Fruitage in Our Health

02/23/2013 19:43

Our health relates to components that include our physical needs. Those components involve breathing for oxygen, drinking for hydration, and eating for nutrition. Adding to that is our need of elimination for being sanitary, rest for rejuvenation, and sensual intimacy for feelings of love. We can have a healthy regard for ourselves through fruitfulness of our inner being, or destroy the body from inner desolation. In addition, our muscles, bones, heart, lungs, five senses, and all bodily organs comprise how well the body functions.

There is a divinity living within us that cares for the health of our physiology, the body is the home of that deity. That divine presence inspires the spirit of life in what we breathe, drink, and eat. We want to be sanitary so that our survival perpetuates, to rest so that living rejuvenates, and share sensual intimacy that enhances our existence. Through the inner goodness, we present goodwill to ourselves in how we fulfill the physiological needs of the body. That divine goodness is the source that produces the spiritual fruit as we honor the body as the dwelling place of that divinity. Even during ailments in our bodily organs, there can still be the spirit of life, goodness, and spiritual fruitfulness flowing through us.

The spiritual fruit comes through the soft moistness of our inner being, and are necessary during healthy and unhealthy circumstances. When we are healthy, we are able to share love, goodwill, and kindness. Alternatively, our health fails but the fruitage makes us feel loved from an inner source of kindness and goodwill. Likewise, during our mobility we can relay the spirit of peace, meekness, and gentleness to contribute to a safe and secure environment. In contrast, during the time of our ailing bodies there is an inner resource of peace. That fruit meekly and gently comforts us. When we are able to move our arms, legs, and speak effectively the fruit of patience, self-control, and perseverance keeps us behaving appropriately. In our physiological limitations, we discover an inner resource of patience, and self-control so that we can endure difficult infirmities. In addition, during a time of health we feel faith, joy, and the spirit of goodness for our future physical endeavors. Alternatively, during confinement to a bed due to sickness, there remains joy, faith, and goodness to spare us from depression, hopelessness, and no desire for life.

When we are healthy, we feel safe and secure. During a fire, storm, or violence we can maneuver our body to carry us to a stable place of shelter. Likewise, we could move our arms and legs to walk away from toxic air into fresh oxygen. With a healthy body, we prepare ourselves safe foods and drinks for consumption. Equally important, when our physiology is in good repair we can keep our body clean to prevent disease. We can even experience sensual intimacy in a safe way, without abuse. In these healthy times, we may experience fruitfulness blossom within our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

However, there are those times when health ailments ravage the body. Confinement to a chair or bed during a fire, storm, or violence might fill us with insecurities and trauma. The luxury of breathing fresh air, cooking our own meals, washing the body, or experiencing sensual intimacy without abuse escapes us. Neglect by others leaves us in harms way. We may feel the unfruitful sentiments of being hateful, resentful, hopeless, and impatient at the world.

When the spirit’s fruit blossoms from our inner being, we are able to feel comfort through every health ailment. The inward divinity imparts to us an inner feeling that we are loved, giving us inner peace with faith and endurance. A tranquility and faith live in us in healthy and unhealthy situations. That brings a soothing sense of security within our mentality, emotions, and behavior.

When we are healthy, we are able to join in social relationships. We want to be able to mobilize among those people who love us, accept us, and make us feel that we belong with them. A body that is in good health helps us to be hospitable with one another by preparing dinners and picnics for them. We can even share hugs with a freshly clean body that smells delightful. During these beneficial social interactions, we may feel the spiritual fruit living within us.

In contrast, envision a body that is unhealthy with limited functioning but still desiring to interact socially. There is a possibility that some people would not be loving, accepting, or give you a place of belonging with them. To the contrary, they are hateful and contrite to your need to socialize. They keep you in a place of solitary to eat alone, never an invitation to breathe fresh air, not a chance for a smile, hug, or a bath. Your inner being would cringe with unfruitful feelings of rejection, and abandonment.

Through the spiritual fruit, the divinity of the soul communicates to us that we are worthy of love, even when our health fails. We learn that our place of belonging is where the spirit of peace, joy, faith, and comfort blossom in us. Our emotions and thoughts refocus away from physical interaction. We align our socialization with the divinity of our soul.

