Earthly Homelessness Is Better Than Spiritual Homelessness

09/26/2013 13:24

Homelessness is a situation where the earthly comforts of a place to call home is unavailable. That situation could result in various undesirable outcomes. It could lead to malnutrition, dehydration, sleeplessness, restricted elimination usage, and all of the above can result in inadequate oxygen intake. In addition to health hazards, there are the insecurities relating to being viewed as a public threat to public safety, an uncomfortable feeling of being a stigma on the social landscape, doubts about self-worth, and the inability to express our true selves. Those sre the consequnces of earthly homelessness, but what about the nature of spiritual homelessness?

Spiritual homelessness is a situation where there is nowhere to go for refuge within the divinity of the soul. The person has become hardened to the spirit of goodness, is locked out of feelings of respect for life, and there is no room within them for fruitful, thoughts, emotions, or behviors. They have become a detriment to themselves, a rotting tree in the field of society. Alternatively, it is better to be homeless by earthly definitions and to have a spiritual home within the divine decency of the soul, a passion for life, and fruitfulness within the soul.

Spiritual homelessness does not have a dwelling place where the spiritual fruit blossom. Within them are sour grapes, rotting apples, and spoiled raspberries. Their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are full of destruction for the society they reside in. They spew with hate, cruelty, ill-intent, violence, harshness, dominance, hopelessness, pessimism, evilness, uncontrollability, impatience, and endings. Even those without a home in this world can feel positive about the public that surounds them. Their home is an internal place of perseverance, self-control, patience, faith, joy, goodness, love, kindness, goodwill, peace, meekness, and gentleness.

Some people deny that a spiritual home can exist within the confines of the human body. They also deny that they are terminally homeless relating to the divinity of the soul. Those people are angry, argumentative, and un-cooperative to those without an earthly residence who flourish with spiritual fruitfulness. Thos enaysayers suffer inward depression, and wihdraw from peers, because of the failure to eliminate the spiritual fruit from within those who have no earthly home. They will attempt to bargain by offering the homeless resources if they relinguish their connection to the divinity of the soul. Even then, it is only by acceptance of the spiritual fruit in our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that we find an enduring home, of peace, love, joy, and goodwill.

The spiritually homeless grow and live in reservoirs where there is the intent to alienate divine qualities, and to pollute society with unfruitful sentiments from those without an earthly home. The attitudes that exit them are words and behaviors to degrade and cause the homeless to look undesirable. Those attitudes transfer directly from the spiritually homeless, who despise the inner fruitfulness of those without a home in this world. Indirectly, those attitudes transfer through people who fear being forced into a homeless situation, and respond by hazing those who honor the supreme deity of the soul.

The attitudes of the spiritually homeless enter into those who feel uncomfortable with ridicule and humiliation, not wanting to belong among the impoverished of this world. They choose worldly praise, esteem, and acceptance among the corruption of those who have no place within the divinity of the soul. Those likely to host those attitudes cannot envision a life without worldly resources, and shy away from the goodwill of community agencies. We can interrupt the cycle of spiritual homelessness by realizing the world is a better place when we are at home with the divinity of the soul, where spiritual fruit blossom. Those fruit blossom in the souls of the rich, poor, influential, and homeless....and everyone who honors the goodness that lives in them.

We can assess that having a home within the divinity of the soul creates frutiful blossoms that are beneficial to the welfare of the community. The diagnosis is that spiritual homelessness incites intolerance, conflict, despair, and finality within the social structure. We plam to live from the divinity of the soul, in whatever earthly situation we are in. The implementation of that plan is to live from the soft, moist, and tender qualities that exist in us, whether in a homeless shelter, or passing time on a park bench. We know we are successful when we are a flower, and a ray of sunshine during the most dire of situations. Our acomplishment is to see love, peace, faith, and endurance shine forth to enhance the community we dwell in.