Foxhole Prayers, A Spiritual Refuge

10/27/2012 17:37

Prayers From Foxholes, A Spiritual Refuge

A foxhole is a protective hole dug in the ground to protect a sniper or other soldier from enemy fire. The foxholes I refer to safeguard us while surrounded by hatred, cruelty, ill-intentions, violence, harshness, and domination. A foxhole without a prayer might exhibit sadness, hopelessness, badness, impatience, out of control behaviors, and despair. More than protection from those elements, prayers in foxholes are to extinguish those undesirable influences, to restore civil relationships. Refugee camps are examples of prayerful people being rescued from their “foxholes” where violence and hatred once surrounded them. They now live in an environment of social harmony through the spirit of peace, joy, and goodness. Click to see the Refugee Camp at Yida, South Sudan.

When we are in those "foxholes," surrounded by hostile intentions, there is something within us that says, “there has to be a better way.” Those sentiments that surface from our inner being are prayers for comfort and tranquility. We begin to focus on spiritual qualities that we need during troubling circumstances. Through those prayers, we come into the presence of the deity that lives within us. That deity is the source of all goodness that exists in us, and in the world, which generates the spiritual fruit. By “foxhole prayers,” we are beginning to discover our way from hostilities into harmony and tranquility with the inner divinity.

When we pray from “foxholes,” that is the stirring of our inner being craving to restore fruitfulness to the surroundings. One where a smile forms on the face, and joy bubbles within the soul. We are praying for the spiritual fruit to blossom from within us, and through our environment. Those prayers are yearnings for the return of peace, meekness, and gentleness to calm us inwardly, and bring tranquility around us. We begin to desire the restoration of the spirit of goodwill, kindness, and love among one another. Definitely, the qualities of patience, self-control, and perseverance in fruitful qualities begin to bloom as we remain in the safety of the “foxhole.” During that time of shelter, the fruit of faith, joy, and sense of goodness develops in the optimism of surviving the hostile environment.   

Prayers from foxholes surface from our desire for kindness concerning the welfare of our health. Those prayers create a beginning for goodwill, gentleness, and joy for healthy surroundings. Even then, some people are hardened to soft, fruitful  feelings and feel no concern for the health of the body. Their attitude conveys ill-intent, harshness, and pessimism towards the health of others, and their own welfare. They perpetuate the deterioration of health and bodily destruction. They will never experience a refuge in an environment where health, and respect for life, of the body prevails.

Prayers from foxholes surface from our desire for tranquility to establish a safe and secure environment. Those prayers create inroads to blossom peace, meekness, and gentleness within our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Even then, some people are calloused and feel no serenity within themselves. Their attitudes are hostile, harsh, and domineering. An insecure and threatening environment persists by them. They will never experience a refuge in a place where tranquility, peace, and security exist.

Prayers from foxholes surface from our desire for acceptance into a place of love. Those prayers create inroads into social harmony. Even then, some people are closed within themselves and do not feel the soft, moist inner prayers for kindness, love, and goodwill. Their persona perpetuates hatred, cruelty, and ill-intentions to others. Fragmentation and social chaos persist. They will never experience the refuge in a community of tolerance, acceptance, and harmony.

Prayers from foxholes surface from our desire for optimism within the value we feel for our worth. Those prayers create inroads into mutual esteem for one another. Even then, some people shut out their inner tenderness and do not feel the prayers of joy, goodness, nor faith for themselves, nor others. Their attitude is full of sadness, evilness, and despair for their own value, and towards the worth of others. Degradation and destruction of others persist. They will never experience a refuge in a place where people esteem one another with mutual fruitfulness.

Prayers from foxholes surface from our desire for goodwill within a self-expression. Those prayers create mutually beneficial exchanges of words and deeds. Even then, some people are hardened and do not feel the self-control, kindness, meekness, and goodness within themselves to communicate to others fruitfully. Their communication is out of control with cruel, arrogant, and bad intentions in their speech and behavior. They instigate hostility with their actions and words. They will never experience a refuge in a place where fruitful exchanges of self-expression exist.

Some people will deny that any value exists in prayers that surface in “foxholes”. They do not want inner spiritual fruit to blossom, which brings peace to the environment. Their intent is to infill thoughts, emotions, and behaviors with anger and depression. That is done through an atmosphere of hatred, intolerance, conflict, harshness, and dominance. The desire to bargain with others in a fashion that assist people from the foxholes to a tranquil community does not exist in them. However, acceptance of those inner prayers, during difficult circumstances, is the beginning of love, peace, faith, and perseverance among one another.

Reservoirs of people exist who intend to keep others held in “foxholes” through intimidation and hostility. The attitudes that exit from them are ill-intent to the prayers that induce the development of spiritual fruit. That fruit creates social harmony, goodwill, tolerance, and peace, which they oppose. They oppose prayerful attitudes, and transfer through hardened individuals who do not feel the softness of prayers within themselves. They are filled with arrogance, hatred, and intolerance.

The attitudes that oppose “foxhole” prayers enter us through our sense of worth. During times when hostilities surround us, we might feel humiliated, worthless, and with minimal self-esteem. We feel little worth for the softness of prayers, but are given praise and a sense of value for being a “strong” person who contributes to the surrounding chaos. From there, we are given a place of acceptance among those without a prayer in them, and perpetuate conflict. The people who are susceptible to hostile attitudes are those who are not in tune to the soft and moist tenderness of their inner being. In that softness is the source of prayers where the divine presence lives, the producer of spiritual fruit.  

We can interrupt the cycle of become hardened to the prayers that surface within us during difficult circumstances. That is done by being receptive to the soft and moist qualities of our inner being, from where prayers surface. We realize that “foxhole” prayers connect us to the divine inward presence, the source that blossoms the spiritual fruit in our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

We can make the assessment that “foxhole” prayers unite us with the deity that lives within, to give life to the spiritual fruit. The diagnosis is that some people are hostile to those inward prayers, and perpetuate conflict, intolerance, hatred, despair, and hopelessness. Even so, we plan to allow those prayers to live in us, to connect with the divine inmost source, and blossom with spiritual fruit. We implement that plan by being receptive to the softness in us. That allows fruitfulness to blossom in our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. We know we are successful when love, peace, faith, and perseverance blossom to bring us to a place of refuge, beginning from within.