Follow the Rainbow to the Pot of Gold

03/18/2014 12:57

I've often heard people make the remark that there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, which makes real good sense to me in a spiritual way. Rainbows are colorful, fun, inspiring, joyful, and overall a remarkable sight to see in their various formations and brilliance of illumination. In that light, as long as we persevere in positive attitudes that come through spiritual qualities we will discover the great treasure within us, or call it the pot of gold. By following constructive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors we will always have the greatest gift of all, which is a personality that contributes to and welcomes a harmonious civil community. Afterall, the only "money" worth having comes by following an attitude of peace, love, faith, and perseverance in divine qualities.

Following the rainbow to the pot of gold relates to the divinity that lives within our soul. There is a decency that lingers in us which forms the rainbow that leads to the inner treasure.The divine spiritual presence that permeates our inner being is the source of our inward fruitfulness, tranquility, respect for life, supernatural light, and positive energy, and by following the rainbow we discover that inmost divinity. That rainbow will shine with an illumination that glows from our soul after the most severe storms to show the treasure that lives within. Without that supernatural inner resource of spiritual fruit, peace, moisture, light, and joyful energy we will not experience the rainbow, but instead be beaten down and defeated like an uprooted and broken tree within a storm.

Following the rainbow to the pot of gold relates to the spiritual fruit. In essence, the spiritual fruit is the rainbow that corresponds to the divine presence that dwells in our soul. The fruit of the spirit are soft, moist, "colorful," inspiring, makes our appearance glow, draw people together with joyful awe, and leads to the great treasure of our inner being. After every storm there is the glow that comes from the spirit of love, goodwill and kindness as testimony of the spiritual treasure, perhaps that is the arc of blue. In addition, perhaps the arc of green is the patience, self-control, and perseverance that illuminates as a show of our endurance through life's storms. We may also say that the arc of red is the faith, joy, and goodness that remains in our words and deeds after difficult circumstances. Furthermore, let's say that yellow is the arc of meekness, gentleness, and peace that brings us through the turbulence of chaotic experiences. Together, the rainbow of the spiritual fruit bind together to bring us through various storms with an inner shine to illuminate our connection to the great treasure of that divine spiritual presence of our soul.  

Following the rainbow to the pot of gold relates to our health. Positive attitudes through the storms is what keeps us healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically, which is a treasure chest of optimal health. Even through struggles in our fleshy body, we can shine as the colors of the rainbow to be a valuable beacon of love, faith, and perseverance. Absence of constructive beliefs during difficult times can lead to unhealthy habits in what we drink, how we eat, what we inhale, the method of finding rest, and even disregard for our sanitization. During the times of dire situations relating to our health, let the colors of patience, self-control, and perseverance glow from our inner being.

Following the rainbow to the pot of gold relates to our safety. A colorful attitude during chaotic turbulence reflects the treasure of peace, meekness, and gentleness that lives in our emotions, thought processes, and behavior responses. The pot of gold containing tranquility contributes to the safety and security of our environment. Without the rainbow glowing in our soul we would be bankrupt of serene qualites, leading to aggression towards others, domestic abuses at home, and chaotic experiences from day to day. May the colors of the rainbow shine through us to make us a stable influence of spiritual fruitfulness.

Following the rainbow to the pot of gold relates to our place of belonging. Love, a place of acceptance, tolerance for differences, and sensual intimacy are among the treasures that exist within the pot of gold when we follow the rainbow to social gatherings. Without the illumination of those qualities in the community attitude, there would be no treasure but only a dungeon of hatefulness, exclusion, prejudices, and sexual abuses. We can come through the storms of cruel social beliefs with the brilliance of love, goodwill, and kindness shining from our inner being as a testimony to the divine spiritual presence that dwells in the soul.

Following the rainbow to the pot of gold relates to the light of our worth. Constructive attitudes that radiate from within us coddles a treasure of positive self-esteem to give us a sense of worth when the weather around us ridicules, degrades, humiliates, and is destructive to our sense of purpose. From that same inner rainbow comes the illumination of the supreme worth of others relating to their potential within the divine presence of the soul. Mutual respect shines colorfully through awareness of the human potential for inner fruitfulness, as peacemakers, cherishers of life, a beacon of divine light, and ambassadors of positive energy.  

Following the rainbow to the pot of gold relates to the expression of who we are. The presence of the rainbow of our inner being leads to the treasure of who we are within the expression of our identity. When we come across a self-expression of joyfully inspiring attitudes, words, and deeds we know we are in the presence of an identity whose purpose comes from the bond of goodwill for others. In contrast, without the rainbow leading to the divintiy of the soul we know the person does not respond to the storms of life in constructive ways, and may even be the source of difficulties in those they encounter from day to day. Even so, in the illumination of the rainbow is proof that after the storms we see the treasure of joy, goodness, and faith glowing from within our soul.

We can assess that there is a spiritual rainbow that leads to the pot of gold which is the divinity of our soul. The diagnosis is that some people want to destroy the pot of gold to eliminate the rainbow, or attempt to eradicate the rainbow to frustrate the faith found in the pot of gold. Even so, we plan to follow the rainbow of a constructive attitude to keep the treasure of decency alive within our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. We implement that plan by responding to the difficult storms of life from the soft moistness of our soul which gives life to the rainbow of the spiritual fruit. We evaluate how we are doing by the glow of love, peace, faith, and perseverance that shines in us after trying situations.

Some people deny that the metaphorical pot of gold exist at the end of the rainbow, they are terminally ill with animosity to the divinity of the soul and the spiritual fruit that blossom from that source. Their anger is a tool like a lightening bolt in an effort to shatter the rainbow from leading to the spiritual presence of the inner being, using argumentativeness with uncooperative attitudes to dissipate positive sentiments. Their depression becomes visible in their attitude to the "pot of gold," using pessimism to dispel the optimism of the spiritual fruit. Their idea of negotiations or bargaining is to usurp the treasures of the divinity of the soul in exchange for leaving you with a locked box of unsavory activity where there is no rainbow to follow. Acceptance that the supernatural spiritual presence is the "pot of gold" of the soul is the only way to experience the rainbow of constructive attitudes through the fruit of the spirit.

Reservoirs of people exist who oppose the quality of hope in their effort to discourage belief in the divine "pot of gold," consequently eliminating the rainbow of fruitful colorful sentiments. The attitudes that exit those reservoirs are words and behaviors that are hostile to faith in the divinity of the soul, and consider the qualities of love, peace, faith, and perseverance incidental to life's experiences. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who believe the decency of the soul is weakness, and the pleasantness of smiles to be detrimental to their way of life. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who develop hostilities towards the chaotic events of their daily activity, and subsequently become severed from the divinity of the soul as the rainbow of constructive attitudes begin to fade.

Skepticism towards the "pot of gold" at the end of the "rainbow" enter us because we seek refuge from a battered self-esteem while craving acceptance instead of exclusion. We prefer the praise that comes with rewards of materialism as a literal pot of gold while inviting the pat on the back from unscrupulous associates, that instead of seeking the divinty of the soul where the spiritual fruit are our rewards. People susceptible to losing sight of the metaphorical rainbow that leads to the spiritual pot of gold are those who develop a belief that blessings come through materialism, and the number of friends attests to their righteousness. We can interrupt the cycle of losing sight of the rainbow that leads to the pot of gold by realizing the soft, moist qualites of the soul, in combination with divine light comprises the spiritual rainbow within our soul, which connects to the treasure of the divine presence of our soul.