Are You An Asteroid Or Budding Fruit Tree?

09/24/2012 18:44

Are You An Asteroid Or Budding Fruit Tree?

(This essay is not to expound on the order of creation.)

I would like everyone to look at a globe, or world map to extract the nature of what I am expounding on in this essay. I want you to notice the shorelines around all the land masses, then connect all the edges together according to a best fit. What we begin to see is a land mass forming into a ball, it’s original state. Covering this “ball” is a massive body of water saturating the entire planet. Now, envision a huge asteroid colliding with the earth and causing the planet to crack, fragment, and separate into various continental land masses. That is the earth as we view it today.  From this point, I will extract spiritual relevance from this account.

Our inner being is similar to the planet with the covering of a massive body of water. The water saturates the ball of earth, and will open even when colliding with a huge rock. In a similar way, within us is a divine presence where moisture exists to open us so that we can enter the presence of that divinity. When hostilities are hurled in the direction of that spiritual creature it only serves to generate the blossoms of the fruit of the spirit. Trials bring us closer to the spirit of God as we respond from the moisture of our inner being.

The body of water that covered the “ball” of earth made it possible for the earth to survive being broken apart. After being broken into fragments, the earth began to blossom with life of various forms; animals, plants, insects, people, etc., Likewise, it is the soft moist qualities in us that enable us to survive trials. Those are trials that fragment, or break us emotionally, physically, and mentally. Even though hostilities are hurled at us, we are able to blossom with spiritual fruit through that divine inner presence. Those fruits include love, goodwill, kindness, peace, meekness, gentleness, faith, joy, goodness, perseverance, patience, and self-control.

The health of the planet may have seemed to be whole and well covered with a solid body of water. However, when it was hit by an asteroid, it was broken into pieces and no longer a picture of a healthy or altogether planet. Nevertheless, it became a healthier and more vibrant place that multiplied with life. Likewise, our emotional, mental, and physical health might confront various types of trials. We might be worn down, broken, and falling to pieces inwardly by constant attacks and hostilities hurled at us. Even so, when we respond, or rest, in the soft moistness of our inner being we blossom with the fruit of the spirit. We experience a feeling of comfort, joy, and peace within our emotions, mind, and behaviors. We can feel a divine source of health amidst the assault of "asteroids."

The planet may have seemed secure in the tranquility of space, with a massive amount of water covering it’s surface. However, it was hit by a huge asteroid that shook it’s very foundation as it broke apart into various continental land masses. Even then, the planet did not die, but instead gave birth to new life of multiple forms. Likewise, we can experience a sense of stability from the station in life we become accustomed to. Conversely, when we experience circumstances that rock our bit of tranquility, we can become very insecure, fragmented, and broken from within ourselves. We become conflicted. Alternatively, it is the moisture from within that keeps us soft and opens us to the blossoms of the spiritual fruit. When the “asteroids” hit us, we can still experience the life of the spirit’s fruit of peace, joy, faith, and perseverance to enhance our security.   

The planet must have fitted right in with the other planets that were void of life. Even though it did have a massive body of water to differentiate it from most others. Then over time a huge asteroid hurled itself to the earth and fragmented, separated, and changed it’s universal belonging forever. The planet Earth now stands alone from the others with a wide array of bustling life. Likewise, there are times when we feel like we belong, and are accepted among those of the environment we belong to. However, that situation can change when those around us become unfriendly, hateful, cruel, and filled with ill-intent towards us. We feel like “asteroids” are all around us fragmenting and separating us from those we become comfortable with. That is when we need to persevere in the soft, moist qualities evident in us. In addition, that is when the divine inner presence generates the blossoms of love, goodwill, kindness, and peace from within us. We can stand alone as we live in the presence of the source of life.

The “ball” of the planet Earth must not of had any particular worth to stand apart from the others in the solar system. However, it did have a massive amount of water covering the surface. Then when the earth was broken apart into various continental land masses, it gained a worth that esteems it above other planets. It now blossoms with life. Likewise, we may be among those who find no particular esteem or worth through the inner divinity that resides within us. Then one day we experience ridicule, hostilities, degrading rumors, and hurtful responses to our sense of self-worth. Our self-esteem becomes broken, we feel torn apart and fragmented within our egos. The only element to save us from being obliterated into “nowhere” is that softness, or moisture that pools within us. It is there that we can absorb the impact of abuses from “asteroids” and blossom with a sense of the living divinity in us. We feel a desire for life as we feel loved from a divine source, at peace with ourselves, and faith in the goodness within us. We can discover a divine worth within us amidst being torn down and fragmented by others.

I suppose most planets have very little self-expression and are mostly a ball of some sort of rock, gases, etc. The planet Earth was no different except for the body of water that covers the globe. That all changed one day when the “ball” became fragmented and opened up into various forms of continental plates. When the planet separated into various sectors it began to be very expressive in it’s hospitality to many various life forms. In a similar way, our words and deeds fall into a bland normalcy, or complacency until our world is shook. When the “asteroids” begin to attack us our self-expression begins to change. Our words and behavior becomes fragmented and separated from what we really want to say and do during those attacks. To survive, we learn to express ourselves from the qualities that exist within the moist softness of our inner being. That is when what we say and do blossoms with life, energy, love, peace, faith, and patience.

Some people will deny that hostilities will fragment a person in a way that causes spiritual fruit to blossom from an inward moistness. They hurl themselves, like an asteroid, with anger and pessimism to break and fragment the inner being of those seeking the spirit’s fruit. Their intent is to dry up the inward moistness to cause hardness emotionally, mentally, and behaviorally. They do not find agreement with those who are breaking through into the blossoms of a spiritual life full of love, peace, and joy. They cannot accept the divine presence that causes the fruit of the spirit to bloom during hostile and fragmented circumstances.  

We can assess that our inner being is full of moisture. That moisture blossoms with spiritual fruit during turbulent circumstances. The diagnosis is that some people want to dry and harden our inner being. They hurl themselves like an asteroid towards the blossoms of the spiritual fruit. Even so, we plan to soak ourselves in the moisture of our inward being. That is where the spiritual fruit will blossom. We implement that plan through patience, self-control, and perseverance as hostilities are hurled at us. We know the blossoms of the spirit’s fruit will follow. We evaluate how we are doing by the amount of soft moist qualities we bask in. We want our inner being to open where love, peace, faith, and perseverance thrive.