Crop Circles and UFO's: What Implications Do They Have To The Spiritual Fruit?

04/08/2013 16:52

Crop Circles and UFO’s: What Is the Implication to Spiritual Fruit?

Crop circles and UFO sightings are a phenomenon that exist worldwide, and inspire people to believe in a supernatural intelligence beyond ourselves. The populations of countries everywhere feel the compulsion to consider a life form that is more complex than flesh and blood. Even when some proclaim that a hoax is hovering over the gullibility of the populous, that is phenomenal by itself. For example, the governments on the planet posses sophisticated surveillance devices such as satellites in space to monitor activity in cornfields, or anything flying through space. In order for this hoax to accomplish its goal, which is to instill our belief in an advanced life form, there has to be an extraordinary amount of co-operation among the world’s leaders. For example, no one has ever been spied creating genuine crop circles, and no one eyed fabricating a flight of an UFO. Click to see the “Eye of God.” Therefore, the harmony in accomplishing the hoax is exactly equal to the mystery of intelligent life coming to us, beyond human comprehension.  From here, we delve into the implication this has to the spiritual fruit.

Crop circles and UFO’s induce the opening of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to believe in a life source other than flesh and blood. That belief is not for something light years away, but here among us making a place within the Earth’s atmosphere. Equally, if we can believe, there is a divine presence residing in the human body full of light, life, goodness, and fruitfulness. We honor the divinity of the soul, not as something related to flesh and blood, but as the supreme God that we depend on to supplement human frailties. We honor that deity as something we must surrender to if we are to receive peace, joy, and new life. In fact, the consequences of ignoring that deity are detrimental to the human condition.

What implications do Crop Circles and UFO’s have to the spiritual fruit? The reply to that question might be in the form of a question; Do Crop Circles and UFO’s cause us to close our inner being with hardness, or open to consider something beyond ourselves? If they incite us to shut down our inner life with hard attitudes then unfruitful behaviors will be evident worldwide, and through out history. Hate crimes, meanness, and malice would exist at the very mention of extraterrestrial activity. Adding to that, violence, superciliousness, and starkness would manifest in the crowds that visit the unexplainable crop designs. Moreover, discouraging, cynical, and appalling sentiments would howl through the audience of those witnessing an UFO. In essence, annoyance, hysteria, and wavering opinions would accompany every mention of a dimension beyond our own.

However, it seems that the opposite is true. From the ingredients of love, goodwill, and kindness there is a sense of harmony and camaraderie while visiting Crop Circles and witnessing an UFO. As strange as it is, the formula of peace, meekness, and gentleness brings tranquility to the crowds who visit the cornfields and witness the light in the skies. They even persevere with patience and self-control in anticipation of another marvel from the supernatural dimension. It is amazing the level of optimism existing by faith, goodness, and joy. Someday we might make contact and communicate with the higher form of intelligence.

What are the implications to health concerns relating to Crop Circles and UFO’s vs. the spiritual fruit? Since the beginning of civilization and worldwide, there are no depictions of disease or physiological illness associated with offensive extraterrestrial activity. There are no signs of cruel or hostile intentions to our physical well-being. In reality, the mentality, emotions, and behaviors conveying through painting on cave walls or modern documentation suggest a fruitful experience.

It is not Helter Skelter, an apocalyptic war from tension over racial relations, but more the feelings of inner peace and comfort in bringing light to unexplainable phenomenon. The fruit of the spirit blossom in our openness to these unfathomable events. In fact, the movie “Cocoon” is about a group of elderly people whose rejuvenation of health is from human/aliens. They soak in a pool of their water that has a life force causing them to feel younger, stronger, and happier again. In addition, the fruitage in our attitude is visible in the movie “Paul.” A personable alien/human, similar to E.T., captures the minds, emotions, and behaviors of the group within the movie.  Paul gives his friends physical healings, liberation, tolerance, and love.

The implications that Crop Circles and UFO’s have to the spiritual fruit is a positive one. Our attitudes about a life force of another dimension are full of optimism, joy, faith, and goodness. We are able to believe that the rejuvenation of the body’s health is possible beyond human functioning. Those same sentiments are equal to the awe-inspiring marvels of the divine presence that lives in our soul, God. From that deity, which is not of flesh and blood, we experience healings in our health, mentality, emotions, and behaviors.    

