Child Molestation Is Contempt Of Civil Society

09/05/2014 10:16 From Wikipedia, "Child sexual abuse or child molestation is a form of child abuse in which an adult or older adolescent uses a child for sexual stimulation. Forms of child sexual abuse include asking or pressuring a child to engage in sexual activities (regardless of the outcome), indecent exposure (of the genitals, female nipples, etc.) to a child with intent to gratify their own sexual desires or to intimidate or groom the child, physical sexual contact with a child, or using a child to produce child pornography." Child molestation is contempt of a civil society for obvious reasons. Those reasons relate to the spirit of equality, the ability to pursue happiness, and inalienable rights. First, the adult is much larger than the small child so the inequality is enormous relating to intimidation, manipulation, or coercion by an "authority" figure. Second, the child is not pursuing what would bring happiness in a way that children should experience joyfulness. Third, the abuse of the child's inalienable right to develop fruitfully from within would transpire. We know childhood training can lead to a path they follow in the process of maturing. In this light, children of molestation may be victims of the indoctrination of tyrants who bring tyranny to humanity. The child of sexual abuses learn to be absolutely obedient to their abusers while remaining silent to their day to day experiences. Clearly, child molestation is contempt of a civil community.
Child molestation is contempt of the divinity of the soul. The abuse of children begins when they are taught to focus on external matters and redirected away from an internal focus on the divinity of the inner being that governs external matters. In other words, they associate love with what they receive from the external or physical world, but are unaware of the love of the divine presence that is internal to their soul. In that way, the inalienable nature of the divinity of the inward being suffers molestation along with the physical molestation of the child. In the process of the child's maturity they remain blind to the divine worth of every individual. A desolation of inner fruitfulness is processing as the child develops conflict with "inappropriate" adults and other children who attempt to solicit friendship in a playful spirit. Fragmentation develops between families who raise their children "differently." In essence, a negative energy begins to form in the child at an early age as the pursuit of happiness found in play within joyful interactions abate. Alternatively, a respect for equality, finding happiness, and the inalienable nature of the divine presence brings spiritual fruitfulness. In that fruitfulness is peace with one another, hospitality to spiritual love, an illumination of the divine worth of creation, and positive energy to interact with one another. Therefore, teaching a child to focus inwardly on the divine nature of the soul helps them to comprehend the spirit of goodness within humanity. They would be able to know in their own way what equality means and to perceive bullying from tyrants to be inappropriate advances. The child would feel happiness in pursuing friendships that bring internal joy full of playfulness, while separating themselves from touches that deprive them of good interactions.

Child molestation is contempt of the spiritual fruit. Only by the soft tenderness of the spirit's fruit can there be equality, happiness, and reverence for inalienable rights. The molestation of a child violates the purpose of spiritual fruitfulness within humanity. Because of the enormous inequality between an adult perpetrator and a small child victim the qualities of peace, meekness, and gentleness are attacked. They are attacked by the aggressive dominance of the abuser, however subtle, that leaves a harsh and conflicted future for the hosting community. That happens because the internal focus on love, kindness, and goodwill are shut out as an external view of intrusive threats induce hatred and cruel intentions. In that light, we see how the pursuit of childhood happiness through optimism that comes by internal feelings of joy, goodness, and faith are affected. Their external frame of mind interprets compassionate citizens as "busy bodies" and confronts them with attitudes of pessimism, hopelessness, and evilness. Molestation robs a child of the inalienable right to practice self-control, perseverance, and patience when attempting to look inwardly for happiness and equality. From external worldly values they become impatient, out of control, and adopt fatal attitudes to those looking within themselves for light, guidance, and cohesion.

Child molestation is contempt of the welfare of our health. Abused children will feel a need to be obedient to the dominance of the abuser and will keep silent about issues relating to how basic needs are met. The abusive tyrant is then free to indoctrinate the molested child into what foods are or are not appropriate for consumption. This could include religious dietary restrictions and preferences. In addition, there could just be control over the abused child to further perpetuate inner closure by an unhealthy lifestyle of over-indulgence in eating, substance abuse, or other detrimental habits. In essence, molested children become the puppets of tyrannical puppeteers who have no regard for the welfare of others' health. Because of an external worldly view and shutting out internal divine qualities, there would be ill-intent towards the healthy ways of those who revere the inalienable nature of health, equality in healthy living, and the freedom to pursue the happiness that good health brings. Even in these horrid circumstances, the deity of the soul comforts us with perseverance, self-control, and patience.

Child molestation is contempt of our safety. Within a grooming process of child molestation the abused child will depend on the abuser to maintain safety within their life. As noted, internal qualities providing tranquility are closed off, and the child depends on external influences to protect them from intrusive forces. The abuser becomes the means of protection while concerned civil citizens become the intrusive unwanted presence. The molested children become accustomed to conflict through harsh and domineering behaviors used to ensure their "safety." As a result, aggressive confrontations may become engrained into the abused child's behaviors to ward off peacemakers from entering into taboo areas of their inner life. In essence, tyrants who molest children destroy the ability to pursue happiness in a safe and secure world. And, they incite conflict to induce inequality between those who focus internally on peaceful qualities and those who focus on external force. Moreover, the inalienable right to be secure within our person is trampled on by the tyrannical abuse of children. As we witness the signs of child molestation we may feel angry with urges to lash-out erratically, but within the divine presence of our soul we are given the spirit of peace, meekness, and gentleness to ensure civil responses.  

