Born of Water and Spirit, Dead by Drought

01/10/2018 11:57

To clarify the talk on spiritual waters, let's give a common sense example that is widely known. When we refer to someone as being a hard or hardened person, we immediately imagine a person who is not so nice. In the other hand, when we refer to a soft and sensitive person we automatically imagine a nice person. To become hardened is to lose all the soft qualities somewhere through the course of life. There is a stark difference betwe...en the soft spirit and the hardened dead spirit. In a sense, to be born of water and spirit is to possess all the soft tenderness of a child-like spirit. Yet, for all the soft waters to leave us is to cause spiritual death.

The Bible illustrates the above point vividly relating to life and death.
Here is the verse of life, John 3:5 "Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God." These are the verses of death in John 19, "After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, said, I THIRST. Now there was set a vessel full of vinegar: and they filled a sponge with vinegar, and put it upon hyssop and put it to his mouth. When Jesus therefore had RECEIVED the VINEGAR, he said, It is finished: and he bowed his head, and GAVE UP the GHOST. of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith CAME THERE OUT BLOOD AND WATER."

From here, this essay will discuss how essential the spiritual waters are to our life. Literally, the water and spirit are our life source. Which is to say, the waters of the spiritual fruit is essential to life.

In all of my writings, I emphasize how important are soft and moist attitudes. The softness of our inner life is what opens the door into the divine presence within us. This notion mirrors the teachings of Jesus Christ, who says, "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God." Water and spirit equates to the softness of our inner life that allows us to enter into that supernatural spiritual kingdom. In that divine presence blossoms spiritual fruit, keeps snow falling on unfruitful tendencies, is the fountain of the waters of life, is the greatest resource we will ever experience, and is the source that generates a positive spirit. If one loses the water and spirit it results in giving up the ghost leading to spiritual death. In that case, the results will be hardened attitudes. There will be an absence of spiritual fruit, no regulation of internal chaos, a dryness that is called "hardness," the divinity of the soul will be scrutinized, and negative energy will permeate from the demeanor. Obviously, it is necessary to be born of water and spirit to discover the supernatural wonders of our inner life.

Essentially, it is necessary to be born of water and spirit to fully comprehend the potential of our inner being. We know that soft moistness associates with positive attributes, and dry hardened characteristics associates with negative consequences. Therefore, if we want to maintain civility we would desire an inflow of moist qualities. In contrast, if we intend to cause chaos, then soft qualities would be drained to leave us in a calloused world. What are the qualities that make the difference between a calloused person and a tender person? A joyful smile is certainly the difference between a person who makes the world a sunnier place, and someone who wears a frown to cast a shadow on pleasant activities. Within a smile consists of water and spirit, but a frown displays drainage leading to a dead spirit.

The waters of the spiritual fruit are exactly that, water of life and spirit. If the spiritual fruit are drained from our inner life then that is spiritual death. We enter into the supernatural kingdom of our inner life by the testimony of the fruit of the spirit. In contrast, without the spiritual fruit we are not able to experience the life of the divine inner kingdom. The waters giving life to the spirit includes faith, joy, goodness, peace, meekness, gentleness, self-control, patience, perseverance, love, kindness, and goodwill. If those waters recede within us we are left dry, hardened, and barred from entering into the divine presence of the soul. Spiritual death is evident by hatred, cruelty, ill-intentions, violence, aggression, harshness, despair, evilness, pessimism, out-of-control responses, impatience, and fatal endings. Essentially, it is necessary to be born of water and spirit to fully comprehend the potential of our inner being.

(The following in bold is a work in progress. You are seeing this essay unfold as I am inspired to write)
Part of good health is to keep our glands full and working properly. A drought of hormones and other essential fluids wreaks havoc on the functioning of the body. Our inner renewal depends on the blossoms that comes from good nutrition. Imagine how quickly the body would die if the essential fluids were replaced with vinegar and poison! This is illustrative of the process of water and spirit producing spiritual fruitfulness.

A safe environment corresponds to stability in our mental health. Part of mental health is having the ability to be conscientious about regulating our inner life. In other words, being able to discard unfruitful tendencies and to nurture fruitful inner processes relates to mental health. A stable condition provides inner tranquility to give peace within our nerves. When something negatively affects our thoughts, we become mentally unbalanced. That negativity is the poison of vinegar within our nervous system. Our inward regulatory system begins to allow adverse thoughts and beliefs to manifest unchecked. Instability begins to shake our inner life to cause erratic behavior. This is illustrative of the water and spirit nature of our internal peace.