What are the implications to our safety relating to Crop Circles and UFO’s vs. the spiritual fruit? From the start of paintings on cave walls portraying life of another dimension to the present time, there are no real world records of violence or harm brought to humans. Unlike images of spears thrown at animals or chronicles of war, the actual history of extraterrestrials reveal images of comfort and peace with their presence. The human spirit blossoms with a sense of tranquility in the positive expression of something apart from flesh and blood.

In the movie “Batteries Not Included,” there are tiny saucers of light whose life is from an energy source. They bring protection to vulnerable apartment dwellers by foiling the plot of thugs, arsonists, and developers with cruel intentions. Therefore, from within our inner being flows the belief that a life of another dimension is here to conquer the wickedness of the flesh, and grant to us peace. The fruit of joy rewards the human spirit, along with safety and security, as we relate favorably to life that differs from human physiology.

The implications to our safety are a positive one as we honor the higher intelligence of an advance form of life. Alternatively, when we reject the supreme presence due to fleshly rebellion, such as greed and evilness, the consequences are dire for the human situation. Likewise, the divinity of our soul, which is not of flesh and blood, provides spiritual fruit of peace, joy, goodwill, kindness, and love to the human spirit. That makes us feel safe and secure. Similarly, if we reject the presence of God, the fleshly nature of the human soul feels the infestation of turmoil, unrest, violence, chaos, despair, and finality.

What are the implications to social concerns relating to Crop Circles and UFO’s vs. the spiritual fruit? There are images of other life forces from the beginnings of civilization to today, but none suggests societal fragmentation or upheaval from other dimensions of life. In reality, people worldwide share the same experiences with unfathomable events that bring us together with a common experience. There is acceptance everywhere on the planet that phenomenal manifestations exist. We develop a sense of belonging with everyone else in the universe hinging on the awareness that a higher form of intelligence is among us.

From within, the human soul conveys benevolent sentiments concerning the social nature of extraterrestrial occurrences. We even accept their belonging among us as friends and neighbors. There is a television series called “Neighbors,” which are about aliens who adopt the form of human bodies. They share neighborly relations between the one human family in the neighborhood, and the aliens’ children, spouses, and family in general. In the past, there was a similar T.V. series called “My Favorite Martian.” In addition to that, we are all familiar with the kindly “E.T.,” lovable to children.

The implications of the occurrence of supernatural events relate to the spiritual fruit in a positive way. The consideration of a higher intelligence from a more advance life form, not part of human characteristics, creates tolerance with a sense of belonging for one another. We come together with the realization that a supernatural presence is among us, building awareness of a dimension of life beyond flesh and blood. Similar, from the light of the divinity existing in the soul, God, we come together through the gift of goodwill, kindness, and love within the human spirit.

What are the implications to our sense of worth relating to Crop Circles and UFO’s vs. the spiritual fruit? Worldwide, and from the beginning of communication, there are no depictions of extraterrestrial activity discarding human beings like rubbish in a garbage pile. We are not full of despair and sadness as if worthless in the light of alien life coming within our atmosphere. Instead, we give highest regards to the source of phenomenal happenings. From within ourselves, we use honorable mentions to describe them such as “advance life form,” higher intelligence,” and “beings of a superior dimension.” As we give high regard to a superior and supernatural presence, the human spirit feels fruitful.

Our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors convey our deepest sentiments of respect to a life form that is unfathomable to our humanness. Multiple television shows and movies express the optimism of our soul towards paranormal activity. We value them, need them, and are full of awe because of the marvels they bestow on us. That programming includes “Neighbors,” “E.T.,” “My Favorite Martian,” “Encounters of A Third Kind,” “Batteries Not Included,” “Cocoon,” and “Paul.” We express the worth of a superior life form with the spirit of goodwill, kindness, love, and joy.

The implications that phenomenal events have to the spiritual fruit is a constructive one within the sphere of esteem, ego, and worth. At the thought of an intelligent life form from another dimension, the fruit of joy, faith, and goodness appear in the human spirit. We optimistically look forward to connecting with the superior presence as we “star gaze,” and peer at the inspiring marvels on earth for us to ponder. For that period, we humble ourselves enough to believe in and search for a higher power. Likewise, when we humble ourselves enough to search for the divine guest within our soul, God, we begin to develop spiritual fruit within the human spirit. We learn respect for others and a life of peace for ourselves.

