Being Happy Is One Way To Be Wise

09/24/2012 19:52
Being Happy Is One Way To Be Wise.” Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
I suppose we need to know how to be happy before we can be wise. It’s a “given” that the joy we feel within ourselves is the source of our happiness. That joy is of the spirit, not something mechanical. Therefore, I know that a divine presence of joyfulness lives within my body. It is with that inward divinity that I experience the blossom of spiritual fruits, of which joy is one. That joy fills us with happiness. I am now beginning to become wise because I know I have to honor that divine presence to be happy.
Happiness comes to me because spiritual fruit blossom within my inner being. I know that everyone feels happiness when they experience love, peacefulness, faith for future blessings, and can persevere in joyful feelings. The spirit of happiness fills those who experience the qualities of goodwill, kindness, joy, goodness, patience, self-control, meekness, and gentleness in their environment. Those qualities are the spiritual fruits that reside within the body. I am now beginning to sense the spirit of wisdom. In the presence of happiness is the spiritual fruit of joy, and the other divine qualities grow from that same garden.
Being happy is one way of being wise corresponding to our health. When I feel happiness, I also feel healthy. I know that if I drank something sour or ate something spoiled happiness would not exist at that moment. If I breathed in the air that a skunk freshly sprayed, a happy feeling might disappear. If I stepped into a pile of pudding-like dog droppings in my suede shoes, I might lose my smiley feeling. Likewise, if a dating service matched my sensuality with Mike Tyson’s girlfriend, my happiness might flee. I am now becoming wise because I realize the spirit of goodness leads to happiness, and healthy experiences.
Being happy is one way of being wise concerning our inner sense of security. When a smile is on my face, I feel comfort, peace, and joy within myself. Those spiritual fruits make me feel secure and safe within my emotions and thoughts. Without the divine fruit, my mind and feelings would be full of insecurities, stress, agony, and sadness. When I am in an environment where I feel happiness, there is a safe, secure, and supportive atmosphere. I am now discovering wisdom. I see how happiness contributes to a safe and secure inner being.
Being happy is one way to be wise relating to our desire to belong. I know that happiness comes when the people around me are kind, loving, and offer goodwill. Joyful fruit blossoms within a caring social environment. On the other hand, if the people around me cause me to be depressed and saddened, then I know that is not a happy place to belong. I am now becoming wise. I realize caring, and loving companions cause happiness within me.
Being happy is one way to be wise concerning the value we feel for our worth. I believe everyone can smile when we are given esteem for the accomplishments we achieve. There is joy in knowing that other people value the efforts I make in the endeavors I put forth. The happiness that blossoms within is good for the ego, and beneficial for the value I feel for the esteem of others. However, when people cause me to feel worthless, sad, and depressed about my best efforts, that causes unhappiness. If people make me feel depressed about my worth in the presence of the spiritual fruits, then I am of no value to them as a good person. I am now becoming wise. I see that people who really value the goodness within will give praise to cause happiness for that divine spirit.
Being happy is one way to be wise relating to a self-expression. I believe we all feel happiness when we are able to express our ideas, thoughts, and beliefs. We enjoy expressing ourselves verbally and non-verbally, especially when people solicit our thoughts from the spirit of goodwill, kindness, and love. That loving solicitation brings us happiness from within. The ugly part is when people cause you sadness for what you say by being cruel and hateful. I believe they want to suppress the spiritual fruit from blossoming within my self-expression. I am now becoming wise because I see how some people welcome open communication to cause my happiness, and some do not.
Some people will deny that being happy is one way of being wise. I believe those people express themselves with angry tones to attack the spirit of joy that we feel. I know they would prefer to see us depressed then to see the spiritual fruit from blossoming in us. The joy of the divine fruit is our source of happiness, and a path to wisdom. However, some people do not want to bargain with, or experience any mutual exchanges with happy and wise people. We see. Some people just refuse to accept the wisdom of those with the spirit of happiness.
I can make the assessment that being happy is one way to be wise. On the other hand, the diagnosis is that some people do not want our happiness or wisdom. Even so, I plan to honor the divine presence where the spiritual fruit blossom, the source of happiness and wisdom. I implement that plan by opening myself to the soft qualities of the inner being, where the spirit of joy is found. I can evaluate that plan because when the spirit of happiness is present, the fruit of love, peace, faith, and perseverance will also be in bloom.