Newborns Induce Spiritual Fruit

09/25/2012 11:50


Newborns bring us into a place of the divine presence of our inmost being. That inner divinity requires our welcome, hospitality, and praise. A respectful approach to the inward deity comes through soft and moist qualities. When we care for, nurture, and attend to a newborn, we are in sync to the will of the deity present in us. Through a babe, we come into a proper relationship to the supreme being; spiritual rewards follow.  

Newborns require handling through the softness of the spiritual fruit. Do you know how essential the qualities of gentleness, meekness, and peace are in handling a new born? Since you know the answer to that, then you know being loving, kind, and full of goodwill to the newcomer is equally necessary. Of course, any home with a babe will communicate appreciation for a patient attitude, perseverance, and self-control. That care of a newborn is interwoven with the inner qualities of goodness, joy, and faith. Therefore, it is apparent that the nurture of an infant induces the spiritual fruit to develop within our thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Newborns bring us to a healthy place where the divine presence resides. They induce health in our relationship with that inner deity. Care for the health of a newborn requires all the delicacy we discover through the softness of the spiritual fruit. This teaches us that a healthy regard for the welfare of others begins with a thriving dose of fruitfulness within us. Newborns cannot survive when there are ill-intentions in what they eat, drink, the air they breathe, and disturbances during their time of rest. Only when we recognize the soft, moist, tender qualities within will we create a healthy environment for newborns.

Newborns bring us to a safe and secure place where the divine deity resides. They induce security of our bond with the inner deity. Babes require regard for their safety, comfort, and security in every aspect of their lives. This teaches us to bring a stable and tranquil atmosphere to our environment through the spirit of meekness, gentleness, and peace. Newborns cannot survive in the presence of harshness, superior arrogance, and hostilities hurled at them. Only when we regard the moist, soft, tenderness within us will there be a safe and secure environment for newborns.

Newborns bring us to a place of belonging where the divine deity resides. They Induce our acceptance of the inner deity. Babes require our acceptance of them through the soft qualities of love, goodwill, kindness, meekness, and gentleness. This teaches us to find fruitfulness within ourselves to extend a place of belonging and an attitude of tolerance to others. Babes cannot live when isolated, abandoned, and left alone. Only when there are soft, moist, tenderness within us can we accept newborns into a place of belonging through life within the spiritual fruit.

Newborns bring us to a supreme place of worth where the divine presence resides. The newborns induce us to acknowledge the supremacy of the inner deity. Babes require that we value their worth with utmost esteem, to cherish and nurture them, so they come to fruitful maturity. This teaches us to find the ego within us through spiritual fruit to esteem the life of others. Babes cannot survive if treated as if they are worthless and to be tossed in a garbage dump. It is  when we value the worth of the source of spiritual fruit that newborns will be cherished with esteem.

Newborns bring us to a place of fruitful self-expression where the divine presence resides. They Induce words and deeds that flow from the inner deity. Newborns require that we speak and behave to them softly, gently, with smiles, hugs, and care. Babes cannot survive with constant words of hostilities, and behaviors that are abusive. Only when there is soft, moist, tenderness in our self-expression will babes mature fruitfully.

Some people will deny that newborns induce the qualities of the spiritual fruit from within us. They expect us to respond to babes with anger, pessimism, and sadness when newborns demand attention. They refuse to discover mutual benefit with the purity of  newborns through the spirit’s fruit. To accept the idea that babes bring us into the presence of the inner deity is the only way to relate to newborns. The soft tenderness we convey to babes causes the spiritual fruit to blossom in us.

Some haters gather like pathogens around people with a meek and gentle spirit of love, to abort that good fruit. The attitude that exit from them is hostility to those who convey nurturing to divine qualities. Those attitudes transfer through people whose spiritual fruit has been aborted, displaying spite for the newness of life in others. That spitefulness might enter into us because we feel worthless in our infertile state. Then we feel accepted by those perpetrating ill-intentions to those born of divine fruit.

People susceptible to the abortion of newborn fruit are those who are unaware of the importance of the soft and moist gentleness within. They abuse their new born fruit through harsh, tough, and impatient responses to difficult circumstances. We can interrupt that cycle of aborting the spiritual fruit by responding to various situations through the tenderness of our inner selves. It is then that we will fill with newborn fruit of the divine presence.

We assess that newborns bring us to the divine place of spiritual fruitfulness. The diagnosis is that some people want to abort the fruitful qualities within us. Even then, we plan to achieve fertility of plush birthing of the spirit’s fruit. We implement that plan by being receptive to divine qualities through our inner softness. We evaluate our success because new life of love, peace, and faith will blossom in our thoughts, emotions, and behavior.