The Essentials of the Eternal Spirit

07/16/2015 18:29

To be eternal is to exist forever with validity for all time, and unchanging. The spirit is the nonphysical part of a person that gives animation and life to the physical body. The eternal spirit compels us to focus on longevity of the physical world by desiring things with lifetime guarantees. And compels our faith into the afterlife. The eternal spirit is with us as we shop for a car, think about money, look for employment, or even in the basics such as shopping for groceries. As we shop for a car we look for something that will go beyond a day or two but for years to come. When it comes to money we want plenty to see us through the decades as we pay day to day expenses. When looking for employment job security in preference to jobs that come and go. And with groceries we realize this daily need for a lifetime. The eternal spirit is part of our daily living and more than a discussion point about the afterlife. Imagine the horror of life without eternity permeating the spirit. A person selling a car would be unsympathetic if it quit running the next day. The scarcity of money would hinder future endeavors and abate optimism for tomorrow. Employers would hire based on short lived goals as they emphasize temporary or part time employment. And those selling groceries would not do so with the welfare of your health in their consideration. In this light, we see how the eternal spirit is a necessary element of life.

The eternal spirit is imparted to us by the living deity of our inner life. The spirit of eternity is not present in flesh and blood, carnal desires, or material possessions. Usually, when we think of eternal issues our mind automatically focuses on the possibility of life continuing beyond the grave, and living beyond the limits of the body. From our spirit we know eternity is greater than what we can see, touch, hear, smell, or taste. Even then, it's something we are continuously searching for day by day, as written in the opening paragraph. As we remain in touch with the divinity of our inner life the eternal spirit will be in everything we do. Signs of that eternity are the blossoms of the spiritual fruit flowing through us like the newness of spring every year. By that renewal we have the hope of eternity and an afterlife. We are granted tranquility as we reside in the divinity of the soul which guides us.into the future towards a place of everlasting peace. The deity instills into us a sanctity for all life in hopes of one day living in perfect harmony with one another to preserve our existence and to hope for a place of belonging in the eternal city. Reverence for the living deity of our soul is the only source of our hope for longevity, progression, and eternity. Where the eternal spirit is there is positive energy in what we say and do. In contrast, disrespect for the universal deity is to discard the eternal spirit. The rewards of the spiritual fruit would not be in us, but desolation of everything that inspires eternity would transpire. Our existence would be as the extinction of fallen leaves on the autumn trees. Because of the lack of desire for longevity our spirit would be crunched with uncertainty, conflict, anger, and violence. The sanctity of life would abate into fatal interactions causing the fall of civil cohesion. The promise of the afterlife would disappear from the spirit due to rejection of the divinity of inner life. Without the eternal spirit we would exist in a malfunctioning world plaqued with negative energy. Our eternal spirit is given to us as we honor the divine inner goodness of our soul.

The eternal spirit imparts the spiritual fruit, the same as a fruit tree imparts fruit. When someone cares for your welfare they convey the enduring qualities of patience, self-control, and perseverance to contribute to your mental, emotional, and physical well being. They refrain from non-eternal responses such as impatience, a quick temper, out of control actions, being wreckless, or causing fatal despair. The eternal spirit envisions a whole, healthy, and divine body. Likewise, when eternity permeates the spirit there is the imparting of meek, gentle, and peaceable qualities. Those qualities provide longevity within the environment through tranquility, but non-eternal sentiments are harsh, aggressive, and violent. The eternal spirit envisions a serene and stable atmosphere for the time and place ahead. Adding to this, the attitude of everlasting life imparts the fruit of goodwill, kindness, and love to assist others in discovery of the "juice" that enables continuance through another day. Non-eternal attitudes are plaqued with hatred, intolerance, ill intentions, and cruelty. The eternal spirit envisions the day when all creation comes together in the spirit of harmony. Also, within the attitude of eternity is the imparting of joy, goodness, and faith to share optimism for giving one another something to look forward to. Non-eternal attitudes manifest with evilness, are despairing, and pessimistic. The eternal spirit envisions the blissful day when everyone gathers within the positive energy of the universal deity.

