Perseus Meteor Shower Brings Spiritual Inspiration

09/24/2012 18:45

Meteor Showers Are Spiritual Inspirations

Upon viewing the recent Perseus Meteor Shower I thought of something amazing, space shuttles floated through the atmosphere to enter their destination. Then when the space shuttle returns they gently re-enter through that same atmosphere. The Earth’s atmosphere is soft to allow that gateway. However, the speed and strength of the meteors are not able to penetrate that doorway, rather they burn up. The softness of the Earth’s upper skies protects us from being utterly destroyed by constant bombardment by meteors.

Within the human body is a divine presence that is the “atmosphere” of our inner being. That inward divinity protects us from being utterly destroyed inwardly through undesirable circumstances. If we bombard that inner goodness, we ruin our lives like a meteor burning, disintegrating, and fading away. The only proper way for approaching the presence that exists in us is through our softness to welcome, praise, and rejoice in that supreme indwelling.

The Earth’s atmosphere is not made of rock, iron, nor any type of hardness at all. Instead, it is soft enough for objects to float through, and satellite signals to receive passage. It is not from hard matter that meteors deflect, burn, and disintegrate upon impact, but rather from the approach by which the softness of the atmosphere is met. Likewise, the moist and tender qualities of our inner being are what protects us from undesirable situations that surround us. Those qualities are spiritual fruit. That fruit includes meekness, gentleness, peace, love, goodwill, kindness, faith, joy, goodness, self-control, patience, and perseverance.

A healthy relationship with that divine inner presence will buffer us from the effects of negative situations hurled at us. That cushion involves the spiritual fruit blossoming in us to keep us healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically.

A secure bond with the inward divinity will buffer us to make us feel safe during hostile moments. The spiritual fruit blossoms from within to create that cushion of peace, comfort, and tranquility.

When we belong with the divine goodness within us, we feel acceptance of a place where there is a cushion to buffer cruel and hateful intentions.  That inner cushion makes us feel love, goodwill, and kindness through the fruit of the spirit.

The most valuable element to us, of supreme worth, is the divinity within us. That produces the spiritual fruit.  In addition, it buffers us with a soft cushion in our thoughts, emotions, and behavior when we are ridiculed, humiliated, and mocked.

When our words and deeds flow from the divine inner presence, it serves to buffer us from escalating hostilities. The spiritual fruit cushions our self-expression to produce love, peace, faith, and perseverance within communication.

Some people want to deny us the “atmosphere” of that divine goodness that exist in us. That is where the softness of the spiritual fruit guards us. They want to bombard us with situations in an attempt to penetrate our inner fruitfulness to create anger, sadness, depression, and hostilities. Their intent is not to negotiate their way through the “atmosphere” with mutual benefit, but to destroy and pillage the blossoms of the spirit’s fruit. The only avenue of entry into the divine inner presence is through acceptance of the soft qualities within. Otherwise you will burn, disintegrate, and fade.  

The reservoirs of people who oppose the divine inner presence are like meteors that originate from a central point, but span in every direction. They are predictable in that we know the attitudes that exit their space as they attempt to infiltrate and destroy the atmosphere of spiritual fruit. Their intent is to fragment and break apart the inward being from the softness of the spirit’s fruit. They want to cause us hostility, disintegration, and to fade away. Through our sense of self-worth and desire for belonging, they hurl their heated sentiments. They do that through ridicule, mockery, and humiliation. They want us to feel we don’t belong in the presence of the divine goodness within us. Their intent is to put us among the fiery hostilities within the world.

The people susceptible to attacks from "shooting stars" are not blossoming inwardly with fruitful qualities. They respond to hate, cruelty, ill-intentions, and conflict with physical and verbal retaliation, leading to tragic consequences. We can interrupt that cycle of negativism in the same way that the Earth’s atmosphere buffers us from the fiery speed and strength of meteors. That is to respond to undesirable circumstances through the soft, moist, tender qualities within us.

We can assess that the divine inner presence buffers us from undesirable circumstances through the blossoming of spiritual fruit. The diagnosis is some people want to penetrate that fruitful “atmosphere” to create hatred, conflict, hopelessness, and despair. Even so, we plan to remain in the presence of that divine goodness where the softness of spiritual fruit thrives. We implement that plan by buffering the negativism hurled at us through the soft, moist, tender qualities of our inner being. We know a divine protective atmosphere exist within us when the fruit of the spirit fills our thoughts, emotions, and behavior.