Inalienable Rights: A Declaration Of Independence From Tyrants

09/02/2014 09:38

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In this quote from the Declaration of Independence notice the focus of being "created equal," with "unalienable rights," and "pursuit of happiness. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." Inalienable rights are interwoven into the fabric of the human being. They are so much a part of who we are that alienating humanity from those rights would have detrimental consequences. For example, food and water are inalienable rights. If those rights were alienated from our physical body we would suffer starvation and deadly thirst, which we know are results of tyranny. Likewise, our safety, belonging, worth, and identity are inalienable rights. Imagine the tyranny of alienation from those basic needs; that would result in physical torture, unjust solitary detainment, being debased, and basically excused from identification with humanity. In that light, we begin to see the divine inspiration in the protection of inalienable rights, equality, and the pursuit of happiness. Worldwide, we all should be able to experience the joy of fulfilling basic human rights.

The divinity of the soul is an inalienable right. That divine goodness is interwoven into the fiber of our inward functions to allow civility within humanity. To alienate that deity would be tyranny. Instead of spiritual fruitfulness there would be inner desolation. In place of tranquility in the world there would be chaotic conflict. The value for the sanctity of life would be substituted for murder at will. Instead of seeing the light of our divine worth we would live in the darkness of our degradation. In place of positive energy flowing through humanity there would be negative influences. In this view, we can comprehend the importance of believing in the equality of all creation through the divinity that lives in the soul. The pursuit of happiness is inalienably ingrained into us and comes about as we revere the divine source of that joy.

The spiritual fruits are inalienable rights. Our inner fruitfulness is so entwined into the functioning of our behavior that they comprise the qualities necessary to make a civil world civil. Attempting to alienate the fruit of the spirit from human life results in tyranny. All of us are familiar with what hatred, cruelty, and ill-intentions does to a country, community, or home. That happens when the fruit of love, goodwill, and kindness are alienated from the human spirit. For certain, our inner life craves peace, meekness, and gentleness, Especially when those qualities are taken to leave us with the tyranny of aggressive dominance, violence, and harshness. In turn, that alienation of spiritual fruitfulness causes despair, evilness, and pessimism to manifest. That's the result of tyranny. However, when we welcome the inalienable nature of divine qualities then joy, goodness, and faith returns to creation. In that optimism, is the spirit of perseverance, self-control, and patience during difficult situations. But, tyranny incites fatal endings, out of control behaviors, and makes people impulsively quick to act out with unfruitful behaviors. Even so, we know all members of humanity are equal in the inalienable endowment of the spiritual fruit that exists in the soul. The pursuit of that happiness is the difference between civility and tyranny.

Inalienable rights pertain to the health of humanity. The health of the human body cannot be alienated from our physical being. If that health is taken away by malicious means then it amounts to tyranny. What would our world look like if there were attempts to alienate us from healthy living? There would be people starving, dying of thirst, deprived of sleep, living in unsanitary conditions, and breathing stench. Then add mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders onto that. Withholding daily essentials, which comes about through the rule of tyrants, is a violation of inalienable rights. Instead, of equality in health concerns for all humanity the alienation of health-care would be evident. The prohibition to pursue the happiness that comes through good health would be apparent. In contrast, respect for the inalienable health rights of all creation brings equality of healthy living for everyone. That enables us to pursue the happiness of our physical welfare. For certain, the inalienable rights of the spiritual fruit woven into the very fabric of our soul enable us to respond to difficult circumstances with the spirit of patience, self-control, and perseverance.

Inalienable rights pertain to our safety. The desire to feel secure within our person is deeply rooted into every fiber of our soul. If attempts are made to alienate creation from a safe and secure environment then tyranny is in the making. Removing the human animal from safety amounts to physical abuses, hostilites within the home, and unpredictable terror from day to day. Those acts of violence come from tyrants as tools to exert their dominance. Needless to say, those terrorizing acts do not solicit the spirit of equality from creation. Instead, a world materializes where there is abuse of power and those subject to the resulting inhumanities. The pursuit of happiness that comes with a safe and secure world is prohibited by tyrannical rule. Alternatively, esteeem for inalienable rights of safety and security for all creation brings equality through tanquility with one another. In that light we all pursue the happiuness of a serene world. In addition, the inalienable nature of the spiritual fruit provides the human spirit with peace, meekness, and gentleness through turbulent times.

Inalienable rights pertain to our place of belonging. The fabric of who we are inwardly places us in the family of the human species within the neighborhood of global humanity. To alienate our place of belonging within creation is to exclude us from humanitarian cohesion. Tyranny would follow as humans would attack other humans through intolerance, hatred, sexual abuses, and segregation. Tyrants exert their abusive dominance over other citizens of the world by stripping them of their place of belonging within humanity. Social inequalites would prevail as the pursuit of happiness within a loving social network would be prohibited by tyranny. In contrast, recognition of the endowment of inalienable rights corresponding to our place of belonging welcomes love, tolerance, inclusion, and intimacy. In that spirit would flow equality to nurture cohesion with humanity around the world. People globally would welcome the pursuit of happiness with one another. To perpetuate our place of belonging with the creator's design we are given the inalienable spirit of love, goodwill, and kindness.