Our Health
The eternal spirit teaches us about healthy practices to feed our hope for perpetual life. The realization of what nutrition comprises is given to us for the purpose of extending our existence. Everyone is aware of the food groups and the need to exercise. The food groups are to add a little more eternity to our future through grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy, meats and nuts, as well as some fats. We desire to prolong our life and know how. We even know why we eat, which is to acquire nutrients to add days to our life, not just for fleshly and temporary satisfaction. Those nutrients are vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fluids, and good oils. This knowledge flows from the eternal spirit to guide us into healthy lifestyles and into eternity. The spirit of eternity working in us even gives instruction on the importance of sleep, fresh air, and sanitation. Everyone knows how rapidly pollution deteriorates our progression. We really are fixated on everlasting life for everyday purposes. The essentials of the eternal spirit also teaches us how vital are the aspects of mental, emotional, and physical health. We need a sound mind, stable emotions, and physical strength to carry us through the day and far into the future. The hope is that in eternity we will have the perfect kind of body. By welcoming the hope of everlasting life we embody the spirit that compels us to healthy living. In contrast, discarding eternal essentials by scoffing at the belief in eternity affects our health negatively by thrusting us into the temporary attitudes of carnal and fleshy cravings. These are the people who treat their body like there is no tomorrow. They destroy themselves by having no self control in consumption, and what they consume attacks the body not nourish it. The spirit void of eternity indulges in things that adversely affects their intake of nutrients which disturbs their sleep cycle, desire for cleanliness, and they have a lack of concern for oxygen rich intake. They satisfy the flesh with junk foods, excessive alcohol consumption, or various forms of drugs. In some form, their life is out of control with impulsive behaviors that will eventually shut them out of the eternal quest for longevity. The eternal spirit imparts the fruit of self control, patience, and perseverance to enable us to continue in life in a manner that contributes to a progressive civilization. By the eternal spirit we maintain the health of the body, the health of our society, and our spiritual health.

Our Safety
The essentials of the eternal spirit teaches us ways to maintain our safety and security. Having our body ripped apart by bombs, shark attacks, or riddled with bullet holes is undesirable. We avoid those non-eternal events in our quest for everlasting life. Traumatic events oppose the spirit of eternity. In fact, we design our life around interventions to interrupt destructive cycles which keeps us from extinction. In that light, it's comprehensible how the essentials of an eternal spirit brings us the fruit of meekness, gentleness, and peace to establish a safe and secure environment. In a similar way, we desire a place of residence that is safe, free of domestic abuses such as spousal violence, parent/ child conflict, and to be spared the perils of homelessness. The non-eternal nature of chaotic circumstances in our shelter is something we shun. The spirit of eternity gives us a yearning for longevity in our place of residence, and among those we share the abode with. We seek a home of perfect peace, tranquility, and serenity. In that event, the essentials of an eternal spirit is our compulsion to establish stability in our day to day living by the blossoming of a meek and gentle spirit of peace. From the desire for life everlasting comes the spiritual fruit to establish an ensuring foundation of a safe and secure society.

Our Place of Belonging
The essentials of the eternal spirit coaches us into an enduring place of belonging. An observation easily made is that attitudes contrary to the eternal progression of society includes intolerance, hatred, inhumane exclusion of others, cruelty, ill-intentions, and sensual abuses. Those non-eternal attitudes will fragment and rip apart social functions due to opposition towards the desire for everlasting life. In this event, we do what we can to make a detour from antisocial sentiments to be in a place conducive to eternity, consisting of feelings that makes us feel like we belong. That enduring belonging includes the spirit of love, the sharing of sensual intimacy, kindness, tolerance of differences, and with abundant goodwill. The essentials of the eternal spirit guides us into relationships that imparts love, goodwill, and kindness. By the spirit of eternity working in us we share compassion with one another in anticipation of the day our fellowship is made perfect in harmony.

Our Worth
The essentials of the eternal spirit shines a light on our divine worth. Being regarded as worthless, feeling no useful purpose, being unwanted, humiliated, ridiculed, slandered, and tossed aside as if into a trash pile is of the non-eternal. The spirit of everlasting life reveals to us the divinity of our inner life. This is a place where we discover continuance through a sense of divine purpose. We feel like we are valuable to humanity in our quest to impart the essentials of the eternal spirit. There is an awareness that we are wanted by the universal deity that lives through us with the promise of our immortality. Eternity is part of who we are when we give esteem to the divine goodness of our soul. Instead of humiliation there is humbleness, instead of ridicule there is esteem in our purpose, when slandered we know the detriment of the non-eternal source, and instead of being trashed we perceive the hopelessness of pessimism. Optimism in on the road of everlasting life. The light shining on our divine worth reveals the potential living in each person to foster mutual respect, inducing the eternal spirit. We esteem the essentials of eternity in one another by the blossoms of spiritual fruitfulness, tranquility, life, divine purpose, and positive energy. From the awareness of the divinity of our inner life, the essentials of the eternal spirit manifests to give esteem, respect, and mutual benefits from generation to generation and through eternity.

