ICE and Immigration Across the Spiritual Border

03/03/2018 21:34

I'm pretty sure we all have experienced the prohibition of showing an act of kindness to a specific individual. Maybe not so much to restrict your kindness, but more to restrict the recipient from receiving a warm emotional interaction. Either way, there is that prohibition to cross those spiritual borders. That is the spiritual ICE in action. News sources makes the worldly practices of ICE familiar to us through the deportation of illegal immigrants. We are most familiar with ICE's enforcement and removal operations. Similarly, the spiritual ICE also focuses on the enforcement and removal of those purposing to enter into the spiritual country.

What is the spiritual country? It is a place within us that influences our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. We become a person that recognizes no earthly authority, but causes residents to respect and live within the laws of the earthly powers. For example, during Hitler's Germany we would be those people acting in ways as to not violate the laws of the nation. However, we would not be among those who took the liberty to persecute and torture the Jewish people.

As immigrants crossing into the spiritual country, we acknowledge the authority of God. Which is to say, we recognize all of creation as being deserving of love, mercy, justice, and salvation. The spiritual ICE wants to enforce that country as off-limits and to remove anybody who attempts to immigrate there. In other words, they demand loyalty to their worldly power while attacking the "disloyalty" of spiritual "dissenters.

What are the spiritual waters that incites the spiritual ICE to enact on the enforcement and removal of immigrants? The spiritual qualities of love, kindness, and goodwill are signs of someone immigrating into the spiritual country. If you are showing compassion to others instead of showing allegiance to the worldly powers, you are marked for deportation. The immigrant would be expected to demonstrate more hatefulness, ill-will, and cruelty in attitudes. A meek and gentle spirit of peace that permeates to whosoever would be offensive to an elite worldly power. A universally tranquil person would be marked for deportation. They would demand more conflict, harshness, and aggression from the immigrant.

Optimism towards life in general would cause spiritual hope apart from the earthly government. For that reason, immigrants showing faith, joy, and goodness would be marked for deportation and expected to put on a show of despair, pessimism, and evilness.  If an immigrant shows endurance through a spirit of perseverance, self-control, and patience then ICE would definitely deem that person as incorrigible. ICE would utilize means to finalize the "out-of-control" and "impulsive" behavior of an immigrant like that.

Spiritual health would be a definite sign of rebellion against an elitist worldly power. Spiritual health is to be filled with the fullness of the fruit of the spirit instead of being filled with the will of the worldly powers. Thoughts, emotions, and behaviors tuned into the spiritual country would be very much different then thinking, feeling, and doing according to the dictates of the government.

ICE would be very vigilante to enforce the prohibition of immigrants crossing into the spiritual country and act promptly to remove those filled with the fullness of fruitfulness. Security forces do not work to protect and serve everybody. ICE is watching the spiritual waters and want to turn them to ice to eliminate the immigration. The ice is their wall. Tenderness, compassion, softness and all such fluid qualities are the waters that they want to frost. Social interaction is not for everybody.

All their resources relating to social interaction and security is according to the benefit given to the worldly powers. If an immigrant gives 100% allegiance to the Deity of the soul, then ICE interprets that as 0% benefit to the earthly government. In that event, such immigrants are marked for deportation. Likewise, when an immigrant seeks to establish mutual respect with others, that is interpreted as collusion against the worldly power. The real target of the spiritual ICE is God living within us that grants equality among all people.

ICE intends to negate the positive energy of the immigrants that cross into the spiritual country. That positive energy imparts words and behaviors that are edifying to everybody. There is an identity issue that ICE intends to enforce and to deport anyone who defiles the image of the worldly power. For immigrants to impart hope, optimism, and happiness to all people is to make the worldly country appear cold, calloused, prejudice, and Hitler-like.

We can assess that equality comes about when we balance the natural world with the spiritual world. The diagnosis is that dark worldly powers do not want others to immigrate into that spiritual country. They utilize ICE to enforce the prohibition of immigrating into the fruitful country and deport everyone away from that spirituality. Even so, we intend to persevere according to noble and fruitful social intentions by being firmly planted with the God that allows our life to blossom with good fruit. We implement that plan by allowing moist and tender dewdrops to live in us through the tenderness of the spiritual fruit. We know we are successful when the fullness of our inner life perseveres through the tactics of ICE. Spiritual waters will flow freely within us to speak of the God we serve which generates positive energy for all creation.

Some people want to deny entry into the spiritual country so that they can have uncontested power in the natural world. They utilize spiritual ICE, which uses the ice of anger and sadness, to prohibit immigration and to deport those who are in that fruitful land. For example, as you permeate with a meek and gentle spirit of peace wherever you go, ICE will create conflict, friction, and hostility to remove you from that spirituality.

As you permeate with faith, joy, and goodness, ICE will create an environment around you full of despair, sadness, and a sense of hopelessness. ICE intends to deport you from a spiritual environment. ICE's idea of bargaining with immigrants is to coerce allegiance to the worldly powers in exchange for surrendering the desire to enter the spiritual realm. The worldly powers will never accept the co-existence of a spiritual kingdom with worldly powers.

The population of people that gives birth to ICE espouses a belief of being superior and elite over spirituality. They have declared war on the fruit of the spirit. Words and behaviors flowing from that elite and non-spiritual population reveal attitudes that are vehemently opposed to salvation for the whosoever. During conversation, their words act to enforce the prohibition of entry into the spiritual country. They even carry that a step further to utilize actions to physically impede others from integrating into a spiritual family. 

Attitudes that gives birth to ICE also transfers through direct and indirect routes. People who directly give power to ICE are worldly powers that seize control of the natural world by prohibiting immigration into the spiritual world. Indirectly, the power of ICE is able to carry-on through those who attempt to avoid the icy cold responses to their humanitarian spirit.  They do their part to "ICE" spiritual qualities in themselves and within others. 

How could people possibly allow icy cold attitudes to enter into their way of thinking, feeling, and doing? Think of the process of behavior modification and you have your answer. The positive reinforcements includes social recognition and praise for the value of your worth to the worldly powers. Everyone would like to experience social acceptance and a sense of accomplishment for a work well done. Everyone would also like to avoid social scrutiny and disparagement of their worth. Unfortunately, ICE utilizes negative stimulus to prohibit immigration into the spiritual country and to remove those immigrants from spiritual territory. 

The people who are susceptible to hosting attitudes against spiritual immigration have a mind focused on physical, carnal, or worldly rewards. Spirituality is not familiar to the susceptible host. They think more about their own health then what they are doing to the welfare of others. Their focus is on their own safety as they jeopardize the safety of spiritual immigrants. The pleasure of physical social interaction is more of a turn-on for them as they shatter the social interaction of those seeking spirituality.  Their inner ego has more worth than the possibility of an inner God. They accept the worldly powers as their god to feed their ego. In order to maintain basic living necessities and shelter they adopt negativity towards those immigrating into the spiritual country. 

We can interrupt the cycle that turns one another into agents of ICE. We do that by realizing spiritual fullness is a result of accessing a part of who we are inwardly. From the inside, we are able to manage ugly thoughts and feelings to give life to humanitarian hopes, prayers, and desires. The softness within is like water that provides us with tenderness, compassion, and well-intended social interaction. The worth we feel is not from fulfillment to the dictates of worldly powers, but an ego that is embraced with love from a universal God. Spiritual immigration fills our soul with positive energy, which is the giver of life in the same way the Sun gives life to Earth.