I Write So That Your Joy Can Be Full

09/24/2012 20:12
"These things we write to you that your joy may be full."   1 John 1:4
The purpose of this writing given by the inspiration of God's divinity that lives in us, is that our joy may be full. Joy is what we should be full of, and joy is what we should help one another to experience. This is the purpose of this message to us.

To experience joy, we first must discover the divinity that lives within us, which generates the presence of joy in our thoughts and emotions. We find that divinity where there are softness, tenderness, and moistness within us. A smile is full of joy, is soft, tender, and moist. When we experience a smile, we feel with joy because we are in the presence of that divinity that lives in us.
We are full of joy when we are healthy, and our friends are too. Joy does not exist in us when we encourage unhealthy lifestyles in others, that is more like being sadistic. Encouraging substance abuse does not come from a joyful person, and does not create joy in the consumer. Let's encourage health in one another where joy is given and joy is received.
When we are full of joy, we feel safe, secure, and comfortable with others. There is no better comfort, and feeling of peace then laughter and smiles that come from the joy of love. A soul with no joy is a sad person with no smile and no laughter. A person with no joy may be perceived as a mean person who we feel threatened by. There is no security of a person who feels no joy in life. Let's share a meek, gentle smile of joy to make one another feel safe, secure and loved.
When we are full of joy, we make one another feel acceptance, loved, and like we belong with one another. A joyful soul in each other creates a happy atmosphere of fellowship, harmony, and peace. Imagine a social environment with no joy...where would the smiles, hugs, and goodwill be in our greeting of one another? Let's do a deed to bring a smile to someone to create joy in our acceptance of one another.
When we are full of joy, we feel like we have value to those around us. A joyful soul is one where we feel the world smile with us, and we feel that we have a value for ourselves in the present of others. How miserable and worthless we would feel if people treated us without the spirit of joy. There would be sad faces confronting us, withholding smiles and gladness from our sense of self-worth. Let's value others with a smile to bring esteem to one another, to share life, optimism, and futuristic goals.
When we are full of joy, we express ourselves with gladness to others. That self-expression is both verbal and non-verbal. We can posture our body meekly, and gently to increase a sense of gladness in others. We can express smiles tenderly without speaking a word to share joy with others. In addition, we can speak words of cheer to others, with faith for a better tomorrow, where a self-expression encourages gladness in life.
Some people want to deny us the joy we feel though that divinity that lives in us. They prefer to create anger instead of joy, which makes us all sad. People like that prefer to instill depression within our thoughts and emotions to defeat us from within. Some people refuse to find agreement with joyful people. They do not value gladness in the fellowship of social cohesion. Acceptance of the divinity in us is the only path to the fullness of joy. That divinity is found in the softness of a smile.

Let's honor that divinity in us where goodness lives. That keeps us open to goodwill, kindness and love to one another. Then we can live in peace with each other through meekness and gentleness. Joy comes through our faith in the tender goodness of God's spirit. Through self-control during trying situations, and patience within hostilities to us, we will persevere. That perseverance will lead to joy and social gladness.