Child molestation is contempt of our place of belonging. Grooming a child through molestation affects their belief about where people belong within society. When the internal focus of tolerance, love, acceptance, and wholesome intimacy is shut out, then external worldly attributes of intolerance, hatred, segregation, and rejection of intimacy will surface. In other words, they develop beliefs that no one can belong within the fellowship of humanity if there is a focus on internal divine qualities. They believe social networking is a process of negating inward fruitfulness for the purpose of fostering external worldly values. In essence, they are attempting to redirect you away from the area closed within themselves due to molestation, and to refocus your attention to a place that spares them of your wholesome love. The tyrants groom the abused children to prohibit your pursuit of happiness socially, to negate equality as an option for social interaction, and to violate the inalienable right of divine love for one another. The molestation process focuses the child victim on material and fleshly gratification as tools of social interaction. Even so, when we see signs of child molestation the deity of the soul inspires us with compassion through the internal spirit of love, kindness, and goodwill. Within our temptation we are spared responses that are hateful with ill-intent.

Child molestation is contempt of the light of our divine worth. When every child is taught that all creation has divine worth internal to the soul, then mutual respect for all creation prevails. However, grooming a child through molestation blinds the child to the divinity of the soul. The abuser intends to shut-out the internal focus that shines on the goodness of inner life, and refocuses esteem on the rewards of external worth. The abusive tyrant implies to the child that praise of divine internal qualities are to be ignored, and people who give that praise are to be shunned. The esteem of the child is fed materialistic items, favorite foods, special trips etc. to emphasize the value of externalities. The child is exposed to the belief that equality is non-existent due to materialistic imbalances between world populations. With that said, the abused child is indoctrinated to believe the pursuit of happiness involves ownership or possession of earthly resources. Also, the teaching of tyrants suggest the inalienable nature of the deity of the soul is for the impoverished, while external materialism is the path to prestige. Even so, we know an internal focus on the divine presence fosters esteem and mutual respect through spiritual fruitfulness, the spirit of peace, a respect for the sanctity of all life, and positive energy in how we relate to one another.

Child molestation is contempt of positive expression of our identity. Most of us know the positive energy of a child's optimism when sharing stories about themselves. Especially when talking about what the future holds for them and the dreams they have of being a person of nobility. We often laugh a gentle loving laugh to hear of their expectations. In contrast, the molestation of a child steals the optimism within their expression of who they are or what they hope to be. The abusers groom the abused children by sealing off their inner life and emphasizing an external expression of their identity. The molested child is no longer able to express the optimism once felt within the soul, but begin to identify themselves with the negative energy of tyranny. They develop the belief that happiness is not part of who we are as human animals, and the pursuit of that happiness is to be subjugated. The tyrants convince the abused child that we are not part of a plan for equality and teach negative self-expression is neccessary to quell positively energized gatherings. Those tyrants are hostile to the inalienable happiness that lives through the divinity of the soul. Even so, as we focus on the divine internal nature of our inner being we discover optimism by the spirit of joy, goodness, and faith. As we see signs of child molestation we do not slip into despair, pessimism, and response of evilness but reply on positively energized civil qualities.

Some people will deny that child molestation is a tool to attack divine internal qualities to solicit an external worldly focus. Even then, they oppose the softness of child-like qualities as they utilize anger, debates, and physical conflict. On top of that, they pessimistically accost inner joyfulness and that joy produces playful and fun interactions. The tactics of molestation of a child includes providing creature comforts of the external world, and closing the inner perspective on divine qualities. Alternatively, our happiness, equality, and inalienable rights require acceptance of child-like qualities; even as we cherish the equality, happiness, and inalienable rights of children.

There are cultures, reservoirs, or populations of people who molest children to demonstrate their contempt for the contrasting social structure in which they live. The attitudes exiting those reservoirs include dominance over equality, hardness towards internal inalienable rights, prohibition of the pursuit of happiness, disdain for child-like qualities, and praise for an external worldly focus. Those attitudes transfer directly through people who believe in dominance over the human animal by tyranny of divine inner qualities. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who are barren of child-like qualities, or are a molested child under manipulative control of an abuser.

Why would people accept the attitude that molesting a child is tolerable? From their desire to solicit praise or to bolster their esteem, they choose to debase the usefulness of child-like qualities within their own soul and in the soul of others. In doing that, they mentally, emotionally, or physically abuse children while gaining acceptance by people who molest children.

The people susceptible to hosting child molesters as acquaintances do so with best intentions as motivators. They believe in strict adherence to specific behavioral guidelines, but they actually bring comfort to the abusers of children. Through the course of the day the susceptible host unwittingly thwarts the child's pursuit of happiness, exerts a constant dominance over the child, and inadvertently affects the divine internal qualities. As the child sits in a chair with sadness in the spirit, the host offers external comforts such as cookies, juice, etc.

We can interrupt the cycle of child molestation, and should because it breeds contempt of a civil society. We do that by realizing a civil community comes through the child-like qualities within our soul. When we honor those child-like traits in ourselves and others then children will also experience happiness, equality, and an internal focus on spiritual fruitfulness. As we revere the divine goodness of our inner being then the spiritual fruit will blossom to bring every good fruit to humanity. We will experience joy, goodness, meekness, gentleness, kindness, goodwill, patience, self-control, love, peace, faith, and perseverance in a multi-cultural world.