternal purpose by responding to the spiritual sickness around us with a soft, tender, and moist attitude rooted in our soul. We know the success of our plan when the eternal seed flows hrough the fruit of the spirit when spiritual atrocities abound.