Continuance At The End Of The Rope

09/24/2012 22:02

Continuance At The End Of The Rope

Coming to the “end of our rope” often refers to not having choices, decisiveness, or alternatives to rely on.  In those circumstances, we do not know what to do to alter the dire situation we discover ourselves in.  That could be similar to someone who bungee jumps from a bridge, and once the bungee cord dangles in the air the person has no way to return to the top of the bridge. To complicate the matter, the earth is too far below to drop safely. That bungee jumper has come to the end of the rope. How will that jumper respond?  

Within the body is a divine presence from where every fruitful quality originates.  When we come to a place in our life where everything seems in turmoil, chaotic, and troublesome, our relationship to that inner divinity is weighing in the balance.  We have come to the end of the rope and must decide how we will respond to that divine goodness within.  When we choose to align ourselves with divine qualities, we find continuance beyond the “end."  Some people call that “letting go and letting God“.  In contrast, if we close ourselves to that divine source and harden ourselves, we will suffer tragic results.

We may come to a place in our life when we do not know how to respond to difficult and trying circumstances. Our life might be surrounded with hatefulness, cruel intentions, and ill-will from others. We receive only conflict, harshness, and arrogance from some who we try to extend ourselves to. They respond to us with impatience, attitudes of despair, and nerve-wracking impulses. The only feedback we receive is hopelessness, pessimism, and bad advice. During this time, we find ourselves at the end of the rope emotionally and within our thoughts. However, at that time, the spiritual fruit will begin to blossom from within us, if we respond from the moist and soft qualities of our inmost being. We will sprout with patience, self-control, perseverance, faith, joy, goodness, peace, meekness, gentleness, love, goodwill, and kindness.  Those qualities grant to us continuance.

We might come to the end of our rope causing us to make unhealthy choices to soothe our pain. That includes filling the body with abusive drinking and drugs, as well as hazardous and mood altering smokes. That leads to chaotic emotional, mental, and behavioral responses. However, at the end of that rope is also an opportunity to solicit a healthy relationship with that divine inward goodness. It is at that point that we discover the spiritual fruit which brings peace, comfort, and perseverance within our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. There is continuance for our life, in a healthy vein, when we choose to respond from the soft and moist qualities of our inward being.   

It is possible that we might come to the end of our rope regarding the elements that should make us feel safe and secure. Especially when those around us make us feel terrorized with feelings of fear, anxiety, and always threatened. In addition, the home we live in might be filled with people who are constantly creating conflict and unnecessary divisiveness. Moreover, financial stress and workplace rejection increases instability within our emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Even so, at the end of that rope is the opportunity to form a secure bond with the divine presence within us. When we establish a union with that inward divinity we discover peace, comfort, calm, and tranquility during horrible circumstances. There is continuance for our inward security when we respond to chaos and terror through the softness of our inner being.

We may come to the end of our rope by experiencing difficult, ruthless, and hateful people of ill-will within our social environment. There are people at work, in our home, at school, and in the community that incites us to lash out with anger and hostility. They make us feel unwanted, not accepted, and unloved. However, at the end of that rope we will have the opportunity to accept the belonging of the divinity in us. It is there that we discover that we belong with that divine presence where love blossoms abundantly. There is continuance for us socially when we respond to antisocial behavior from the softness of our soul.  

There are times when a person feels that they have come to the end of the rope concerning the value felt for their own worth. That’s because some people will ridicule you, spread humiliating rumors, make a mockery of who you are, and devastate your esteem in the presence of others. At that point, they might turn to self-destructive behavior, or lash out violently to those they hold responsible for their stricken state. However, at the end of that rope there is the opportunity to discover the supreme worth of the divinity that resides within. In that divine presence, we blossom with an awesome spirit within our egos, esteem, and feelings of worth. It is there that we feel loved inwardly, with a tranquil peace, and a faith that is interwoven with joy. There is a continuance for us within our estimation of our worth. That is because we respond to belittling attitudes from the softness of the spiritual fruit.

We have probably all experienced the end of the rope relating to our self-expression. To some degree, those cruel, hateful, words of ill intent begin to swell within us. That is when we give someone a burst of a “tongue lashing. Moreover, there might be those moments when our deeds to others are harsh, arrogant, and physically hostile. When we reach that end of the rope, we can make a choice to express ourselves from the divine goodness in us, through the spiritual fruit. That is a place where continuance can be found through fruitful words and behavior. Those fruits are the spirit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance in goodness.

Some people want to deny us the continuance that we discover at the end of our rope through the spiritual fruit. Their intent is to tie us into knots where anger, depression, conflict, and hostilities cause destruction. They refuse to bring mutual benefit within interactions that would untie the knots so that we could let go and let God. However, acceptance of that inner divinity is the only way for continuance at the end of the rope. That is where the fruit from the spirit blossoms within us.

There are reservoirs of those people who gather around the ones who are “hung up.” They gather like sharks around bleeding prey among those with inner conflict and unfruitfulness. We know the attitudes that exit from them. They want to keep us entangled at the end of the rope without finding peace, faith, joy, and perseverance to continue. Those attitudes transfer through people who fear continuing beyond the end of the rope. They convince others of the hatred, cruelty, chaos, harshness, despair, and sadness that make the place of continuance a fearful experience.

The fear of discovering the divinity in us at the end of the rope enters through our sense of self-worth. When we suffer difficult circumstances, some will make us feel unworthy of the divine fruit of love, peace, faith, and goodness. If we feel worthless of fruitful continuation, we will not try to belong among those who blossom in plush gardens of harmony, fellowship, and hospitality. Those susceptible to feeling no worth and unaccepted are ones not aware of a divine goodness within the body. They cannot discover continuance past their troubling circumstances. The spiritual fruits are not blossoming within. They have not a clue that the soft and tender quality within them is full of the qualities that can guide them past the end of the rope.

We can interrupt the cycle of being tied to the end of the rope where unfruitfulness exist in thoughts, emotions, and behavior. That is done by responding to difficult circumstances through the moist softness of our inner being. In that tenderness exist the qualities of the spiritual fruit, such as faith, joy, goodness, peace, patience, and perseverance. That divinity living in us will bring continuance to us, past the end of the rope, through the fruit of the spirit.