Glimmer: Daily Devotional

04/14/2018 10:42

Inalienable rights have a glimmer that refuses to go away. No matter how faintly they shine or how much their light wavers they are easy to detect. What are those inalienable rights whose glimmering defines the character of our world? Can you imagine the body separated from health? No, so health is an inalienable right. How about feeling safe and secure within yourself? Can you imagine life living with internal terror from day to day? No, so to be secure inwardly is an inalienable right. Being separated from the human race violates our inborn humanity, so integration into human society is an inalienable right. Imagine being separated from the universal creator, so of course serving that creator is inalienable. Our identity is also woven into our internal fabric, so that too is an inalienable right.

The glimmering light of our physical internal existence is inalienable. The spiritual nature of creation is also inalienable. It is impossible to be separated from the spirit without severe consequences to our humanity. Internal fruitfulness, the ability to regulate our internal thoughts and feelings, the soft tender moisture, the inborn nature of God, and positive energy are essential to a humane world. As long as there is a glimmer of light through the spiritual fruit there is hope and a prayer for humanity. The inalienable necessity of the spiritual fruit enables the nurturing of the physical aspects of inalienable rights. Patience with one another, peace towards others, love, mutual respect, and joy towards others go hand in hand with the glimmer of inalienable rights.

Christ encouraged the attention to inalienable rights through healings, bringing spiritual peace, integrating people socially, making them feel a part of God’s family, and creating positive energy into the world. May we also allow the glimmer of Christ in us to shine in this world today.