Honey In the Rock

02/18/2014 10:30

The place of the rock is what some people want you to believe is "already made," their intent is hostile to the people and community that surrounds you. The honey, or softness of your persona, is what they express opposition to for the purpose of hardening you to fruitful feelings.

The phrase "honey in the rock" is a way of expressing how the softness of our inner being navigates us through the hard and difficult turmoil within our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The hardness exist when we are unaware of the spiritual divinity of the soul and that hardness desolates us of inner fruitfulness, fills us with conflict, turns our attitude into disrespect for life, blinds us to the divine worth of the human animal, and induces negative energy in our activity. Even amidst the dry and rocky places there exists honey, which is the soft moist tenderness of our inward life. The honey amidst our turmoil and conflict enables us to experience fruitfulness of mind, emotions, and deeds, to feel peace, continue on with reverence for life, to see our worth by the divine presence of our soul, and to fuel our daily activity with positive energy. There is honey in the rock when we reverence the supernatural deity that lives through the softness of our soul.

The hardness and turmoil of our inner life comes when the spiritual fruit are barren, dry, and non-existent in what we think, feel, and do. Alternatively, the honey in the rock consist of the spiritual fruit which blossom from the soft, moist tenderness of our soul. The feelings of hate, ill-will, and cruelty is from rocky places, but love, goodwill, and kindness is the honey we can taste amidst the most difficult of circumstances. With that taste of honey also comes the attitude of peace, meekness, and gentleness even though the hardness of conflict, harshness, and dominance surrounds. Similarly, within our inward softness is the honey of faith, joy, and goodness even though we feel the tough turmoil of despair, sadness, and evil urges. Furthermore, it is that moist honey that enables us to persevere with patience and self-control even though we feel calloused urges of out-of-control responses, quick and unfruitful replies, and flirting with fatal endings. There is honey in the rock when we make an effort to live from the tenderness of our soul where the spiritual fruit blossom.

There is honey in the rock amidst our concerns for the welfare of our health. The hardness within us closes fruitful desires for our own welfare and becomes an area that is built upon to perpetuate unhealthy habits. This is the attitude that one drink of alcohol is O.K., but two and more is even better, which begins to deteriorate our physical being. Likewise, when sitting to eat we will compliment the chef on how good the 5 ounce piece of steak is, then one serving becomes three until we begin to experience a slew of unhealthy problems months and years ahead. In addition, we inhale inoxicating smokes to be polite and socialable, but one smoke becomes more until life-threatening addictions develop. Furthermore, we experience the comfort of sitting, but neglect the need for a walk or other excercise, which develops into multiple health hazards. However, even in the midst of temptation and social pressures there is the honey in the rock that we can draw from. That honey allows the softness of self-control, patience, and perseverance to surface within us amidst a crowd who lives by unhealthy habits, and give us comfort amidst various ailments.  

There is honey in the rock when terror rattles our desire for safety. We might experience a hectic day with a degree of hostility in our tone of voice and behavior, and some people will try to perpetuate and build upon that anger. They will attempt to harden the feelings of tranquility that you experience while inciting attitudes of violence to others, domestic conflicts in the home, and instability in day to day activity. Their implication is that your inclination to anger is already made as they further harden your inner life by discouraging you from tasting of the sweetness of honey. Even so, amidst the conflict, harshness, and arrogance that we might feel or experience there exist a moist softness where we can draw from the fruit of peace, meekness, and gentleness.

There is honey in the rock when hatefulness frustrates our desire for belonging. Within the hard rockiness of our soul lurks the attitude of hatred, intolerance, exclusion, and sexual abuses. It is there that some people want to build upon those anti-social feelings by opposing the soft tenderness you feel for those around you. They will imply that you are unfit for social integration by their anti-social tactics towards you, and declare that everything is already made, and you are not included. Even amidst the most hostile of environments we can draw upon the inner resource of the divine honey where love, goodwill, and kindness blossom in our emotions, thoughts, and way of living life. There is honey in the rock to establish our place of belonging with the supernatural spiritual presence of this world.

There is honey in the rock when darkness blinds us to our divine worth. When we cannot see the divinity that lives in our own soul through the spiritual fruit, hardness develops in our feelings about ourselves as we begin to experience attitudes of self-degradation and being worthless. It is at that time some people will add to those feelings of low esteem to continue with ridicule, humiliation, and self-defeating behavior. They will insist that the circumstances responsible for your failures are already made and attempt to incite destruction to others who they say are responsible for your lack of purpose. However, within that hard environment exist a glimmer of light that shines within the honey in the rock. That light reveals our divine worth by our inner fruitfulness, tendency to be a peacemaker, our craving for respect of life, desire for equality in human worth, and the spark of positive energy in what we say and do.  

There is honey in the rock when there is suppression of our fruitful identity. We can become so hard within ourselves that we quit trying to use our energy to positively motivate others to do well for one another. Some people will perpetuate that negative attitude by attempting to dry the sweet honey in your words and deeds, their intent is to cause negative energy to result in words that are full of despair, evilness, and sadness. They want you to believe that optimism in your communication to others is useless because lifestyles are already made and nothing you can do or say can change those circumstances. Their intent diverts you from the supernatural presence that lives within the divinity of the soul. Even so, there will always exist a softness within your inner being, and in that honey is found the spirit of faith, joy, and goodness which flows in how we behave and what we say.  

We can assess that the honey in the rock is of the divinity of the soul which creates spiritual fruit to guide us through hard and difficult situations. The diagnosis is that some people will use your inner hardness, turmoil, and struggles to perpetuate illicit sentiments to incite anti-social behaviors. Even so, we plan to savor the honey in the rock to make us a sweetly constructive influence to our surroundings. We implement that plan by responding to daily experiences from tender softness within our thoughts, feelings, and in what we do. The success of living from the honey in the rock is evident as we respond with love when feeling hateful, reply with peace when feeling anger, answer with faith when feeling despair, and displaying perseverance when we feel like quitting.

Some people want to deny you the honey that exist within the rock, they are terminally ill with hard and calloused attitudes towards fruitful society. Their intent is obvious because they use anger within their uncooperative attitude towards the soft intentions of peace and goodwill. With that, they utilize hard pessimism to counter the sweetness of joy, and withdraw from gatherings that carry power within a pervading happiness. The extent of their negotiations or exchanges is to add to the hardness of your attitude while attempting to claim the tenderness of the honey as their own. They refuse to accept the divine presence of the soul while attacking the spiritual fruit, acknowledging the unfruitful callousness of the soul while shutting out the tenderness in emotions, behaviors, and thoughts.

Reservoirs of people exist who build upon the hardness of the inner being while simultaneously attacking the moist softness in emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. They consider the honey in the rock to be a detriment to their intentions. The attitudes that exit those reservoirs are words and deeds that build upon callous and destructive attitudes while being spiteful to the spirit of compassion and joyful community cohesion. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who need to dominate others by the unfruitfulness in hardness, while falsely attesting to their character as being the honey of social networks. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who are intolerant of various differences in others while being ardent in their own rules of righteousness.

The attitude of hostility to the honey in the rock enter us because we want to receive a generic form of the honey through praise from others, and to belong among those who accept our hardness as a "strong" link in an "unbreakable" group chain. Those susceptible to opposition to the honey in the rock are people whose mind is full of right and wrong mandates, but neglect the tender spirit of goodwill, love, kindness, peace, and joy. We can interrupt the flow of hostility to the honey the rock by responding to hatefulness and turmoil from the softness of our inner being. Through patience, self-control, and perseverance we taste the honey within our emotions, way of thinking, and in what we do as the spiritual fruit begins to blossom within our soul.