Identical: Devotional Thought

03/21/2018 00:40

A photograph is identical to the subject being photographed, except for in one important detail; movement and life. I often see people who make a big deal of showing family photos of big smiling faces, all grouped together, Mom and Dad, all the children, and the family pet too. The image they portray in the picture is not identical to how they live from day to day. I think school pictures are especially that way; the students have on their best face, inspiring quotes, and generally they desire to make the world a better place. From day to day we hear and see a different picture in the news. Portraying a fruitful image is very much different than living a fruitful life.

In day to day life, I often see people in happy groups as if putting on airs for the others who pass by. I never see the true “family” spirit put into action. They merely make a living picture that appears to be identical to positive virtues. They put on big smiles as if they are kind, but they do not put kindness into action. They hug and embrace as they stare at those passing by, but they do not put any type of love or compassion into what they do. They express their joy from a distance, but to actually inspire joy is a behavior far from them. The irony is that they want to be identical to the spiritual fruit to promote themselves, but they have no movement or life in those virtues.

I aspire to let my actions and words paint the picture that I want others to see. Attempting to use still pictures to promote oneself, without the action and movement to support the image, is what is known as fraud, propaganda, misinformation and lies. May the picture we paint from day to day be identical to the fruit blossoming from our spirit.