Divine Restraint: No Holds Barred

05/02/2013 17:38

The Divine Restrainer: No Holds Barred

“No holds barred” is a phrase we hear during ultimate wrestling matches which signifies that each wrestler can utilize every hold known. Opponents use various grasps to restrict the movements of their adversary, thus preventing harmful consequences. From here, we can consider the divine restrainer from which there are no holds barred.

When the divine restrainer permeates the human beast there are no holds barred. That deity can grasp the primitive impulses of fleshly urges to tame the primal creature. That restraining power puts a hold on earthly yearnings while inducing responses through good deeds, value for life, and spiritual fruit. Even so, the primal nature of humanity is rebellious to the clench felt through the spirit of goodness, inner fruitfulness, and respect for life. However, the restrainer seizes the animal to endow the human spirit with qualities necessary to maintain civilization. There are no holds barred when restraining the flesh to reward humanity with communal behavior. In reality, the planet would plunge into harmful consequences if the divine restrainer unloosed the beast.

There are no holds barred when the divine restrainer grasps the fleshy nature of the human beast to allow spiritual fruit to blossom in the spirit of humanity. Violence, harshness, dominance, cruelty, ill intentions, hatred, pessimism, hopelessness, evilness, impulsiveness, endings, and uncontrollability are of flesh and blood. When that nature of the beastly animal is loose, there are harmful consequences. There would be no fruitful qualities of the inner being to prolong civilization. The creature in us needs restraining by a celestial presence beyond natural inclinations. When earthly impulses are in a firm clasp, the spiritual fruit manifest within the spirit of humans. Instead of primal yearnings, we experience peace, meekness, gentleness, love, kindness, goodwill, faith, goodness, joy, perseverance, self-control, and patience. If the restrainer loosens the hold put on the beast, the human spirit would not experience divine fruitage. The condition of the planet would be tumultuous.

There are no holds barred when the divine restrainer addresses our health. By restraining the primal nature of the human beast, a concern develops within us for our physiological welfare. The spiritual fruit begins to manifest in the spirit of humanity to keep the body healthy, as savage gratification diminishes. From divine restraint come self-control, goodness, meekness, and goodwill into our behavior as we fulfill our basic human requirements. We develop awareness that drinking, eating, breathing, sleeping, and eliminating corresponds to the functioning of the body. In addition, we realize that beastly impulses cause emotional, mental, and behavioral turmoil. In contrast, we experience peace, calm, and comfort as the nature of the beast is under a firm clasp. By unleashing the beast, we would substitute the missing fruitage with detrimental eating, harmful drinking, inhalation of unhealthy substances, hazardous diseases of elimination, and deviant sleep patterns. Humanity would suffer dramatically by the unhinging of civil avenues of health care, being subject to primal behavior of the human animal.

There are no holds barred when the divine restrainer addresses our safety. Restraining the savage impulses of the human beast enables humanity to feel safe and secure with one another. By the restraint of primal urges the spiritual fruit of peace, meekness, and gentleness flowers in the human spirit. By those divine qualities, we develop civil attitudes to interact in the environment with impunity from bodily harm. Likewise, the hold put on the beast diminishes the notion that shelter is a fort, but instead shelter is a home of comfort and peace. Furthermore, when the unpredictable impulses of the beast are under wraps, stability materializes through the serenity within the spirit of humanity. Without the hold put on the primitive nature of flesh and blood, humanity would be unsafe and insecure in a threatening and hostile world. Beastly behaviors would bring bodily harm, turning shelter into a place with strong defenses and strategically guarded. Instability through violence would put us in a vigilant mode. Humanity would suffer violently if there was no restraint on the natural behavior of flesh and blood.

There are no holds barred when the divine restrainer addresses our society. The restraint of the primal nature of the human beast enables the spirit of humanity to experience love. Through the spiritual fruit of love, there is a caring place of belonging, which alienates the instinctual impulse for dominance. There is the fruitage of loving kindness in our acceptance of one another, replacing inclinations of intolerance of those who are different then ourselves. Restraining the primitive desires for sexual conquest enables us to feel sensual intimacy through hugs, meekness, smiles, and gentle caresses. Social relations would fragment into chaos if the divine restrainer releases the hold put on the human beast. Humanity would fragment into chaos from the hatred of domination by the more powerful. Gangs would form with their own species with a howl for independence through violence or other “self-preservation” means. The planet would be chaotic wherever differing cultures exist. A civil spirit within society would not exist within the human being.

