Homeland Security

07/11/2014 10:21

This essay, "Homeland Security," begins by sharing the definition of homeland and security. Homeland is a country where someone was born or grew up, and is usually a large area where a particular group of people can live. Security is the state of being protected from harm, or things done to make people safe. In that light, we will continue this essay with the knowledge that homelands exist in lands all around the world, and in those lands people desire security in their country to feel safe and protected. When there is security within the world's homelands there is peace globally.

The divinity of the soul is the source of security in homelands all around the globe. As primal instincts subside within the human animal, divine qualities begin to develop from the inner being. A stable homeland comes about when there is nurturing of spiritual fruitfulness within the citizens. But, opposition to civil qualities of our inward life desolates security of the homeland. That desolation results in conflict and even violence which destabilizes a community. Stabilization of a community happens when we foster the divine spirit of peace. Within that peace flows an attitude of love for the softness of life. From a reverence for life there is mutual respect for the light of our divine worth. There is disruption in the homeland security when abuse and disrespect arises towards the worth of others. That desecration of human esteem brings negative energy of despair and pessimism for the homeland. Those pessimistic attitudes turn to optimism as we nurture the divinity that lives within every soul around the world.

The development of the spiritual fruit in the soul of citizens brings security to homelands. Those fruit blossom when primal ways of thinking, sensing, and behaving dissipate. The primitive nature of the human animal is the source of hate crimes and cruel intentions towards those violating "territorial" zones. That wrecks the security of the homeland. Wrecking a community begins by opposition to the civil spirit of goodwill, kindness, and love for one another. Those fruitful qualities instill a comforting feeling among citizens to foster peace, meekness, and gentleness. In the absence of comfort of the population, the residual discomfort induces hostilities, harshness, and impulses to dominate others. That causes instability in every area of the homeland wherever people exist. That chaotic environment produces attitudes of despair, pessimism, and evilness within the population towards their own country. Restoration of optimism for the people of a nation comes by the spiritual fruit of joy, goodness, and faith. Hostility to a positive spirit is hostility to the homeland. When the homeland is under scrutiny by unfruitful sentiments of haters, we need to discover patience, self-control, and perseverance through the divine presence of our inner being. After all, disrupting the safety within our communities results when we become impatient, out of control, and seek to end the structure of the homeland and the citizens therein.

Security in the homeland requires healthy citizens. The population should be aware to remain open to all the resources available to bring blossoms of health. With that, we need perseverance in behaviors contributing to our well being. Simultaneously, self-control in exerting physical functions is important, including consumption. In addition, patience is necessary when others attempt to induce unhealthy behaviors. If we become impatient, we succumb to responses that are emotionally and mentally unfruitful. In that unfruitfulness, it's possible to become out of control in our eating, drinking, sleeping, and sanitary needs. Moreover, some health issues are beyond our control. We have no input in food and water quality, may experience inadequate sleep and exhaustion while working, our environment may be contaminated with organism that make us sick, and even the air may create issues in our brething. As we find ourselves in physically detrimental situations or lifestyles, we begin to quit trying to be positive citizens, and beging to contribute to the insecurities in the homeland. In that light, the homeland becomes insecure due to negative attitude about the well being of our health. The country becomes plaqued with a high proportion of physically, emotionally, and behviorally unhealthy citizens. 

Security in the homeland requires safety for the citizens. The population feels secure when they know radical behaviors subside to the extent of providing a tranquil environment. The disruption of that tranquility transpires when there is opposition to the fruit of gentleness, meekness, and peace within the human spirit. The harassment of those divine qualities incites the primal beast to create insecurity in the homeland. Those insecurities manifest because of hostilities resulting in bodily harm, fear of abuse at home, and the chaos that spreads into other areas of society.

Security in the homeland requires desirable places of belonging. A devotion to the homeland means friendship to the people we meet from day to day, flowing with good deeds for one another. When people withdraw their caring attitude, the flow of compassion will cease as devotion to a harmonious homeland disappears. In that event, there is no desirable place of belonging to be found within the land we call home. The homeland becomes an insecure place full of hatred, exclusionary attitudes, abuses of intimacy, and intolerances. Those unfruitful sentiments manifest when the fruit of love, goodwill, and kindness are eradicated from the human spirit.

Security in the homeland requires hospitality to the light of our divine worth. There should be esteem for spiritual fruitfulness, peacemakers, the sacredness of life, and the generation of positive energy. All of those qualities within the soul creates a civil spirit arising from the divinity of our inner being. In that divine light, there should be mutual respect for one another to contribute to security within the homeland. A perspective viewing the human animal as nothing more than a primitive creature devalues the deity of the soul, desecrates human worth, and incites a "dog-eat-dog" environment. The irreverence for human life comes about through hostilities to positive attitudes of our divine worth. That incites conflict, disregard for life, and induces negative energy within the population.

Security in the homeland requires positive energy in the self-expression of our identity. Within the homeland should be the stimulation of positive qualities to fuel the metabolism of the population. When the generation of fruitful qualities are short-circuited by destructive attitudes, then negative words and actions are the essence of what we become. The homeland becomes insecure through the despair, evilness, and pessimism within communities towards the country of their residence. A secure homeland develops by the fruit of joy, goodness, and faith within the spirit of the human animal.

Some people make an effort to deny security to the homeland by irreverence to the divinity of the soul and opposition to the spiritual fruit. Their disturbance of the peace within the citizens come about by causing conflict, arguments, and barriers to fruitful intentions. Likewise, they disrupt joyful and optimistic sentiments within a community of people by using attitudes of pessimism, sadness, and depression towards positively energized people. The extent of their interactions are to bury civil social skills while giving rise to primal behaviors. In that light, we know acceptance of the spiritual fruit within the spirit of the human animal is the source of homeland security.

There are reservoirs, or groups of people, who intend to disrupt the security of homelands. The words exiting those reservoirs reveal a disdain for fruitfulness in the human spirit, and their actions intend to incite unfruitful sentiments. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who plan to create chaos in the homeland. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who become infected with disgruntled pessimism towards their surrounding  environment. The attitudes that contribute to the insecurities within the homeland enter us because we feel worthy of a better place to live. We become frustrated with feelings that our life is worthless as there seems to be no esteem for a fruitful civil spirit. In that event, we join those who complain, bicker, and convey negativism about the country for the purpose of receiving acceptance by haters.

Those susceptible to hosting attitudes against homeland security are those willing to protest and riot for a better country, but at the expense of the divinity in their souls. They give precedence to the manifestation of primal behaviors while sacrificing the spiritual fruitfulness within the human spirit. We can interrupt the cycle of contributing to chaos by realizing homeland and global security comes by the development of peace, faith, perseverance, and love within the soul of the human animal. That divine fruit exist within the soft moistness of our inner being.