Interrupting the Cycle of Spiritual Tyranny

03/22/2016 09:19

Pathogens cause disease. Tyranny is a pathogen that spreads spiritual disease. Tyranny is most often associated with government rulers, such as the King of Great Britain around 1776, but is also a pathogen found in homes, schools, church, work, public gatherings, and among our friends. Spiritual tyranny can be identified and diagnosed. Pathogens that carry spiritual disease work to deny the spiritual fruit from living in us, and their purpose is to oppose the living God. Tyrants use anger towards the quality of love, peace, faith, perseverances, kindness, goodwill, meekness, gentleness, joy, goodness, patience, and self control. They conjure up a false god that fosters hate, violence, despair, fatality, cruelty, ill intentions, aggression, harshness, sadness, evil, impatience, and out of control responses. Spiritual tyrants put on a sad and depressing face at the sight of God, and that sighting is by God's reward to us in the spiritual fruit. Tyrants view conversation as a bargaining process where they expect you to sacrifice the wholesome qualities of inner life in exchange for carrying the pathogen of spiritual disease. Tyranny is made of hard and calloused attitudes because there is no acceptance of the cure. The cure derives from soft and tender moistness of God's spiritual fruit.

Reservoirs of spiritual tyrants live and grow together to spread the disease that deteriorates the natural order of fleshly functioning. As they attack God's indwelling of the spiritual fruit, they cause the deterioration of the human body, disintegrate safety of the environment, creates social fragmentation, dictates irreverence to God, and infects people with negative energy.

Exiting those reservoirs are attitudes of words and behaviors that contradict constructive sentiments towards one another. Pathogens of spiritual tyranny are spread by tongues, hands, and feet. Tyrants utilize their words and behaviors to contradict God's purpose to sicken the blossom of spiritual fruit that manifest inwardly.

Transferring the pathogens of tyranny transpires directly and indirectly. Direct transference comes by those who want to rule the world by being the master of those they encounter. God is their complication so they attack the spiritual fruit because those fruit are signs of God's favor to us. Tyrants realize that those who live by the fruit of the spirit are in touch with infinite intelligence, infinite power, and infinite presence. God's infinite nature is a threat to the dominion of tyranny. Indirectly, the pathogen of spiritual disease is spread by those who succumb to all things tangible of this world. They reject God's spiritual rewards of love, peace, faith, and perseverance.

Entrance of the pathogen of spiritual tyranny occurs because we want to feel worthy as a person, and to have a sense of social belonging. Spiritual tyranny disparages the esteem that comes from doing good, being motivated by goodwill, embracing gentleness, or having patience with diversity. Disparaging God's purpose is intertwined with social intolerance and exclusion of those who permeate with divine fruit. Attitudes of a soft, moist, and tender source are ostracized. Spiritual disease will enter when we lose sight of our spiritual worth and our place of belonging with God's presence in us. Feeling worthless and alone are evidence of the disease of tyranny.

Susceptible to hosting the pathogen of spiritual tyranny are people influenced by the natural impulses of the flesh. Malicious and ungodly groups of people will hurl anger and pessimism towards constructive desires, and this intimidates the susceptible host. Spiritual tyrants intend to use words and behaviors to hurt your emotional vulnerability to enflame your hatred for the spiritual fruit, which is to despise the living God. Spiritual sickness seeps into the susceptible host as they transfer their frustration, anger, and pessimism to others who have a fruitful purpose. Worth in their estimation is discovered in self-destructive behavior and social acceptance translates into a reservoir of tyranny.

Interrupting the cycle of spiritual tyrrany begins from our inner life. Everything necessary to be a socially oriented person originates from constructive feelings. God lives in us by the rewards of the divine fruit which appears in the spirit. Situations arise that are designed to infect us with miserably sick attitudes towards such ideas as love, peace, faith, and joy. However, those very same qualities of love, peace, faith, and joy are the source of our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Spiritual fruit blossom in us so that we can have a portion of God's infinite intelligence, infinite power, and infinite presence. Spiritual tyrants are not willing to share intelligence, power, or presence. They want you to be out of sight and out of mind. Because the fruit of the spirit are meshed into our emotions, thought processes, and behavior it is possible to withstand assaults to our spiritual qualities. Soft, moist, and tender are those divine fruit to make us pliable, flexible, and willing to mold to a constructive purpose. Our sense of self worth is rooted in the esteem we have for faith, perseverance, love, and joy. Disparagement of God's favor to us is the fertilizer that fosters our steadfast resolve. Exclusion by a mob of pathogenic tyrants is evidence of our acceptance with God who lives in us through the fruit of the spirit. In this light, we interrupt the cycle of spiritual tyranny through the soft, moist, and tender qualities of our soul.