I Want You To Be Everything That Is You, Deep At The Center Of Your Being

09/24/2012 20:06
“I want you to be everything that is you, deep at the center of your being.” Confucious
Everything that we are exist deep within our inner being. There is a divinity that lives within us that makes us who we are. That divine presence is of a spiritual nature, a supernatural realm, the entity of God. Therefore, when we discover that divinity within us, we discover our true selves. We discover ourselves according to how God intends us to be.

The divinity in us is found in the soft and moist qualities of our inner being. By discovering the tenderness in us, we find all the qualities of the divine nature. In those qualities, we become everything that we truly are. We are loving and kind people of goodwill intentions. We are gentle and meek peacemakers of this world. We are people of faith in the goodness of this world, and joyful. We are patient, full of self-control, and will persevere in the qualities of the divine.
Deep within us is the yearning for health so that we can be everything that we are meant to be. We do not want to be laying in a coma, mentally impaired, nor physically handicapped from unhealthy choices. Deep within us is a divine nature that guides us to drink fluids for hydration, eat for nutrition, and rest for rejuvenation. There is a desire to breathe air for oxygen and to live in sanitary conditions.
Unhealthy choices result from polluting the divinity that is deep within us. That pollution results from drinking substances that alter our mood and change our relationship with the inward divinity. Unhealthy choices come when we eat for emotional reasons, which alter the inner structure of the body. When we rely on substances to remain rejuvenated, we are not relying on the energy of the divine spirit in us. If we inhale toxic smokes intentionally into our body, we pollute our relationship with the goodness in us.
We want to keep our inward being clean because it is healthy for us. That is the way of the divine presence that is in us.
Deep within us, we discover that we are people of peace who contributes to a safe and secure world. That divine presence in us creates in us a meek, gentle, and peaceable spirit. Whatever part of the world we live, the divinity in each of us is supremely the same. When we discover our true selves in the presence of that inner divinity, there are peace, love, faith, and joy in the world. We are peacemakers that contribute to the peace, stability, and security in our homes, neighborhoods, and within our country. Deep within us that is truly who we are, peacemakers, born of a divine nature.
Deep within us is a yearning for harmony in our social relations. We want to be accepted with love to belong with friends and family who appreciate hugs and smiles. Part of that divine spirit in us exists of kindness and good intentions to each other. We crave true feelings of affection from one another. That is truly who we  are when we discover that divinity in us, people of harmony and love who commune with others in the spirit of family. When we discover that divine nature in us imagine the atmosphere at school, work, in our homes, at church, and in public gatherings.
Deep within us is the source of the value we feel for our own worth. We are people who feel esteem, worth, and confidence in the most oppositional situations. We feel that confidence because we are in touch with the divinity that is in us. That divine nature is love, joy, peace, and perseverance. Therefore, we feel love, joy, peace, and we persevere. That is through the confidence that the divine inner presence endows us with. There are no external influences that can cause us to harm ourselves, nor to harm others. We love ourselves more than that, and we feel at peace with others. We are truly people of a divine confidence. We feel loved by a divine presence which also loves others.
Deep within us, we are people of edifying self-expression. Whether we speak with words, or with silent language, the divine nature in us exhumes a message of goodwill to others. That is truly who we are deep within ourselves, people who speak words that bring cheer, expresses love, encourages faith, and uses self-control in relating to others. We express ourselves with smiles, hugs, kind and encouraging words.
Some people want to deny us the ability to be everything that we are, deep within us. They want to deny us the opportunity to discover the divinity within ourselves. They want us to be angry not divine. They want us to feel depression about our shortcomings, not joyful about the divine nature in us. They refuse to interact with the spirit of divinity in us, hoping if they ignore us, we will go away. Acceptance of the divine presence in us is the only avenue by which there is a fulfillment of harmony, peace, and kindness in this world.

Everything that we are corresponds to how we welcome the divine presence that lives in us. Welcoming that divinity is to welcome gentleness, meekness, peace, kindness, goodwill, and love. Our faith must be for that divine nature within where the source of all goodness and joy exists. On our journey to meet that divinity in us, there are patience, self-control, and perseverance. We are soft, tender, moist people whose spirit is of the divinity of our inner being. That is everything that we are, deep at the center of our being.