What are the implications to self-expression relating to Crop Circles and UFO’s vs. the spiritual fruit? On a worldwide focus, there has never been a time in history that depicts extraterrestrial activity suppressing the awareness of their presence. There are no records of abusive actions causing us to shut our mouths or quit doing deeds relating to “visitors” of another life form. In reality, we feel so comfortable from the fruit of peace, that we use our words and actions to try to communicate with them. Satellites orbit amidst the stars carrying every language of the Earth with the purpose of emitting greetings to life beyond human comprehension. In addition, tons of television shows, Hollywood movies, and group organizations freely focus their self-expression on the divine presence among us.

Communication of our words and behaviors correspond to our beliefs, the inspirations we feel, and the thoughts that swarm our minds. From our inmost being flow the attitudes of amazement and wonder as we open ourselves to the possibility of communicating with a higher intelligence, not of flesh and blood. We feel the spiritual fruit of goodness and goodwill in the human spirit for something that is unfathomable to us. The movie “Encounters of a Third Kind” is an example of how we recreate our beliefs to share a message to everyone, unencumbered. That movie expresses the idea that everyone on the planet is experiencing the same inward phenomenon. The encounter compels everyone to come together to a common place, as we learn to communicate with the more advance dimension of life. After we learn, some will even join them on a journey beyond fleshy boundaries.

The implications that unexplainable phenomenon has to the spiritual fruit within our self-expression is a fruitful one. The existence of signs that suggest there is a more advance form of life of higher intelligence opens our vocabulary and behaviors to new dimensions. We feel a sense of awe and excitement woven within the fruit of joy, peace, goodwill, and patience within our human expression. There is a compulsion to talk about, and experience a motivation to relay the existence of a divine presence inside our universe. Equally, the divinity that occupies our soul, God, desires the enlightenment of the world through what we say and do. That supreme deity opens the human being to draw all humanity to that celestial entity. We come to that divine presence through the rewards of love, peace, faith, and perseverance in the human spirit.

The cycle begins with belief that Crop Circles and UFO’s open our inner being to the idea of a supernatural presence within the universe. If we can open ourselves to that belief, then we can welcome the divine presence of the soul, which provides our spirit with spiritual fruit. Through that fruitage, there is no anger at historic or modern presentations of a higher intelligence living amidst us. Humbly, we live in peace with the “guests.” Similarly, there is no pessimism or sadness at the notion of a more advanced form of life. With humility, we joyfully welcome the marvels of this cosmos. We are able to bargain away the human limitations that exist in us to welcome the possibility of extraterrestrial life. There is acceptance of the divinity of the soul as being a superior life form, not of flesh and blood. That acceptance is evident by God’s rewards of spiritual fruit within our human emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Those rewards come to us when we revere the supreme deity that has taken residence in us.

Those who believe in intelligent design coming from a supernatural presence, grow in reservoirs of like-mindedness. They accept a dimension that is beyond earthly comprehension and more advanced than fleshly capabilities. They believe in a divine presence that bewilders natural thought, emotion, and behavior. The attitudes exiting those reservoirs of believers include humility, reverence, and openness corresponding to the marvels, wonders, and miracles of the universe. Their words and deeds communicate the existence of phenomenal events through the spiritual fruit of peace, goodwill, goodness, and self-control.

The reverence for life of a paranormal dimension transfers directly through people who personally experience a mystical event. They convey the excitement and awe of their encounter, whether inwardly or externally. Indirectly, those sentiments transfer through people who wrestle with unbelief of the information given to them. They share their puzzlement with others.

We allow the belief of a supreme presence, not of flesh and blood, to enter us through our sense of worth. The desire is to feel esteem from a connection to, or knowledge of a higher intelligence not common to human physiology. Our egos come alive with the possibilities of an advance form of life. We will even worship entities that are not of a fleshy nature as we refer to a supreme presence, God. That divinity is all-powerful, everywhere at the same time, and all knowing. Our intent is to belong among believers who feel they have salvation, safety, security, and able to escape the consequences of rebellion.

The people likely to host the belief in a deity of intelligent design are those who recognize the vulnerability of flesh and blood, or worldly desires. They witness the hatefulness, violence, pessimism, and despair that destroy the planet, while seeking divine intervention. Their desire is for mercy, tranquility, hope, and perseverance through the gift of life.

The cycle beginning with believers of a supernatural dimension, not of flesh and blood, continues through the softness of our inner being. By the moist tenderness within us, we are flexible to welcome the divine presence dwelling in our soul, alien to our fleshly nature. The cycle continues through the spiritual fruit, which comforts and consoles our human frailties. We can persevere. God is eternal and belief in that supreme deity, a creator of intelligent design, is perpetual through the eons of time.