Guest Post: It Is You Who Are The Bullies

04/27/2013 15:03

It is you who are the bullies!


“You fatso, you fat racist, you creep!”

On March 23rd, I was monitoring the Swedish Defense League (SDL) rally in Malmö. I was there as a photographer. In front of me were hundreds of persons shouting out their hatred of me and others whom they do not consider “true democrats”. With their words ringing in my ears, I was taken back to my schoolyard in Trollhättan. But here it was not merely a dozen assaulting me – here the bullies were out by the hundreds.

Eggs, stones, snowballs, rotten fruit and glass bottles flew across the city square, aimed at us standing among the “evil ones”, those from SDL, and I was counted among those, as I was the only photographer that had been permitted through the barricades. The mouths screaming at me, the hands throwing eggs at me, belonged to the crowd of self-proclaimed “anti-racists”. Those who consider themselves to be the good, those who claim to have a humane and righteous view of humans.

When I went to school, almost every day I asked myself the question: Why are bullies harassing me? What is it that disturbs them? Was it my dialect, my body, my interests?

These questions came back while I was standing on Stortorget in Malmö: Why are they behaving like this? What do they stand to gain by throwing eggs at a media representative? What kind of democracy do they believe they are protecting by silencing people, by creating a hellish inferno of noise in order to drown out the opinions of their opponents? What precisely do they want? To establish a totalitarian society where only approved opinions may be stated, sending everyone with wrong opinions to the Gulag?

I suspect that they themselves do not understand what their actions are leading to. I believe that most of them really are just rotten people, damned bloody bullies who have discovered a niche where they are permitted to be exactly as evil as they desire. The problem is that they have planted an effective lie – that they are showing solidarity and are good-hearted humanists. Ordinary people seem to believe that AntiFascistisk Aktion, AFA, is a collection of cute brats waving red flags. Who quietly talk about solidarity and the working class.

This is not how it is. AFA is a violent network connected to Robert Aschberg of TV3 and Mona Sahlin from the Swedish Social Democrats. These two are on the board of Expo, which is directly connected to AFA. Expo (an organization hailed by media and politicians, and granted extensive financial support) is best described as a state-funded intelligence service. Which, under the label of “research”, is engaged in collecting information about everyone holding opposing opinions.

A different group of bullies which really has arrived to Sweden in recent years is those who have chosen a god called “Allah”. They have the idea that merely due to choosing him, they have been assigned a god-given right to assign psychiatric diagnoses to people and/or label those as “racists” who say anything critical of their religion. In their self-imposed social exclusion, they demand entirely different rights and obligations than the rest of us have. If they do not get what they demand, society can expect heavy expenses, such as torched cars, school arson, robbery, assault, vandalism and rape. The list can become quite long. But everything can be summarized in one word: Bullying.

I would say that we are dealing with really evil people. They hide in uniforms and ideas concealing their true intentions. ”Anti-racists” and Islamists have not only convinced themselves that just their goodness is larger and that their vulnerability and suffering exceeds that of others – they have also managed to make a large share of the Swedes believe the same thing. As they themselves possess ”intellectual perfection”, they can never be questioned. Do we recognize this quality from the Nazis, who also considered themselves the most perfect, enlightened people? We are dealing with exactly the same matter here.

As their ideology is fundamentally weak, there is only one way to uphold it: Through violence, oppression and intimidation. We witnessed their goodness in Malmö on March 23rd. One thing you have to grant them – they have managed to trick all of Sweden into believing that precisely their bullying is an expression of goodness. In Sweden, violence against persons whose opinion you don’t like is just fine – as long as you are on the right side of the riot fence.