Providers, Facilities, and Payers of A Spiritual Kind

11/14/2014 11:39

I have inspiration of a fruitful kind relating to the health care industry. Within the health industry exists Providers, Facilities, and Payers. Providers are people or organizations that provide health care. That includes doctors, nurses, clinics, and agencies. Facilities are places where care is delivered. That includes hospitals, nursing homes, and treatment centers. And Payers are those people who pay for the health services. That includes insurance companies, government programs like Medicare and Medicaid, as well as the person needing the care. In a spiritual sense, providers are those people who impart qualities of love, peace, faith, and endurance to others. Facilities comprise the social environment of your day to day living. And payers are those people who are scrutinized or pay a costly price for imparting spiritually fruitful behaviors to others. Let's just say we need more rooted providers within our environment to provide edification to those needing an optimistic word or act of cheer. And we need a lot less behaviors that cause people to pay an unbelievable price for conveying compassion.

A divine living presence exists within the soul of the human animal. That divine goodness is our provider, whose facility is every territory in the universe. The payers are people who are scrutinized for giving reverence to that deity. The supreme being provides our inner life with everything necessary to keep our emotions, mind, and behaviors flowing with civil qualities. Such as tranquility, a love for life, light to guide us, awareness of our divine worth, edifying energy, and an abundance of spiritual fruitfulness. Within every facility, or social environment, we respond to that supernatural entity with adoration and respect, or with disregard and disdain. But everyone must decide whether to accept the care of divine provisions or to reject those benefits. Even then, there are times when we are welcoming to the inner divinity but people in the environment scrutinize that hospitality. Some want us to pay harshly for our loyalty to the divine presence. In this light, we want to praise the supreme provider in whatever facility or environment we come into. And with a special focus to persevere in civil qualities when some want you to pay brutally for your devotion to the divinity of the soul.

The softness of the spiritual fruit is the subject of exchanges within providers, facilities, and payers. The providers represent the tree that is firmly rooted in good soil which brings forth nourishing fruit on a consistent basis. That fruit on those branches include love, peace, faith, perseverance, kindness, goodwill, meekness, gentleness, goodness, joy, self-control, and patience. The facilities exemplify the surrounding social environment's response to spiritual fruitfulness. How do those in the surrounding area relate to the fruit that blossoms from the tree? Do they see the fruit as nourishment for one another or as objects to shake from the branches and trample on? The payers equate to those whose spiritual fruitfulness is trampled on, spoiled, or otherwise ruined at every instance that they attempt to bring constructive goodwill to those in the setting. There might be some in the surroundings that are hostile to the distribution of nourishing fruit. Those people are full of hate, bad intentions, cruelty, harshness, intimidating aggression, confrontational, despairing, pessimistic, evil, destructively impulsive, dwell on fatal attitudes, and display disorderly conduct.

Our health relates to providers, facilities, and payers. We need to keep our inner life open to the fruitfulness of providers even within environments where some people want to close us to healthy input. Providers want to share some of their inner fruitfulness with you to bring comfort emotionally and mentally to induce civilly healthy behaviors. We just need to keep ourselves open to receive that warmth. But, sometimes we are in an environment that does not offer the type of support that enables us to blossom with wholesome characteristics. Even then, there are those in that same area that have prayers, wishes, or desires for you to be the healthiest person possible from your inner life. We can know the atmosphere of our surroundings by how people pay for bringing healthy regards to one another. The payers are well-intended people who some intend to desolate their inner fruitfulness. There are entities who want to shut down compassionate and caring responses to those who are suffering. They offer substances to soothe feelings of turmoil, mental anguish, and incite altered behavioral dispositions. They will even try to damage the healing fruit of the providers through various meddling with food, drinks, sleep, sanitation, toileting, and even the air you are breathing. Such as smoke of various types, body odor, strong foul smells, etc. They want to turn your inner life sour to change your smile to a frown which instills pessimistic and unhealthy attitudes. In whatever environment we are in we need to allow healthy fruit to bloom in the form of patience, self-control, and perseverance. Those qualities help us to endure various temperatures to keep healthy fruit on our branches to comfort our thought processes, feelings, and to keep us continuing on a socially cohesive path.

Our safety relates to providers, facilities, and payers. How horrifying to think that our facility, or social environment, could be full of intimidation. Even to the extent that we feel a threat of bodily harm, or domestic violence, or just so fearful that everyday makes us unstable with insecurity. Providers in that atmosphere wants to instill a sense of safety and security. Their durability is such that they convey the fruit of peace, meekness, and gentleness in all types of pandemonium. The conveyance of that serenity enables others to feel safe and secure. Within that same situation there might be those who are harsh, fearfully aggressive, and with whispers of violence. They want peacemakers to "pay" to the point of perceiving themselves as being endangered. The payers are those people who are agitated for trying to establish unity and order. But, some people incite more conflict with each effort to bring stability. They want the fruit of peace to be costly. In any social situation, we should be supportive of meekness, gentleness, and peacefulness. That means to be respectful of contributions that enhance and replenish those making an effort towards tranquility.

Our place of belonging relates to providers, facilities, and payers. In any given society you are likely to experience those who are welcoming of others, and those who are rather hostile to a wholesome and joyful fellowship. We see this everyday when various groups, cultures, and cliques are hateful, intolerant, abusive, or otherwise omit the acceptance of those they consider "unacceptable." Even within that fragmented environment there will exist providers who continually offer their fruit of love, goodwill, and kindness. They are well rooted in behaviors that bring tolerance, love, intimacy, and acceptance to those who need that compassionate touch. Those providers want your place of belonging to be full of loving kindness. We know the nature of the social environment by how the participants relate to the payers. The payers are those who do all they can to be hospitable to others, but pay a heavy price for their offering of benevolent mercy. We should want our place of belonging to be courteous to providers and refreshingly supportive of payers. Our facilities, or environment, should be fruitfully abundant of provisions for those willing to give of themselves for the love of others.

