Pat A Cake Pat A Cake

02/07/2016 20:20

Pat a cake, Pat a cake, baker's man

Bake me a cake as fast as you can

Pat it and prick it and mark it with 'B'

And put it in the oven for baby and me

Earlier Version

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker's Man;

That I will Master As fast as I can;

Prick it and prick it, and mark it with a "T,"

And there will be enough for Tommy and me.

This nursery rhyme is in the context of baking bread. The bread would be baked on a fixed schedule for the family of the household, maybe once a week or so. The new loaf of bread was made from the previous week's dough. The dough was mixed with new ingredients, left to rise, then a piece of it was saved to be the first loaf baked next week. The rest of the dough was formed into loaves and branded with a letter to signify the family name, then taken to the community oven to bake. These community ovens evolved into what we call bakeries. Certain people specialized in bread baking and with time enhanced the process so far as to mass produce cheap bread for everyone in the village. 

Everything that life makes us to be is a result of the attitudes of our inner life. The spiritual fruit can withstand pricking and patting to build our character into a constructive human being. In contrast, without the spiritual fruit we become formed and made into the person that unscrupulous entities want us to be. When there is pricking and patting at the attitude of love, kindness, and goodwill by marking it with a contrary lifestyle then it's like being thrown into the oven of hatred, ill-intent, and cruelty. For example, an evil person might decide that Mother Theresa will be marked as a terrorist, and then she is thrown into hot circumstances to incite inhumane attitudes from her. This is pricking and patting at the spiritual fruit and marking her with a "T" for terrorists. With the pricking and patting at compassion, there is also the pricking and patting at a meek and gentle spirit of peace, marking the person as violent, then throwing the person in circumstances to incite conflict, harshness, and aggression. In addition, there is the pricking and patting at joy, faith, and goodness, while marking the person as being ominous, then throwing the person into situations to incite evil, negativity, and despair. Furthermore, as manipulative entities prick and pat at self-control, patience, and perseverance, they mark you as a person of fatal intent, then throw you into the oven to incite out-of-control, impatient, and terminal reactions. Even so, as we welcome love, peace, faith and perseverance we will be marked with "S," for spiritual, and be able to maintain a constructive attitude within the fiery furnace.

They mark you with a predetermined brand, close your inner life to fruitful blossoms that negate that branding, then they throw you into the oven to incite the manisfestation of that brand. This is similar to an unscrupulous entity who sees rich and fertile soil capable of giving blossom to much fruit and food for daily living. Instead of using the fertile earth to feed the hungry, the evil person decides to mark that soil as ground to grow the plant called "Venus Fly Trap."  The fly trap is not anything near to wheat and corn, but leisurely awaits for it's food to come by. Meanwhile, the unscrupulous entity ensures that no other benecial growth sprouts from that land. Likewise, our inner life can be rich and fertile soil for the growth of spiritual fruit, but an evil entity marks that fruitful soul as a person who is emotionally, mentally, and behaviorally unstable. In order to make that false prophecy come about, they throw the person into the oven of an environment that tempts the person to react with out of control behaviors, impatience towards others, and fatal reactions. The evil person does all possible to scrutinize and desolate patience, self-control, and perseverance. Even so, from the fertility of our spiritual life, there is patience when there are intentions to desolate fruitfulness. There is self-control when  there are vigilante urges against what irks us, and there's perseverance in fruitful attitudes when we feel we have every right to react unfruitfully.

We regulate our inner life with thoughts and beliefs that stabilize our day to day interactions. We are a compilation of dough, without a mark, for maintaining flexibility in turbulent circumstances. However, marking that dough with a brand, then baking it to a fixed form takes away that flexibility. In a similar

way, when we are marked with a brand to perform a specific function, and there is a pricking and patting at our fruitful regulatory functions, then  flexibility is taken from us. We are thrown into an oven of a harsh, aggressive, and violence oriented  environment without being able to regulate hostilities through civil methods. They intend for you to conform to the brand they mark you with. That conformity to the mark is induced by feeling unsafe from threats of bodily harm, feeling insecure with the conflict in the home or being homeless, and the anguish of a chaotic and unstable situation. Even then, the spirit is able to regulate our inner life with the fruit of peace, meekness, and gentleness during the anguish and harassment hurled towards the flesh. In the fruit of of the spirit we feel safe and secure because our dough contains the yeast of tranquility. The dough is marked with a "T" for tranquility as that mark is evident within the fiery oven. 