Social relationships functions a lot like the inner fluids that fills our body with the life sources of hormones, blood, and all other essential fluids. Those fluids has to have a devotion to remain and nurture the parts of the body they are destined to. For example, those fluids faithfully fill glands to nurture other functions of the body. A devotion to fruitful social intent is essential. The only way to nurture other parts of the body is to have the secretions from the glands, which is like rainfall to the body. We need to help one another to produce fruitfully in social ways. The flow of bodily fluids should be a perpetual action like the flow of rivers on our earth. We should persevere in compassionate and charitable deeds. The poison of vinegar intertwines with those fluids to bring death to the social network of the body. This illustrates the water and spirit nature of social interactions.

The greatest resource we have is the divine presence of our inner life. That inner resource is the source of inner fruitfulness, stability, moisture, and positive energy. The poison of vinegar drains the reverence we have for the divine goodness of the soul. It brings spiritual death through hardened unfruitfulness, instability, dryness, and negativity. In order to achieve self-respect and respect for others, it is necessary to honor the divine potential of one another. The poison of vinegar causes disparagement, ridicule, and demeaning behavior towards one another. Mutual respect of fellow human beings requires the spiritual fruit, inner peace, soft and moist qualities, and positive energy.

Our self-expression relates to how we self-actualize, which relates to the power source governing our inner life. That power source must be capable of stimulating energy and motion through positivity. That energy and motion manifests through our words and behaviors. The poison of vinegar turns our power source into something dark and sinister full of negativity. That negativity is the motion flowing in what we say and do. That dark energy leads to spiritual death. This illustrates the water and spirit process relating to optimism in our self-expression.


We can assess that the water and spirit character of the spiritual fruit enlivens the divine kingdom of our inner life. The diagnosis is that when there is drainage of those qualities, there is also hardness of character and spiritual death. Even so, we plan to keep the supernatural kingdom of our soul enlivened. We implement that plan by cherishing the soft, moist, and tender qualities within us, which gives life to a fruitful spirit. The successful implementation of that plan is most notable in how we think, what we feel, and in what we do. A life full of water and spirit cherishes fruitfulness, imparts tranquility, values the existence of life, adores the divine inner presence, and permeates with positive energy.

Some people make every interaction a bargaining process. They want you to sacrifice internal spiritual values in exchange for what they can provide. They will deny you the water and spirit that opens the door to the supernatural inward presence. The intent is to leave you dried and hardened outside the door of the divine kingdom. They thrive on your spiritual death. They utilize harsh tones for the purpose of causing conflict to a peaceful and tranquil spirit. With that, they mix in despairing and sad attitudes towards your optimistic and joyful demeanor. The intent is to drive away the internal spiritual guidance because that interferes with the thought processes, emotions, and behaviors that they wish to solicit. The bargaining process is to bankrupt the internal Holy City in order to set themselves upon that throne of the soul. Acceptance of the Holy City over their manifesto is something they cannot arrive to.

There are populations of people who weave themselves within society who intend to cause the water and spirit to evaporate. As they add the vinegar of distasteful experiences to our life, they seek to cause hardened and calloused interactions. The attitudes that exit those reservoirs are the same in their intent towards the internal qualities that open the doors to the divinity of the soul. Their words are full of vinegar and poison as they attempt to cause turmoil in thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The intent is to cause spiritual death. In their behavior, they do acts to stifle any pleasure, comfort, or spiritual joy that you might experience. They bestow positive rewards for attitudes leading to spiritual death, and add the vinegar of negative feedback to doors that open to a spiritual kingdom 

Attitudes of hostility relating to spiritual waters of life transfers by direct and indirect routes. Directly, there are some powerful influences that intend to cause drought of the moist waters of internal life. They realize that soft attitudes are in the presence of the divine goodness of the inward being. And in that presence opens up into a whole new kingdom, or perspective to life. For that reason, they intend to introduce the vinegar and "poison" of negative experiences to sour your experience towards spiritual and fruitful attitudes. They have no desire to compete with spiritual fruitfulness, and thus they intend to incite spiritual death. Indirectly, hostility towards spirituality transfers through behavior modification. Some people have received so many negative experiences because of their goodness that they abandon positive energy. They have been fed the vinegar of life and have succumbed to the drought of spiritual waters. Through their spiritual death, they become the vinegar and "poison" to others through negativity.