There are no holds barred when the divine restrainer addresses our worth. The restraint put on the fleshly beast enables our awareness of the marvelous divinity that permeates the universe. We begin to realize how temporal the carnal nature of humanity is in comparison to the eternal light of the celestial deity. In addition, we begin to feel inward love, joy, peace, and perseverance within the human spirit, grateful for the mercy and compassion given to us from the supreme presence. From the inner fruitfulness, we no longer feel motivation by the praise and influence that feeds the primal impulses of humanity. In actuality, we esteem the worth of the divine restrainer to be beyond the dimension of the carnal nature of flesh and blood. We bask in the rewards and esteem of spiritual fruit as we discourage the consequences of unfruitful and desolate beastly impulses. If the one that restrains let loose of the hold on the beast, achievement would consist of triumph through violent domination of another. The worth of humanity would disappear as we return to primitive depravity.

There are no holds barred when the divine restrainer addresses the way we express ourselves. Positive self-expression to one another comes through the divine restraint of savage impulses of the human beast. When brutal attitudes are “down for the count,” humanity can communicate through the unnatural qualities of kindness, gentleness, goodness, and self-control. The words we choose to speak would flow with consideration to enhance or edify those in hearing range. There would not be self-serving and primal verbal attacks that exist through the carnality of flesh and blood. Similarly, the motivation of our deeds would be to bring goodwill to others, instead of using physical dominance to gratify earthly yearnings. As you can imagine, releasing the restraint put on the savage nature of humanity would disintegrate the mutual exchange of communication. The rebellious, arrogant, and untamed qualities we refer to as hatred, violence, pessimism, and fatal impulses would manifest. Our words and deeds would be oppositional to a self-expression that is conducive to a civil society. Without divine restraint of earthly reactions, humanity would have no use for venues that bring us together in what we say and do. The internet, cell phones, or any other devices would be of no use. 

The cycle begins with those who believe there are no holds barred by the divine restrainer towards the carnality of the human beast. They welcome the unnatural manifestation of peace into the human spirit while cooperating with the hold on anger. Similarly, the fruit of joy blossoms within our humanness as pessimism is “down for the count.”  While the primal essence of natural instincts is under a secure grip, we bargain away beastly responses to acquire spiritual fruit. We accept the presence of the divine restrainer to restrict flesh and blood impulses, taming humanity.

The believers grow in reservoirs where the qualities of joy, meekness, and goodwill are in the human spirit, simultaneously co-operating with the divine restrainer of fleshly impulses. The attitudes that exit those reservoirs reveal a restraint on natural inclinations of the human beast. Their words and behaviors flow with love, peace, faith, and perseverance. The transference of belief in a divine restrainer that binds the primal nature of the human animal comes through direct and indirect means. Directly, there are those who experience the inner release of spiritual fruit as animalistic impulses are kept back with no holds barred. Indirectly, they transfer through those who witness the contrast between people of savage, violent, and disruptive attitudes, and those with divine fruitage in the human spirit. 

We allow the restraint of natural human inclinations because we sense the worth of a divine presence permeating the human spirit. There is awareness that humanity comprises a lowly and beastly nature without restraint from a supreme deity. We want to belong in a realm beyond flesh and blood where the experience of tranquility, harmony, perseverance, and a future exist.

The people likely to host the divine restrainer within their soul are those who want to experience spiritual fruit in the spirit of humanity. They want to bind the chaos, violence, despair, and tragic endings on this planet. Their desire is to extinguish beastly behavior to allow the divinity to permeate our humanness. The cycle of the one that restrains with no holds barred continues through the soft, moist, and tender qualities that exist within us. In those pliable traits is the nature of the divine presence that diminishes fleshly inclinations to allow love and gentleness to live. Through the spiritual fruit, the mark of the beast fades from the nature of humanity.