Gateway To The Afterlife

10/19/2012 23:50

Gateway To The After Life

Within the human body is a divine presence that is the gateway into the light and joy of the after life. This presence is the source of all the goodness that exists within us. That divinity requires our honor for us to receive passage into a new dimension of life in the spiritual realm.  

The spiritual fruits are our guideposts, or pathway, to the gate that opens into the after life. When we respond to situations that induce the blossoms of the fruit of the spirit, we secure a place in the light and joy of the hereafter. The spiritual fruits are the soft moistness of our inner being. Those fruits consist of love, kindness, goodwill, peace, meekness, gentleness, faith, joy, goodness, perseverance, patience, and self-control.

The spiritual fruit thrives within the milk and honey liquids of the soul. Envision pouring liquids into a funnel that fills a whole on the other side. The liquids are the divine fruit; the funnel is the gateway leading to a new dimension of life. If a person fills the funnel with cement, then there would be hardness that clogs the opening, impeding the flow of liquid. In the same way, hardness of the inner being closes the ability to cross over into the light and joy of the divine nature of the after life.

We enter the gateway to the after life through a healthy relationship with that divine inner goodness. Let goodwill, kindness, and love live in you for your body, the home of the divine gatekeeper.

We enter the gateway to the after life through a secure bond with the divine inner presence. Let peace, meekness, and gentleness fill you to let tranquility exist with one another.

We enter the gateway to the after life through acceptance of the deity that lives in us. Let love, peace, faith, and perseverance fill us with tolerance for one another. Then we can induce harmony from a person to a person.

We enter the gateway to the after life by honoring the supreme worth of the supernatural presence within us. Let us feel faith, joy, and goodness within our own esteem. Then we can honor the worth of others also.

We enter the gateway to the after life by expressing ourselves through the spiritual fruit of that divine inner presence. Let meekness, kindness, goodness, and self-control flow through our words and deeds. Then there will be fruitful communication and responses from one another.

Some people want to deny us access through the gateway of the after life, which comes through the spiritual fruit. They express anger, pessimism, and sad tones when they see signs of the gate opening. Those signs include the fruits of peace, love, faith, and perseverance. They refuse to bargain in any way that assists others through the gate of light and joy with the eternal deity. Acceptance of the divine inner goodness, the source of spiritual fruit, is the only door into the supernatural realm of life beyond this earthly dimension.  

There are reservoirs of those people who oppose our passing through the gateway of the divine after life. They do that by attacking the divine goodness within us from where the fruit of the spirit blossom. The attitude that exit from them is a disregard to those who comprehend the nature and reality of the light and joy within the new dimension of life. Those attitudes transfer through people who have become hardened to the divine inner fruitfulness. They focus only on earthly values, with no desire for the spiritual realm.

Often, our sense of worth is ridiculed, humiliated, and devalued for possessing moist soft qualities. Those are the qualities that enable us to pass into the light of the hereafter. That might cause us to surrender that inward fruitfulness in exchange for worldly praise and acceptance. That will close the gateway to a place of belonging within the life of the new dimension. There are those who are susceptible to being shut out from entering through the gateway of the divine hereafter. They are unaware of the supreme gatekeeper, and hinder the fruit of the spirit from blossoming within themselves. They develop a disdain for the rewards of a divine spiritual presence, and live by earthly expectations.

We can interrupt the cycle of hardening ourselves to the gateway of the after life where light and joy exist. We do that by realizing that a divine gatekeeper resides within us, the source of all goodness. We honor that inward deity through the soft moist qualities of our inner being, where the spiritual fruit thrives. Through that fruit, the gate opens for our entry into a place of light and joy within the hereafter.  

We can assess that we enter through the gateway of the after life by honoring the divine presence in us. The blossoms of the spiritual fruit are evidence of that honorable relationship. The diagnosis is that some people are hostile to our entering through the gates of the realm of supernatural life. They attack the divine goodness in us at the appearing of the fruit of the spirit. Even so, we plan to live for the light and joy of the life beyond this dimension. We implement that plan by responding to situations from the soft moist qualities in us, to honor the divine gatekeeper of our soul. The evaluation of that plan is by considering the blossoms of the spiritual fruit within us. That fruit is a sign that the gateway to the life beyond this world is open to us.