What would be our social place of belonging after being pricked, patted, and placed in the oven? The answer to that question is according to our devotion to the soft, moist, and tender spirit flowing from our inner life. After being marked to signify a predetermined social network we are put into an oven. In that oven is intolerance for any tender sentiments for anything other than the social branding of the mark. Those moist and soft sentiments are baked with intolerance, a lack of intimacy, isolation, and various forms of hatred, cruelty, and ill-will. Their intent of the anti-social behavior is to coerce submission to the mark that sends you to an unfruitful place of belonging that is socially bitter. Even then, the spiritual fruit is eternal in us that trickles in like rains, fills us like oceans, and flows through us amidst fiery difficulties. The soft tenderness of comapassion marks us with an "O" for oceans of love, goodwill, and kindness across many various boundaries and lifestyles. 

What do you call the goodness of your inner life? There are many names that we call whatever it is that works within and transcends the nature of human flesh. Such names include God, the 5th Element, universal deity, Jesus, and the list goes on and on. However, what happens when we attempt to give that living deity a name in an attempt to rule and defeat the divine work of our soul? Pricking and patting at the divinity guiding human nature, marking it with a brand for usury, then throwing it in a heated situation is an attempt to defeat and dominate the supreme being. In the process, the worth of a supernatural presence, and the worth of human beings is given no recognition as divine matters along with purposeful life is thrown into the garbage.Those who try to manipulate the divine goodness of inner life expect you to accept their elitism by harassing your reverence for the living deity. They begin by pricking and patting at your focus on spiritual matters, then they mark the deity as being something usable to their fleshly purpose, then they put you in situations where you forsake the 5th Element in exchange for servitude to their dictates. The pricking and patting intends to desolate your spiritual fruitfulness, steal away your peace, harden your tenderness, cast you out from the presence of the deity, and to diminish your optimism. They wipe away your spirituality so they can  fill you with their doctrines, beliefs, and dictates. After that, they mark you as to the  unscrupulous purpose they intend you to have to them. As they empty you of reverence for the universal deity, they throw you into the oven where they intend for you to choose their elitism while you feel spiritually bankrupt, conflicted, callous, alienated from the divine, and plaqued with negativity. Even so, we can maintain our love for humanity as we persevere in our reverence for the divine goodness of the soul. In that reverence, we maintain our spiritual fruitfulness, peace, tenderness, union with the living deity, and optimism. Our inner life is marked with an "R" for reverence of the force that transcends human norms.

Being pricked, patted, marked, and put in the oven prohibits us from having a fruitful sense of who we are, or self-actualizing according to our ideal persona. In essence, the mark given to us is contrary to our belief of what a desirable personality should be. They intend to fill your inner life with a self-expression in words and deeds that aligns with the mark given. In other words, their efforts are to eradicate the identity you have through the spirit of faith, joy, and goodness to coerce conformity to the predestination of the mark. In this process, they throw you into the oven of fiery circumstances to cause despair, pessimism, and evilness towards the efforts of becoming a person of spiritual energy. They keep you in the oven until they can coerce you into a rhythm where words, deeds, and beliefs mimic the negative energy of their purpose. Even then, from the supernatural presence of the 5thElement living in us, we are marked with an "E" for positive energy in our beliefs and self-expression. Within the oven of fiery circumstances we are able to maintain hope, optimism, and faith to self-actualize as  fruitful entity.

We can assess that in the spiritual fruit we possess a constructive personality rooted in the universal deity. The diagnosis is that pricking and patting at the goodness of inner life makes us a personality that is useful to unscrupulous entities. In this light, we plan to persevere in fruitful attitudes amidst the hurtful thorns and briars. We implement this plan by maintaining inner moistness, being peaceable, respecting life, having reverence for the 5th Element, and maintaining hope. Our success is noticeable when we are not at the direction of an inhumane and prejudiced purpose, instead it's visible we are motivated by tolerance and compassion.