Mentor: Devotional Thought

05/05/2018 09:56

A person’s mentor varies according to the country or culture of birth. Americans, Russians, Japanese, Chinese, French, Koreans, British, etc. have mentors to train them in the ways of life. We are advised to learn about the culture of the country we vacation to. That eliminates misunderstandings that leads to frustrating consequences. Then again, everyone around the world knows the meaning of a smile, warm hug, anger, and a punch on the head. While mentors train us in earthly customs, it is the spirit that trains us in the universal customs.

We live in an age that seems to be mentoring us that spiritual qualities are less important than physical needs. It also seems to include the idea that some people do not belong in society because they do not abide by established expectations. Those expectations do not include the spiritual fruit in what is said or done. Even today, (In the U.S.) the word segregation and racist surfaces to suggest that we are still not allowed to follow the mentoring received of the spirit. Everyday, for years and years, we are exposed to the terror of the Korean possibility of war, Russian and U.S. conflict, and the terror of the Mideast. Peace, love, faith, and perseverance are from the mentoring of the spirit; but war, hate, pessimism, and terminal endings are from earthly experience.

Christ came to bring unity to humanity. A Roman soldier came to Christ for the healing of his daughter, a Pharisee came to Christ in the darkness of night to receive mentoring, he gave living waters to the “undeserving” Samaratin woman, and recognized the gentiles as being equal to the Jews. Christ in us looks past the cultural customs that segregate and looks to the things of the spirit that universally unites.