Invisible Realm Speaks Through Spiritual Fruit

09/24/2012 22:07

The Invisible Realm Speaks Through The Spiritual Fruit

Within the human body is a communication network that links us to the divine presence of the invisible realm. Our response to that communication influences our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. For example, how would you react if the telephone rings and a family member request a deed of kindness? If you hang up hastily that leaves you with turmoil of thoughts, angry emotions, and unkind behavior. However, if you respond to that call with the spirit of goodwill, then you have comfort of mind, soothing feelings, and social deeds. Likewise, it is necessary to answer the phone of that inward divinity with rejoicing, praise, and hospitality.

The soft moistness of our inner being is the conduit through which communication from the invisible realm flows. In that moisture are the spiritual fruits, the communication lines from the divine presence to us. We know how a spider web works, and that provides an example of our communication with God’s invisible realm. When the strings of the web vibrate from movement, the spider responds to that alert accordingly. Think of the fruit of the spirit as strands, cords, or wires through which signals are sent to us through the invisible deity, a web of sorts. Likewise, when influences touch upon the strings of the spiritual fruit in us, that alerts us to the nature of the environment around us. The strings of the spirit's web consist of love, goodwill, kindness, peace, gentleness, meekness, faith, joy, goodness, self-control, patience, and perseverance. The invisible realm speaks to us through the vibrations we feel through the spirit’s fruit.

The spiritual realm speaks to us about the health and preservation of the body. We know we should say no to drugs and alcohol, but unless we respond from the soft and moist qualities of our inner being we make unfruitful decisions. If our response causes the spiritual fruit to channel within us, then we favor the communication from the divine invisible realm. That preserves our health. Likewise, when someone offers us a drink or a meal, their presentation will settle onto the web of the spirit’s realm. We will know if the vibrations are from ulterior motives to harm us, or if the hospitality is from the spirit of goodwill.

The invisible realm speaks to us about our safety and security. We may be in the forest camping, at a community gathering, or on a construction site when we feel something move through the web of the spiritual fruit. The nature of each of those environments will settle on the strings of that fruit to alert us to their stable tranquility, or volatile hazards. We may feel disturbed in the forest due to unseen dangers of hostile creatures, or a distant fire. Alternatively, we may feel the peace, gentleness, and soothing tranquility of that experience in the woods. We may feel conflict or hostility within a social setting, or feel the love, kindness, and goodwill of community fruitfulness. We might sense the hazards of an unsafe building site, or feel the stable strength of the structure within us.

The invisible realm speaks to us about our belonging and acceptance. We will feel the vibrations of our social environment on the web made of the spiritual fruit. Those vibrations will alert us to reveal if we are accepted through the spirit of love, goodwill, kindness, and peace. In contrast, what settles on the strings of the spirit’s fruit may warn us of haters with cruel ill-intentions. The supreme being will guide you through the softness within you where the moistness serves as a conduit for communication with God’s realm.

The invisible realm speaks to us about the value of our worth. The web made of the spiritual fruit will relay vibrations within the soul to send alerts on how others esteem us. You may feel that every string of goodness within you is being destroyed. In that situation, you realize that the culprit has no value for your worth as a loving, peaceful, joyful person of faith. They have destruction planned for you, and want to incite your hostilities to others. However, the vibrations may make you feel valuable as a joyful, gentle person of goodwill and goodness. That is when you know they esteem the worth of your life and the life of others.

The invisible realm speaks to us about our self-expression. Our own vibrations on the designs of the spiritual web within us will alert us to the nature of our words and deeds. What if what we say and do are hateful, hostile, full of despair and hopelessness? Those are vibrations letting us know that we are violating the web of the spirit that sustains our well being. However, what if we speak and behave as a person of love, peace, faith, and persevere in goodness? That is in harmony with the vibes of the spiritual fruit, and the invisible deity is letting us know that we are a conduit of God’s presence.

Some people will deny that there is communication from the invisible realm of the supreme being. Even then, they use anger and pessimism to oppose the spiritual fruit that channels that communication. Their intent is to interfere with being on-line with the supernatural realm. They refuse to acknowledge mutual benefit with those who are conduits of the divine fruit. In reality, acceptance of God’s supernatural realm creates a new dimension in communication.

There are groups of people who discourage the divine communication with the invisible realm that comes through the spiritual fruit. They are those who hinder others from being in-touch with a supreme inner source. The attitude that exit from them is to impede the divine spiritual realm. That supernatural realm is channeled by the fruit of the spirit, which they attempt to negate. There are people who transfer negativism relating to channeling the invisible realm. Those people are engrossed with earthly entanglements. They feel threatened by the spiritual fruit that is a conduit of enlightenment and empowerment.

We might be reluctant to channel the invisible realm through the spiritual fruit. That is because some people belittle that channeling through ridicule to denounce our worth to others. They do not want us to belong to the supreme divinity of the invisible realm, which is in us. Instead, they want us to belong among those who are fruitless, unknowing, blind, and deteriorating. The susceptible ones are those who cannot feel, or unaware, of the presence of the spiritual fruit in them. They respond to situations in ways that hinder the channel of the invisible realm. Their responses are destructive to the soft moistness that serves as a conduit for the spiritual communication lines.

We can interrupt the cycle of being destructive to the communication from the invisible realm. That is done by responding to situations through moist and soft qualities, the conduits of the spiritual world. That is when the fruit of the spirit blossom, and we channel the supernatural realm of God.

We can assess that the invisible realm speaks to us through the spiritual fruit. The diagnosis is that some people want to impede, or entangle, that channeling of the supernatural world. Even then, we plan to facilitate communication from the divine being through the fruits of the spirit. We implement that plan by allowing the soft moistness within us to perform as a conduit to facilitate that unseen divinity. We can evaluate that plan because when the spiritual fruit blossom, we are in touch with the invisible realm of God.