The light of our divine worth relates to providers, facilities, and payers. We can think of providers as people who shine a light to make us aware of our divine worth. Those providers want us to know of the supreme nature of our inner life. They reveal our potential to be spiritually fruitful, to feel inward peace, to instill a respect for life, and to nourish the flow of positive energy. In that respect, we can determine the nature of the "faciltiy," or the surrounding environment, by how people relate to the light of divine inner workings. Some social gatherings may involve people who intend to desolate your inner life of civil or fruitful qualities. They want to corrupt your serenity with turmoil and conflict while devaluing the sanctity of life. The consequences of that involves violence and murderous intent. In essence, the atmosphere becomes full of negative energy in what is spoken or performed. The payers are those people whose noble inner qualities are hazed, harassed, or otherwise beset for relating to others through the light of their divine worth. The payers want to connect with people through the fruit of the spirit, peace, love for life, and positive energy. But some people impede those divine interactions. In this light, as we relate to the divine provider of our soul we have a desire to shine a light on the divinity that exist within the payers. Those payers suffer for relating to people through fruitful characteristics. The atmosphere around us becomes a better place when we relate to one another through the divine presence of our universe.

The expression of our identity relates to providers, facilities, and payers. All of us probably know those times when the people around us become full of negativism, pessimism, and gloom in their words and deeds. But, even then there are those who are always able to provide an edifying or reassuring word in the most cynical of situations. Those people can be thought of as providers of spiritually fruitful optimism. The provisions flowing from them comprise the spirit of joy, goodness, and faith. What they say and do provides hope, cheer, confidence, and the ability to persevere within oppressive circumstances. Payers are the ones who agonize from having their fruitful self-expression suppressed by a surge of dissenting sentiments. The payers desire to speak and do according to what brings cheer but bear overwhelming antagonism. In this light, we know that a delightful "facility," or environment, comes about when there are provisions of joyfulness, faith for fruitfulness, and permeates with goodness. We should always desire to nourish the payers with encouragement, hope, and reassurance of the value of their identity through the divinity of the soul. And to stimulate a positive flow of self-expression to embody words and behaviors.

There are reasons that facilities, or our social surroundings, exist of payers amidst abundant providers. Those reasons are evident through those who deny fruitful provisions within an environment. They even inflict behaviors to cause people to "pay," or agonize in bringing goodwill to one another. They express their anger over the providers as they provoke arguments and debates to make people pay for their tranquil desires. Their intent robs the social gathering, or "facility," of peace. The extent of their negotiations or personal interactions is to guide you away from the fruitful providers to establish themselves as the "provider" for the area. Part of that bargaining process is intimidation which causes people of good intentions to pay. Of course, that would only leave a compassionate individual depressed and sad by being robbed of the joy of interacting with providers to nourish those in need. In this light, we can comprehend that acceptance of spiritually fruitful providers is necessary to replenish the payers within any given social environment. Reverence for the divine provider of our soul is the source of the spirit's fruit to keep our company cohesive through love, peace, faith, and perseverance.

There are populations of people who want to change the equation within the mix of providers, facilities, and payers. Exiting those reservoirs are hostile attitudes towards various fruitful social gatherings. They want to establish territory by making people pay for providing kind, joyful, gentle, and persevering compassion. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who intend to establish themselves as the ultimate provider in any given social atmosphere. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who pay relentlessly by the hazing of fruitful desires. In essence, fruitful providers are ignored, fruitful motivation is demoralized, and the environment experiences unfruitful consequences.

The attitude of trying to alter the fruitful combination of providers, facilities, and payers enter us through circumstances relating to our sense of worth and place of belonging. We begin to shun being a provider of divine qualities because we don't want to be ignored or socially humiliated. And we do not want to suffer the ridicule and disrespect of paying a costly price for our spirit of goodness. In that event, we begin to eat from the tree of unfruitful providers as we gain praise and recognition for that conformity. It is then that we become a factor contributing to the costly consequences of the payers. Then, we become accepted by others in the "facility" who have deferred from the divinity of inner life and eschew spiritual fruitfulness. Some people are susceptible to adopting an unfruitful mix of providers, facilities, and payers. Their susceptibility comes as they neglect the provisions of goodness of their inner life to comply with those who establish themselves as the all-decisive authority. To continue as a "worthy" citizen they devotedly avoid wholesome authority while steering others away from the fruit of the spirit.

We can interrupt the cycle of scrambling a fruitful combination of providers, facilities, and payers. That is done by realizing the deity of our inner life is the provider who gives provisions of spiritual fruitfulness. As we honor that inward goodness then our social surroundings will also come together with beneficial developments. We replenish the payers from the soft tenderness that exists within us. In this light, we honor and welcome fruitful providers within the environment, and nourish the payers with love, joy, peace, and goodness. If someone attempts to establish themselves as an authority outside of divine intentions then we respond to keep our inner life fruitful.

We can asses that providers, facilities, and payers of a spiritua kind comprise the divinity of the soul, our social environment, and those who desire to bring fruitfulness to others. The diagnosis is that some people want to establish themselves as the ultimate authority, are hostile to people of charitable intentions, and cause societal erosion. Even so, we plan to honor a divine and fruitful mix of providers, facilites, and payers. We implement that plan by feeding from divine provisions, nourishing those who feel ragged from doing good, and contributing to community intimacy. We know we are successful when goodwill, peace, joy, goodness, and perseverance in fruitfulness prevails towards providers, facilities, and payers.