Inalienable rights pertain to the light of our divine worth. There is something divinely inseparable within the soul of the human animal that makes us know we are worth more than the sum of our flesh and blood parts. We repel ridicule, humiliation, debasement, and being discarded as useless to humanity. But, if there is alienation of the awareness of the divinity of the soul then we are blind to our divne worth and living in the depravity of our darkness. That alienation is the work of tyrants who eradicate mutual respect in the effort to gain dominance by demanding loyalty to their supremacy. In essence, your deparvity is their supremacy. They are ruthless towards the suggestions of equality as they thwart the pursuit of happiness found in honorable esteem for one another. However, acknowldgment of the inalienable right of the light of our divine worth brings mutual respect and equality to humanity. By that acknowldgment, supremacy through the depravity of others is non-existant because we esteeem the divinity living in each soul. In the spirit of that equality we pursue happiness within spiritual fruitfulness, peace, love for life, and positive energy for one another.

Inalienable rights pertain to the fruitful expression of our identity. Woven into the soul of creation is the desire to generate a positive reflection of who we are through spoken words and behaviors. In fact, the intent of tyrants is to alienate the optimism that you feel or that is expressed towards you. Instead, they want their identity to be flowered with a positive reflection of themselves. That alienation of fruitful expression of one another negates edifying speech and results in negative energy full of pessimism, evilness, and an ominous view of what lies ahead. Tyranny induces that negative energy that pervades the territories in which they operate. Within that negative energy are reverberations of inequality as the pursuit of happiness is prohibited by the pervading negativism. In contrast, acknowledging the inalienable right to express who we are in a positive way enhances the spirit of equality within humanity. That happens because we share optimistic and edifying self-expression with one another. The pursuit of happiness is possible because we want to identify ourselves from the divine goodness flowing in what we say and do. The inalieanble fruit of the spirit includes joy, faith, goodness.

Some people want to deny inalienable rights along with equality and the pursuit of happiness. They express their anger and come forth with arguments against ideas of bringing compassionate peace to all creation. Likewise, they are pessimistic and quite saddened that you believe in the equality that allows every person to pursue happiness. The extent of their exchanges with you is to elevate themselves at the expense of equality, and will usurp your happiness in the process of violating inalienable rights. Even so, acceptance of the divinity of the soul that brings equality to humanity, and hospitality to the spiritual fruit that brings happiness, is the only way to preserve inalienable rights.

There are reservoirs of people who intend to elevate themselves above equality, neglect inalienable rights, and prohibit the pursuit of happiness. The attitudes exiting those reservoirs are words and behaviors that focus on their superiority over creation, imply that they are the enablers of happiness, and alienate basic human rights to cooerce obedience to their dictates. Those attitudes transfer directly through those who want to dominate the human animal by turning on and off inalienable rights. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who submit to tyrannical dictates to be watered, fed, and sheltered.

Acceptance of the dictates of tyrants enter us because we want to feel worthy of our basic needs and to feel a degree of reprieve from antognizing situations. In that way, we feel a sense of acceptance by those willing to sacrifice the pursuit of happines and equality in exchange for receiving basic human rights. Those susceptible to sacrificing their inalienable rights, pursuit of happiuness, and equality have been taught that "you don't bite the hand that feeds you." But, they missed the class on equality of creation, the abiltiy to find happiness within a multi-cultural world, and the inalienable nature of the divinity of the soul. In other words, they accept the indoctrination of tyrants while neglecting the welfare of humanity.

We can interrupt the cycle of tyranny that alienates basic human rights, degrades equality, and prohibits the pursuit of happiness. That is done by realizing inalienable rights relate to the health, safety, belonging, worth, and identity of all creation. Acknowledging those inalienable rights is to acknowledge the equality of all creation. That equality enables us to acknowledge the divinity living within every soul. Within that divine equality we are able to pursue happiness from person to person and around the world.  Equality, happiness, and inalienable rights come to us through the blossoms of spiritual fruit that the creator endows us with.

We can assess that we are endowed with inalienable rights by the creator which makes every person equal in that respect. From that comes our ability to pursue happiness. The diagnosis is that some people strive to exert their superiority by alienating basic rights and prohibiting the pursuit of happiness. Even so, we plan to live according to our endowment of inalienable rights, to recognize the equality of humanity, and to pursue happiness. We implement that plan by acknowledging the divine presence that permeates humanity and welcoming the spiritual fruit into the human spirit. We know we have defeated tyranny when divine goodness lives within our soul and the blossoms of love, peace, joy, faith, and perseverance are evident.