Our Identity
The essentials of the eternal spirit molds our identity to shape who we are from day to day. Who we are formulates through what we believe, the words comprising our vocabulary, and the behaviors flowing from our inner compulsion. We express our identity through eternal or non-eternal values. To express the essentials of the eternal spirit it's necessary to be in touch with the deity of our inner life. That deity is the source of the spiritual fruit, and that fruit adjusts our self-expression to be compatible with the components of eternity. To believe in everlasting life is to communicate with goodness, joy, and faith. That instills an optimism into our spirit to make us future oriented constructively. In contrast, a non-eternal frame of mind has no thought of, nor any sincerity in, the elements coming from an attitude of eternity. Who they are, the identity they become known by, comes about by their conveyance of despair, pessimism, and evilness. They oppose the goodness of inner life, and have little regard for the fruit of the spirit. Their beliefs and ways of life are destructive in what they say and do. They are non-eternal. The essentials of the eternal spirit molds our identity to make our self-expression relevant for the progression of our existence

We can assess that the eternal spirit provides an essential foundation for progressing constructively into the future. The diagnosis is that some people separate the spirit of eternity from carnal desires, and that results in destructive and short lived aspirations. Even so, we plan to welcome the essentials of the eternal spirit because it imparts the spiritual fruit. We implement that plan by being reverent to the divinity of our inner life, whereas we discover the momentum of eternity within soft, moist, and tender qualities. The success of that plan is known by the fruit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance that comes forth from the eternal spirit.

Some people are in denial about the essentials of the eternal spirit, and consequently are terminally ill with adverse effects from temporal yearnings. Their anger, frivolous debates, argumentive demeanor, and conflict attest to their lust for carnal gratification as they oppose the things coming from the spirit of eternity. They display their depression, sadness, and pessimism towards sentiments that are of the eternal spirit as they indulge in the non-eternal nature of fleshy gratification. The essence of their conversation, negotiation, or bargaining is to acquire more from the materialistic sector by relegating the essentials of everlasting life to a lesser role. Acceptance of the benefit of the eternal spirit is not in them, and they are not trustworthy for long term results.

There are reservoirs of people who reject the essentials of the eternal spirit as they live in the moment to gratify the physical desires of their carnality. The attitudes exiting them are seen in their self-expression which has no regard for future consequences. Their words are counter productive to the fruit that gives hope for everlasting life. What they say is not conducive to the attitude of optimism for the days to come. The behaviors they exhibit interferes with the bridges, connections, or networks that would bring continuance to fruitful endeavors. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who have hostility towards the future of the community, workplace, school, individual, etc. Their non-eternal attitude is destructive. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who become absorbed in temporary pleasure, are frustrated with society, become intolerant of people surrounding them, and respond combatively to the pessimism directed towards them.They have become alienated from the spirit of everlasting life.

The attitude contradicting the essentials of the eternal spirit enter us relating to our sense of worth, and desire for a place to belong. As we face ridicule, humiliation, disparagement, and slander we relinquish the vision we once held for the future in exchange for the praise coming through material rewards or pleasures of the flesh. We begin to form alliances with those who sacrifice the eternal spirit to establish a niche where we feel accepted. Those susceptible to discarding the spirit of everlasting life depend on their health, safety, social network, a sense of goodness, and positive sentiments to see them through each day. But, they become so dependent on others for those needs that they adopt the attitude of their provider, and simultaneously begin to disrespect the essentials of the eternal spirit. They receive according to the needs of the flesh but not in a way that adds longevity to their own wholesome desires. In essence, the fruitful spirit wilts and the attitude towards divine goodness sours. They no longer espouse or express the essentials of eternal life.

We can interrupt the cycle of separating the eternal spirit from carnal desires by realizing the hope of everlasting life manifests in every enduring thing within civilization. From the foundations of buildings, to buying cars, and.even in the search of employment the spirit of eternity is what calls for enduring structures, dependable cars, lifetime guarantees, and career placement. We discover the essentials of the eternal spirit from the divinity of our inner life, the source of the blossoms of the spiritual fruit. By the fruit of the spirit we are in touch with everlasting life, and thereby are able to interrupt destructive cycles.