Let No One Pull You Low Enough To Hate

09/24/2012 20:03
“Let no one pull you low enough to hate.” Martin Luther King


Within us is a divinity, the source of the inner love we feel. Living in the presence of that divine being ensures the quality of love in us. When we become detached from that inward source of love others will pull us into hatred. We should never lose focus of that divine love, and lever let others pull us into the unfruitfulness of hate.
The soft, moist, tender quality of our inner being is where love exists. However, those qualities are treated despitefully by those who want to pull us into attitudes of hate. Even so, by responding from the soft moistness in us, we remain in the spirit of love. Remain in the softness of the spiritual fruit and let no one pull you into attitudes of hate.
We should keep our emotional and mental health from being pulled into feelings of hate. Some people want us to see and hear situations in our environment that makes us feel hatred. Even in what we taste and smell they want us to cringe with resentment and hatefulness. They want our thoughts, emotions, and behavior to be consumed by the hate that they create. However, with the fruit of love in our thinking, feelings, and responses, we remain healthy within ourselves. Let no one allow your inner being to be filled with the unhealthiness of hate.
Some people will try to pull us into the attitude of hate through our desire for a safe and secure environment. They do that by agitating the fruit of peace, gentleness, and meekness that we convey. Their intent is to fill our thoughts and emotions with conflict to create hate in our behaviors. In doing that, we are left feeling insecure and unsafe within our environment, with hatefulness consuming us. We should let no one pull us into hate through our insecurities, but allow love to bring meekness, gentleness, and peace to one another.
Feeling love enables us to accept one another where we belong in a holistic community. Some people want to pull us into a cycle of hate where there are division, isolation, and social friction. However, when we live by the divine presence in us, there is love among one another. That love in us is full of tolerance, acceptance, and goodwill to others. Let no one pull us into an attitude of hate for the people around us, but with love, goodwill, and kindness let‘s welcome one another.
Some people want to pull us into a pattern of hatred to ourselves, and to others. Feeling hatred for ourselves destroys our sense of self-worth, demolishes our esteem, and crucifies our egos. That hate leads to behaviors of violence and destruction to those who demean and ridicule us. However, the divinity in us is the source of love that we feel for ourselves and others. Let’s not allow others to pull us into hate through our egos,  but build the esteem of one another with love.
Some people want to pull us into a pattern of expressing ourselves with hatred. They want our verbal communication to fill with resentment, prejudices, and hate. They want our non-verbal expression to appear menacing with hatred. However, by the divinity in us, there is love in our words, and we convey compassion in our communication. Let no one pull us into attitudes of hate in our self-expression, but respond with loving words and deeds.
Some people want to deny us the moist quality of love that blossoms in our inner being. They want to pull us into an attitude of hatred within our emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Instead of love, they want us to feel anger, depression, and intolerance. Those people do not bargain in a mutually beneficially way to induce the fruit of love, compassion, and tolerance. However, the acceptance of the divinity in us, which is the source of love, is how we interrupt the cycle of hate.
Let no one pull you low enough to hate. Instead, honor the divine presence that is in you, the source of all love. In that presence exists the soft, moist, tender qualities of peace, faith, perseverance, and love. In the tenderness of our inner being we are loving, peaceable people of goodwill and kindness.