Guest Post: We Are All Waking Up

04/30/2013 05:51

The Video At The Bottom Of The Page Is The Main Message Of This Guest Post!

Alanna and I have been traveling to film our new documentary and in our travels of meeting people and talking with them both in person and what we encounter online, its becoming clearer that more than ever that the awakening that is happening really can happen in so many different ways. With all of us being in different parts of the world, coming from different cultures and even different beliefs, it is amazing to see that in the end we are all waking up to the same understanding of ourselves and our world.

It has been 3.5 years that I have been going through my own awakening and transformations. Through starting CE and doing this work it became clear pretty quickly that there are some divides when it comes to the awakening going on. The divides show themselves in the different groups that surface based on what they are waking up to. Some of us are seeing through the system and its illusions, others are awakening past their religious beliefs and some of us are on a spiritual or conscious journey. In any case, one can witness some tension between the groups. There are judgements that go back and forth, comparisons and even very intense conflicting beliefs. But what is clear is that it is only showing itself once we make our new beliefs or understandings a part of our identity. This then makes us want to defend ourselves when the information is threatened.

I will let the video speak for itself, but I just want to share that what is happening here is truly all the same awakening. We are all coming from different places, but in the end we are moving through the various stages of waking up to a grander aspect of ourselves and this world. This is not a time to judge one another or hate one another. It is not a time to cast each other aside based on where we are or the views we have come to understand. Just as we once believed something was true before waking up to the truth beyond it, we can continue to do that as we move forward past our newer beliefs. Being fluid and open as we move forward is truly being awake.