When we are healthy, we feel a value for our worth. We feel valuable to others because we can move our arms, legs, and every part of the body to do well. That might come by distributing food, water, and making provisions to bring a sanitary and healthy environment to others. We would be able to let others feel love by esteeming them with sensual intimacy. Self-esteem floods our soul because we are healthy and able to maneuver in ways that soothe our egos. The spiritual fruit would be a part of what we think and feel about ourselves.

However, what would we feel about ourselves if our bodies were dysfunctional, confining us to a wheelchair, bed, or other restriction?  Some people might respond to that as if we had no worth or right to exist. The type of treatment where they fed you in a degrading way, filled the air with smoke, and dried your body with the same towel used for the pet. Instead of love to esteem your sensual intimacy, they snarl at you with hate and despise. Because of our physiological ailment, we might hate what we become, and feel detrimental turmoil about our worthlessness. The inner unfruitfulness would be too great for our egos to bear.

Fortunately, the divinity of our soul awakens the supreme worth we feel within ourselves through the spiritual fruit. We realize the value we have through the moist softness that lives within us, even through demeaning circumstances. When we keep our esteem open to the goodness within us, then those who oppose that fruitfulness are a detriment to themselves. We feel uplifted within our egos because even in our infirmity, there has to be mutual honor for one another.

When we are healthy, we are able to express ourselves effectively. When we open our mouth or perform a deed, we might invite the family over for a reunion. The attitude of love flows through our sensuality, as we are intimate in giving hugs and kisses. We use our words and behavior to communicate our desire for their health, sanitization, and ability to breathe comfortably. The ability to use functioning arms, legs, and vocal chords to speak words and perform deeds for one another is essential to our self-expression. When we have that freedom, we feel the fruitfulness flow though our inner being.  

What would our life be like if sickness wounded our ability to express ourselves in words and deeds? Would anyone make an effort to communicate with you, or try to understand what you wanted to say? When you try to let them know you need sanitization because of stool in your pants they give you food to eat instead. If you try to communicate your love, intimacy, or sensuality they lock you in the bathroom for privacy for elimination. When you try to express your desire for fresh air, they turn on the television and smoke a cigarette. Those are times when you begin to feel frustration, and develop unfruitful sentiments when opening the mouth, or in a bodily gesture.

From the divinity of the soul comes the spiritual fruit to enhance the interpretation of words, deeds, and attitudes. Although health ailments prevent the body from effective communication, the fruit of the spirit gives the ability to interpret the intentions of others. The compassion that flows through the divine inner presence brings an ability to comprehend the needs of one another. During difficult communication barriers, the spiritual fruit is alive within speaking to us through words of love, peace, faith, and perseverance.

Harbingers of fruitage in our health believe in the divinity of their soul and absorb the spiritual fruit within healthy and unhealthy circumstances. They do not express anger, unpleasantness, or harshness when physical ailments ravage their bodies. The heralds are able to bargain within themselves to exchange bodily ailments for the spirit’s fruit. They discover peace, comfort and joy. Through that bargaining, there are no feelings of sadness, or depression within their infirmities. They accept those infirmities within spiritual fruitfulness, which comforts thoughts and emotions to guide their behaviors.

The harbingers cause reservoirs of growth to occur, existing of people who embrace spiritual fruitfulness in their health concerns. The words, deeds, and attitudes that exit from those reservoirs include the spirit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance. Whether healthy or unhealthy they feel fruitful within themselves. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who experience the comfort, peace, and joy in their physiology. In addition, the transference may occur indirectly by witnessing the spirit‘s triumph in others over physical ailments. As those attitudes transport from person to person, we allow them to enter us because we feel more worth through spiritual qualities than through an ailing body. We want to belong to a loving, joyful, comforting, and peaceful people of faith, regardless of the status of our health.

The hosts of the fruit of the spirit, during every health situation, are those who accept that comfort in our minds and emotions come through spiritual fruitage. They comprehend that dwelling on infirmities and physical limitations is detrimental to their well-being. Hosting the spirit’s fruit within our concerns for the welfare of the body is a perpetual cycle. That cycle continues through the soft moistness of our inner being where we feel the spirit of comfort, peace, joy, faith, goodness, and perseverance. We respond to our physiological circumstances with fruitage in our health.