Faceless: Devotional Thought

03/24/2018 09:53

A faceless package in a store is certainly one that we would not purchase. We want to know what is inside before we buy. Without words, pictures, and description of its action, the package is remote and impersonal. Users on social networks and WordPress use impersonal profile pictures. Faceless it is, but the blog’s content that I follow are inspiring to me! The content of the blog is more important than the external face. It is easy to follow a faceless profile, as long as the content is not remote, impersonal, and completely without character.

I follow the spiritual fruit because they create a “face,” or profile, of those I follow. Spiritual qualities come from inside a person so we see the internal face before we decide to subscribe. The spirit of words and actions paints a face on the person’s profile that is often very different than the fleshly face and clothing that they are wearing. The face of the package often has words and images of something spectacular, but what actually comes from the spirit is impersonal and remote from humane intentions. Making returns on packages is very irritating and frustrating. Bad feelings are the result of believing an image without being able to know what is really inside.

I encourage others to focus on the spirit of a person’s words and deeds. That is their true face. It is easy for someone to talk about how compassionate, joyful, inspiring, optimistic, and peace-loving they are. It is quite another thing to be able to make those qualities a part of the spirit. The spiritual fruit creates a true face upon those we encounter from day to day.